NASA asks citizen scientists to become 'asteroid hunters'

NASA is looking for citizen scientists to help save planet Earth.

The space agency announced Monday that it is launching an "Asteroid Data Hunter" contest series to reach out to people to help create algorithms to identify asteroids zooming around outer space. NASA will give away $35,000 in awards to competition winners.

Millions of asteroids are thought to be currently orbiting the sun and scientists want to be sure to identify as many of them as possible. Why? So humans don't go the way of the dinosaurs.

While NASA deemed Earth safe last year from a … Read more

Cheapskate giveaway: Enter for a Chance to Win a sweet prize from Lenovo!

The giveaway is now over. Winners will be notified by email next week. Thank you to all our members who participated and good luck!

Editors' note: This giveaway is open to members in both the US and Canada (except Quebec). The rules have been updated to reflect this.

Welcome to my favorite contest ever.

The good folks at Lenovo (makers of some of the more innovative tech gear I've seen this year) have reached out to yours truly with the giveaway to beat all giveaways: three killer prizes just for leaving a comment right here, right now.

How killer? … Read more

Always On Torture Test giveaway: Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia's made a name for itself in manufacturing tough phones, without feeling the need to tack words like "rugged" or "active" to the model name. That being said, it doesn't mean the phones can necessarily handle a good ol' fashioned grape stomping. It's a shame, considering the 41 megapixels of wine tasting the phone is capable of capturing.

Sure, the purple juice, along with an assortment of skins, stems, and water, turned out the lights on the 1020. However, given Nokia's nature, we believe there's a chance it can be revived. … Read more

Cheapskate Sweepstakes: Win a Gogroove audio prize package!

The contest is now closed. Thank you to all the cheeps who left a comment!

Like free stuff? Of course you do! Otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Do you also like cool audio gear? Duh, who doesn't!

Well, cheeps, you've come to the right place. Your friendly neighborhood Cheapskate has joined up with Accessory Genie to offer an exclusive Back to School Giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment (see the rules below, followed by an extra-special bonus deal) and you're entered to win a mighty sweet bundle of audio goodies.

Here's … Read more

The 404 1,308: Where we sweat it out with Sphere (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Enter Steve's contest: You can be the Audiophiliac for a day!

- I want my MTV, again.

- Poll: If digital audio is so great, why didn't it kill the LP?

- Steve interviewed producer-engineer Young Guru on what good sound sounds like.

- Steve endorses the Orbit Turntable on Kickstarter.

- The founder of the Bose Corporation dies at 83.

- Steve reviews the Sony MDR-7506 headphones, around since 1991 and still way better than most 2013 headphones.

- Follow Steve on Twitter.… Read more

A quadcopter's view of Niagara Falls

On the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York, the three waterfalls that make up Niagara Falls combined have the highest flow rate of any waterfalls in the world -- more than 168,000 cubic meters per minute.

The largest of the three falls is Horseshoe Falls, which is the most powerful waterfall on the North American continent. Although the falls are a fantastic source of hydroelectric power, they're also incredibly beautiful.

Of course, seeing them from the air is not something many people get to do, so YouTube user Questpact decided that footage of the falls would make a wonderful entry into the DJI Phantom Video Contest. … Read more

The 404 1304: Where there's no crying in baseball (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Justin Chavarria just won $250,000 in the MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge. What did you do today?

- Enter The 404's SuperWeakness Contest and meet Jeff in San Diego at Comic-Con 2013! Our official meetup is at Lou & Mickey's on Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m.!

- Follow Scott Stein on Twitter and tell him how cool his shorts are!… Read more

It's no stretch: Kid's rubber band gizmo could save lives

Sadly, one doesn't have to look far to find a story of an adult who accidentally left a child in a hot car. Young inventor Andrew Pelham has heard such tragic tales, and he decided to do something about it.

Pelham, 11, invented a simple device meant to remind tired or overwhelmed parents that a baby's onboard. The "E-Z Baby Saver" just nabbed a $500 runner-up award in the science and engineering division of the University of Akron's 2013 Rubber Band Contest, which tasked inventors in grades 5 through 8 with creating something made mostly from rubber bands.

Pelham's invention follows the old model of putting a rubber band reminder around the wrist.

One end of the device attaches to the back of the driver's seat by looping a rubber band around a head rest or handle. When parents click a child in, they flip the E-Z Baby Saver to the front seat, get behind the wheel, stretch the device across the driver's seat door, and hook it on the handle. … Read more

Enter CNET's The 404 SuperWeakness contest for a chance to win $404!

Editor's note: This contest is now closed.

We all want to be superheroes with incredible superpowers, but we all know every superhero has a superweakness. Sure, there are classics -- Superman's got his kryptonite, Green Lantern is allergic to the color yellow, and of course there's Batman's historic cat-and-mouse game with the Internal Revenue Service.

The 404 will be on the ground in San Diego for Comic-Con 2013, and we want to know which modern-day problems bring you to your knees. Register with CNET and leave a comment on this blog post telling us about your crippling SuperWeakness. Enter and you'll have a chance to win $404, which also happens to be the name of our program (for those of you keeping score).

Does the thought of making eye contact in public bathrooms keep you up at night? Are you terrified of being framed for a crime you didn't commit, or even just commitment in general? What about holidays you can't pronounce -- those are pretty crazy, right? We want to hear them all. Submit an entry by July 20 and tune in to The 404 Show the following week when we announce the winner.… Read more

From Old School to Tech Cool

Back in April something happened here at CNET that has never happened before: a TV was given a perfect 5 stars, as well as an Editors' Choice Award. We don't throw around "Spectactular" reviews all willy nilly, so this was a big deal. Such a big deal in fact, we decided to give our users a chance to win* one for their very own.

However, we aren't going to make this too easy! We want you to share a photo of your old outdated tech. Simply snap a photo of your retro tech, "like" … Read more