Arcticor Cooler keeps drinks cool inside and out

Timing, as they say, is everything. But that's not entirely true since "everything" is rather all-encompassing. Take for example, trying to sell a new ice cooler in the middle of winter. At first blush, the oft-repeated idiom might make sense. Then it comes time to consider the future. It will get warm again. And a cold beer (or soda) sure would be nice then. What was that about being able to sell ice to an Eskimo?

The Arcticor Cooler is a current Kickstarter project that is nearing its funding goal. While much of the country is gripped … Read more

Solar Cooler chills beverages, makes ice with sun power

Back in 2004, Ryan McGann, an engineer by training, was sitting on the beach. He was getting hot and his beer was getting warm. He thought to himself that there must be some way to harness the power of the sun to get the beer part of the equation right. That's when he built his first Solar Cooler prototype for his own use.

Years later, he's on the verge of launching the Solar Cooler as a consumer product by way of crowdfunding. The project should be live soon, likely on Indiegogo, to capitalize on the interest he's garnered from showing off a prototype at CES. The 50-pound cooler has solar panels on top, two big wheels to navigate beach sand, charging ports for your gadgets, and a battery that can last up to 10 hours.… Read more

Users will be happy when the MaCool freezes up

Retro is cool. Old Macs are cool. A retro vintage Mac-looking cooler is cooler still. The MaCool on Kickstarter is exactly what it sounds like, a cooler that looks like an old Macintosh computer, complete with classic beige color.

Your typical beach bunnies and sand studs probably won't pay this cooler much mind, but it should elicit excitement from the people you actually want to impress: your fellow geeks. If you're really lucky, they'll wonder why you hauled your classic Mac to the beach. Then they'll "ooh" and "aah" as you pop off the top and pull out a cool, refreshing can of your beverage of choice.… Read more

A cooler for outside the cooler

Beverage and food coolers come in all shapes and sizes. And for good reason too; a nation with hearty appetites needs somewhere to put all that food (before it settles around the waistline, that is). Lugging delectable foods from point A to point B requires planning. Since there will no doubt be need to bring something to wash it all down, the big cooler will be required. But what about the little stuff?

A large cooler filled with ice makes for a great transportation device for beer and soda cans, but can wreak havoc upon foodstuffs placed within. Battered and … Read more

Cool off with the Camera Cooler bag

Looking for a way to transport some cool beverages after a hot day of shooting? We may have a good solution in the form of the Camera Cooler by Poler. The bag is able to store one dSLR and a lens and some accessories, and comes fitted with a padded sling strap. It also features two outside compartments that'll fit an iPhone and an iPad.

Unlike other run-of-the-mill camera bags, this satchel can be transformed into an insulated carrier to keep your beverages -- like a six-pack of beer -- cool for a while. However, do note that the bag is neither waterproof nor watertight, so you'll have to ensure that you don't store electronics and beverages in it at the same time. … Read more

Quench laps up $30 million in funding

Philadelphia-based Quench has garnered $30 million in funding for expansion, the company announced Thursday.

Quench makes water coolers with built-in filtration systems that tap into a building's existing water supply instead of using water in five-gallon plastic jugs that need to be regularly delivered and replaced. The company makes free-standing and countertop water coolers and ice makers.

The coolers use a reverse osmosis water filtration system that includes a sediment filter, an antimicrobial filter for killing microorganisms, a carbon filter that removes things like chlorine that might change water flavor, and a lead filter for reducing heavy metal content. … Read more

Fanless heat sink design promises cooler, quieter CPUs

As a product category, CPU cooling hardware tends to offer few worthwhile developments, but a new heat sink concept from Sandia National Laboratories seems to offer tremendous promise for computers, as well as cooling appliances. Designed by researcher Jeffrey Koplow, the new "Sandia Cooler" does away with a separate fan component, and instead relies on the heat sink itself to disperse heated air.

If you're familiar with traditional CPU heat sink designs, they usually feature a metal heat sink and a fan working in concert to siphon off the heat generated by CPU, graphics chips, and other computer parts that draw, and therefore emit, energy. The problem with that design is what's called the boundary layer of air that hugs the heat sink. That boundary layer retains heat, which the fan is then supposed to disperse. Because of the power necessary to drive the fan, as well as the fan's proximity to the boundary layer, that design is inefficient. The Sandia Cooler eliminates the fan, replacing it with a finned heat sink that can disperse the boundary layer far more efficiently since the two are in closer contact.… Read more

Are you ready for some tailgating?

Fall may or may not be in the air in the part of the country where you happen to live, but another aspect of the season is definitely live no matter where you call home: football. From back yards to parks to stadium parking lots, the oddly shaped ball is being tossed back and forth, and the players are sure to be working up an appetite. Luckily, there is one thing (well, in addition to beer) that is the perfect accompaniment to football games everywhere. I speak of course, of tailgating.

If you are ready for some tailgating, the Cuisinart CCG-400 Charcoal Grill-On-The-GoRead more

Crave 01: Bar bubbles and crotchbots (podcast)

The Crave video podcast returns! Donald Bell and Jasmine France review a weird and wonderful week of posts from CNET's Crave blog, highlighting a new robot from Honda, a vintage video game sound box, a Kug, a cooler, and a privacy helmet that should come with its own spit valve.

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