Acer's budget Z3 all-in-one comes to the U.S.

PC maker Acer has already brought a couple of new products to the U.S., including the Predator AG3 gaming desktop and a new version of the budget Aspire M5 touch-screen laptop. Now an inexpensive-but-stylish all-in-one desktop is joining the lineup.

Previously announced at Computex, but only for international shoppers, the Aspire Z3-605 all-in-one is now officially coming to the U.S. This 23-inch system is reasonably sharp-looking for a budget AIO, and one welcome feature is the built-in hooks that can bundle cables out of the way, so it doesn't look like you have a tangle of wires … Read more

AMD will consider Android but doesn't commit -- yet

Advanced Micro Devices will consider Android, but that's about all at this point.

Like Intel, the No. 2 PC processor maker has made its money selling chips that power Windows systems. Unlike Intel, however, AMD is not making any commitment to Android yet.

There's "no schedule for Android/Chrome support announced [and] no specific processors mentioned for support," an AMD spokesperson told CNET Wednesday.

But he added that "we have consistently said AMD is committed to applying our [intellectual property] anywhere where it makes sense for our business and our customers."

That's about … Read more

Intel 'Silvermont' chip demo makes old Atom look lame

Here's some good advice. Wait for Intel's upcoming Silvermont chip.

In a demo Wednesday at Computex, Intel seemed to instantly -- and thoroughly -- obsolete the existing Atom, known as "Clover Trail," in a head-to-head "bake off," as the Intel demo guy put it.

The "current best-in-class Intel Atom-based tablet" (Clover Trail) was pitted against a tablet with the upcoming (and completely redesigned) quad-core Silvermont Atom (aka, "Bay Trail") packing a new "video encoder and decoder."

The benchmark, TouchXPRT, tests "performance of everyday [tasks] such as photo … Read more

Liquid nitrogen-cooled Haswell chip hits 6.5GHz

TAIPEI -- The CPUs in most computers are usually cooled using a combination of fans and heatsinks. PC enthusiasts have gone one step further by using liquid cooling as shown in the rig above. This allows them to push the processor to run beyond its normal operating speeds so as to achieve better performance without overheating the chip.

Professional overclockers, however, use subzero cooling to achieve extreme processing speeds. In most setups, liquid nitrogen is used to chill the processor and has to be topped up regularly, while Vaseline is applied to the surrounding microchips. This prevents them from short-circuiting … Read more

Asus takes on the HTPC market

TAIPEI -- In addition to new laptops and tablets, Asus also showcased its latest home theater PC (HTPC) offerings, the VivoPC and VivoMouse, at Computex.

The VivoPC appears somewhat larger than the Mac mini, but it has a high-quality metal chassis and is designed to blend easily among A/V devices. Other key differentiators include a pair of front speakers and 3.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) support. This is unlike most small form factor PCs, which can accept only 2.5-inch HDDs.

Update: This article was originally posted on June 5, 2013 7:58 AM PDT.

Updated on June … Read more

Hands-on: Creative Senz3D camera's Portal 2 demo

TAIPEI -- During Intel's keynote at Computex 2013, the Creative Senz3D Interactive Gesture camera was announced. This camera utilizes 3D sensing technology, and when paired with Intel's Perceptual Computing SDK, allows developers to create applications with gesture control.

The camera has previously been provided to developers working on the SDK, but will be available to the public later this year. No price has been given so far.

Included with the camera is a software bundle that has games and utilities that let you take advantage of the Senz3D. One interesting example is a Skype plugin that allows you … Read more

Asus developing a 39-inch UHD monitor

TAIPEI -- Size matters for a display, and this Asus monitor caught our attention with its huge 39-inch screen size. Spotted at the company's Computex booth, this panel also features an ultra high-definition (UHD) resolution packing 3,840x2,160 pixels. However, it's still in prototype stage and will not be ready until early next year.

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There are limited details about this 39-incher, except that it is based on a VA-type LCD panel … Read more

Outlook finally coming to Windows RT tablets

Consumers who own tablets running Microsoft's Windows RT operating system will get a new version of the software giant's widely used e-mail program, Outlook 2013 RT, later this year.

At the Computex computer trade show in Taiwan, Microsoft said Wednesday that the e-mail program will be included as part of the Windows 8.1 update announced last month. Outlook 2013 RT will be available as a free update for tablets running Windows RT, the scaled-down version of Windows 8, and will be included in Windows RT devices going forward.

When Microsoft rolled out Windows RT last year, it … Read more

Intel whips out quad-core Surface-like tablet, runs Android

Intel doesn't make tablets, but maybe it should.

At a Computex keynote speech Monday, the company showed a decidedly thin, Microsoft Surface-like tablet packing a quad-core Bay Trail processor.

Bay Trail is Intel's redesigned Atom chip, offering performance that gets a lot closer to the chipmaker's mainstream laptop processors than the Atom of old.

"Four cores, out-of-order execution, HD 4000 graphics...all day battery life," Intel said during the demonstration.

The reference design tablet is made by BYD Electronic (International), according to an Intel spokesperson. BYD also makes HP's Slate 7 Android tablet.

The … Read more

Intel's 'Thunderbolt 2' official, coming later this year

Intel has officially dubbed the next version of its high-speed port "Thunderbolt 2."

The technology was actually revealed at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in April under the code name Falcon Ridge.

Technically, Thunderbolt 2 is a controller chip that doubles the speed of the first-generation port, supporting up to 20Gbps bidirectionally.

That means the cables can now support both transferring a 4K video and putting it on screen at the same time.

Current versions of Thunderbolt are limited to an individual 10Gbs channel each for both data and display, less than the required bandwidth for 4K … Read more