Netflix's Hastings makes the case for Net neutrality

Though Netflix agreed last month to pay Comcast for direct access to its broadband network, it doesn't appear to like the arrangement.

The video-streaming service's CEO, Reed Hastings, penned a blog post on Thursday making an impassioned plea for support of Net neutrality.

"The Internet is improving lives everywhere -- democratizing access to ideas, services, and goods," Hastings wrote. "To ensure the Internet remains humanity's most important platform for progress, Net neutrality must be defended and strengthened. The essence of Net neutrality is that ISPs such as AT&T and Comcast don't … Read more

Target hack strips banks and credit unions of $200M

Not only were as many as 110 million Target customers affected by the massive hack on the retailer in December, but banks have also had to deal with the security breach.

The hack is said to have cost banks and credit unions more than $200 million, according to data gathered by the Consumer Bankers Association and the Credit Union National Association. Originally, the two associations estimated that losses tallied around $178 million but now say those costs are rising.

In all, 40 million credit and debit cards were compromised in the breach. So far, banks and credit unions have replaced … Read more

Nokia Android smartphone said to cost $110

While Nokia is expected to release an inexpensive Android smartphone sometime later this month, it's been unclear how much the device will cost. But new leaks show the price is said to be roughly $110, according to WMPoweruser.

The Nokia X A110, aka Nokia Normandy, aka Nokia X, appeared on the Web site of a Vietnamese online retailer, according to WMPoweruser. The retailer had the smartphone priced at about $110, it also had the Nokia Lumia 525 costing $160.

Rumors about this Nokia Android device have been floating around the Internet for the last couple of months. Reportedly, the … Read more

ZTE to join the smartwatch frenzy

ZTE appears to be looking to drop the price of smartwatches by making its own low-cost version of the wearable gadget.

The Chinese tech company plans to unveil a smartwatch in the beginning of next year, according to The Wall Street Journal. This gadget will be similar to other smartwatches already on the market, like Samsung's Galaxy Gear, but designed for a more money-conscious crowd.

"We are focusing on the mainstream market," Lu Qianhao, ZTE's head of handset marketing strategy, told the Journal.

ZTE is known for its affordable smartphones, like the ZTE Source, which retails … Read more

Zuckerberg: Let's make the Internet 100x more affordable

Two-thirds of the world's population doesn't have access to the Internet, and this is something Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and a coalition of tech companies want to change. Their goal: Bring the Internet to every single person on Earth.

While the partnership between the companies, dubbed, was announced last month, Zuckerberg released a video on Monday explaining how the coalition aims to bring the Web to nearly 5 billion new people.

"Our plan is to make basic Internet services affordable so that everyone with a phone can join the knowledge economy," Zuckerberg said. "… Read more

What if Apple had made an 'iPhone 4C' instead?

Apple's new mid-range smartphone, the iPhone 5C, has come under fire for being far more expensive than many Wall Street analysts were hoping. Now, one such firm has laid out a plan B that never emerged: a phone with the guts of an iPhone 4, but the look and feel of the 5C.

That device, dubbed informally the "4C", could have saved Apple more than 20 percent compared to what it's paying now and been more attractive in emerging markets, Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research said in a note to clients Monday. The savings could come … Read more

Google Glass could be a $3B-per-year cash cow

While Google Glass is currently a novelty product for select users, it could earn a good deal of cash for Google within the next few years.

According to AllThingsD, which spoke with financial analyst Robert S. Peck of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, the wearable tech could be worth as much as $3.27 billion to Google in 2017, which is more than 3.7 percent of Google's estimated $86.4 billion total revenue for that year.

The big bucks will reportedly come from additional searches on Glass, enhanced ad targeting, and app sales, according to AllThingsD. Peck estimates that Glass … Read more

iPhone 5C colorful packaging pops up in leaked photos

Suggesting that the rumored plastic iPhone 5C will come in a rainbow of colors, new leaked photos show what looks like Apple smartphone packaging in pink, yellow, blue, and green.

According to 9to5Mac, which scoured the Web for alleged iPhone 5C images, the site published a handful of photos of the rumored device's new packaging. These photos show high-tech plastic boxes encasing iPhones in several colors. The packages are also emblazoned with the words "iPhone 5C." Apparently, people have also posted similar packaging photos to the Chinese blogging site Weibo.

The iPhone 5C is Apple'… Read more

Low-cost iPhone may dump Siri, says analyst

Buyers of Apple's much-rumored, low-cost iPhone might not be able to chat with Siri.

Reportedly named the 5C, the cheaper iPhone may jettison certain features, such as Siri, analyst Gene Munster stated in an investors note released Monday night. Unveiled in 2011, Apple's voice assistant doesn't support prior phones, such as the iPhone 4 and 3GS.

Munster said he believes the 5C will sell for $300 on average and roll out in September. As such, he said it would make sense for Apple to retire the iPhone 4S and position the iPhone 5C as the low-end model … Read more

Motorola CEO: Don't worry, cheaper Moto X in the works

NEW YORK CITY -- Price-sensitive consumers may be turned off by the $199 price tag of a Moto X with a two-year contract. But a cheaper version of the product is likely on the horizon.

In an interview with CNET Thursday, Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside said that the flagship Moto X is just one of many new devices coming out under the Moto X brand in the coming months.

Motorola announced the new flagship Moto X at an event here on Thursday. The company said the 16GB version of the device would be available with a two-year contract from … Read more