Intel CEO talks Apple, water-cooled PCs, carbon nanotubes

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich responded to questions about Apple, building his own PCs, and future tech at Intel in a Reddit AMA on Wednesday.

On Apple: "We've always had a very close relationship with Apple, and it continues to grow closer. Sure [it's] grown close over the years especially since...they started to use our technology in their systems."

Along these lines -- though Krzanich didn't address it -- market researcher IC Insights posted a research note earlier in the month suggesting that Intel should cut a deal with Apple for its idle Fab 42 … Read more

Dogecoin raises $30,000 for Jamaican bobsleigh team

Such rhythm! So rhyme! Wow -- it's bobsled time. In the ultimate Internet fairytale, the founders of amusing meme-based crypto-currency Dogecoin have raised nearly enough money for a two-man bobsleigh team from Jamaica to go to the Winter Olympics.

After the story of Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon qualifying for Sochi 2014 went viral online -- thanks to the Internet's collective nostalgia for 1993's "Cool Runnings" -- it became clear Jamaica's first trip to the Winter Games since 2002 might founder for want of funds.

"We need about $40,000 for travel and … Read more

Review: ImageCool 2013 provides many options for editing and enhancing photos

ImageCool 2013 offers a smooth and efficient way to add all types of effects to your photos. From shade to hue to contrast, you can adjust just about every aspect of your photos in this app. Import images from your computer, and you're ready to start turning them into one-of-a-kind photos to share with your family and friends.

The app's interface is not as pretty as some, but it is functional and not difficult to navigate. Under the Folders tab, you can select the source of the pictures you want to import. The Settings tab includes options for … Read more

Solar Cooler chills beverages, makes ice with sun power

Back in 2004, Ryan McGann, an engineer by training, was sitting on the beach. He was getting hot and his beer was getting warm. He thought to himself that there must be some way to harness the power of the sun to get the beer part of the equation right. That's when he built his first Solar Cooler prototype for his own use.

Years later, he's on the verge of launching the Solar Cooler as a consumer product by way of crowdfunding. The project should be live soon, likely on Indiegogo, to capitalize on the interest he's garnered from showing off a prototype at CES. The 50-pound cooler has solar panels on top, two big wheels to navigate beach sand, charging ports for your gadgets, and a battery that can last up to 10 hours.… Read more

Potentially fix iMac fan blaring after hard drive upgrade

Are your iMac's fans blaring at full speed after having upgraded or replaced its hard drive? If so then you may have overlooked a simple detail or two upon reassembling your system.

In order to replace an iMac's hard drive, you have to open the front of the system by using special tools to lift off the glass, then get underneath a number of components to reveal the hard drive bays. While not a trivial task, it is definitely doable with the proper know-how, such as following some of the guides available at iFixIt and other sources. However, … Read more

'Portable' computer from 1979 wins CNET's old tech contest

We have a winner!

CNET's From Old School to Tech Cool Contest asked our Facebook fans to share photos of old tech, with the ten most popular qualifying for a chance to win the Panasonic TC-PST60. This plasma TV is a 2013 Editors' Choice and the only TV to ever receive a 5-star rating from CNET.

Congratulations to Garret W, whose photo of an old-school portable computer won the contest. TV reviewer David Katzmaier selected the winner from among the top ten vote-getting entries.

"There was a lot of great old tech among the final photos," said … Read more

Users will be happy when the MaCool freezes up

Retro is cool. Old Macs are cool. A retro vintage Mac-looking cooler is cooler still. The MaCool on Kickstarter is exactly what it sounds like, a cooler that looks like an old Macintosh computer, complete with classic beige color.

Your typical beach bunnies and sand studs probably won't pay this cooler much mind, but it should elicit excitement from the people you actually want to impress: your fellow geeks. If you're really lucky, they'll wonder why you hauled your classic Mac to the beach. Then they'll "ooh" and "aah" as you pop off the top and pull out a cool, refreshing can of your beverage of choice.… Read more

From Old School to Tech Cool

Back in April something happened here at CNET that has never happened before: a TV was given a perfect 5 stars, as well as an Editors' Choice Award. We don't throw around "Spectactular" reviews all willy nilly, so this was a big deal. Such a big deal in fact, we decided to give our users a chance to win* one for their very own.

However, we aren't going to make this too easy! We want you to share a photo of your old outdated tech. Simply snap a photo of your retro tech, "like" … Read more

Is there happiness in being unGoogleable?

Would you like to disappear?

No, I am not threatening you. I am merely wondering whether you might be happier to be anonymous, private, tucked away so that random entities cannot find you.

Of course, I am moved to this suggestion by the avalanche of debate following the revelations from Snowdenia that have rendered idealists and libertarians simultaneously insensate.

You mean everyone can view everything we do? Even governments? Even Russian governments?

This seems to be the case. Which is why those who like to be meta before there's even a norm are striking out by hiding from the … Read more

Crave Ep. 119: The flexible MorePhone contorts when you get a call

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This week on Crave, we take a look at a concept phone that can change its shape when you get a notification. Plus, Microsoft shows off the IllumiRoom projector that puts gamers inside video games and we play another round of "Into It Not Into It"! … Read more