YouTube comments become a hilarious YouTube movie

Sometimes we say things without thinking.

Then there are the times when we say things without saying anything at all.

But there are also the willfully aggressive types who steam into comments sections in order to enjoy their own particular form of Fight Club.

The problem with these so-called troll types is that their discourse doesn't always rise to the level of minimal grace or education. Instead, there's rabid invective, with spellings from the time of Chaucer. If you're lucky.

Thankfully, the lighthearted souls at Dead Parrot decided they would immortalize some of the more memorable comment … Read more

YouTube streamlines comment management with new tool

YouTube is continuing to iron out its new commenting system. The latest feature, which was launched Monday, is a comment management page that lets users organize comments all in one place.

Initially, users could manage comments from their YouTube Inbox, but when the company overhauled its comment system last fall, this setup was replaced with comment alerts. However, that feature was unpopular with users, so the company came up with the new comment management page -- which is essentially like the old Inbox system.

"Staying connected with your audience is critical on YouTube, so we fast-tracked the development of … Read more

Muppets skewer Web commenters during Golden Globes

All those who leave comments on the Web should be thanked.

They are its lifeblood, its engine, its every-other-metaphor-that-makes-them-sound-wonderful.

On occasion, though, one or two might offer a touch of untoward loathing. Then there is the occasional gratuitous assault on the English language. Or, indeed, baby language. There's also the racist invective and, well, the ignrence (sic).

The people behind the new Muppets movie decided to, well, honor all these people during the Golden Globes.

For there appeared an ad that seemed to reflect a certain dark and dirty town square of the Internet.

Announcing the latest Muppets movie, … Read more

Review: PDF-XChange Viewer lets you view and save files in PDF format

PDF-XChange Viewer provides a host of useful features to go along with superior functionality in letting you view and mark up PDFs with ease. The software will open PDFs saved on your computer or you can download them directly with the app. Navigating the PDF once its open is straightforward, as well, and there are many navigation and editing tools available on the toolbar across the top of the window.

The interface of this app provides a lot of versatility without over-complicating the layout. Just about every tool you need for marking up and viewing your PDF is displayed at … Read more

Microsoft says 'tsk tsk' to Xbox potty mouths

CNET Update is keeping it clean:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn why some Xbox One users are losing Live account privileges when uploading game videos with profanity.

- Get a free launch-day game download if you get one of the few defective Xbox One consoles.

- Take note of a change in spam and malicious links in YouTube comments.

- If your turkey dinner is a bit dry this Thanksgiving, be grateful it's not freeze-dried, thermostabilized and irradiated.


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YouTube strives to crack down on comment spam

YouTube's new comment system was getting bitten by a rise in spam, but the company is fighting back.

In a blog posted late Monday, the YouTube comments team acknowledged the increase in comment span since revamping the format a couple of weeks ago. The change was designed to cut down on anonymous and frivolous comments by requiring commenters to use their Google+ names. But the move showed that people can be jerks even under their own names and actually triggered a surge in spam.

In response, the comments team launched three updates to try to combat the problem, notably … Read more

Conan besieged by YouTube commenters in audience

Imagine if people spoke in real life the way they would in a YouTube comment. A comedy bit from Conan O'Brien does just that.

On his late-night talk show on Wednesday, Conan was talking about Google's decision to ban anonymous YouTube comments, forcing people to use their real screen names. Many YouTube users have given the overall comment cleanup a thumb's down. But Conan voiced his support for requiring real names, complaining that the anonymous comments are "usually awful things that no one would have the guts to say in person."

After revealing that his … Read more

YouTube users protest Google+ requirement

CNET Update battles with ASCII art:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn why YouTubers are angry about the Google+ integration in comments. Some are hoping a petition will sway Google to go back to the old system.

- Don't use the charger that came with the HP Chromebook 11. Google and HP are pulling the laptop from stores because the charger may overheat.

- Get a free smoothie at Jamba Juice for paying with the new Isis Mobile Wallet -- that is, if your Android smartphone is compatible.

- See how the redesigned MapQuest app compares … Read more

Google+ comments integration angering longtime YouTubers

YouTube channel owners appear to be taking the stance that the Google+ cure is worse than the common YouTube comment.

When Google announced that it was going to replace its original commenting system with one powered by Google+, reactions seemed split between a positive reception for improving the level of discourse and giving channel owners more moderation tools, versus the concerns of commenters who felt that their free speech would be infringed.

However, in the aftermath of the Google+ comments rollout, some longtime YouTubers are taking their displeasure with the new system public, posting their videos on YouTube but moving … Read more

YouTube's comment cleanup commences

It's no secret that YouTube comment sections are often dismal corners of the Internet, where anonymous posters disparage, defame, and diss anyone or anything they can find.

YouTube has been working over the past year to clean up these shadowy sections of its Web site. And now, the day has come that commenting on YouTube, as we know it, will change.

The online video service announced Wednesday that all users will begin seeing site-wide changes. The main gist of these changes is that comments will now be sorted so that users will see prioritized posts based on community-focused commenters … Read more