Comedy Central review

Comedy Central lets you browse all shows on the network and stream full episodes of any of them right to your iPhone. There's something for just about everyone here, and you'll never have to miss an episode of your favorite show again once you install this app.


Nice interface: With a sleek, smooth interface, this app makes searching for your favorite show easier than ever. You can swipe through the categories, search by category, or just check out what's popular at the moment. And if you want to watch a show live, you can find out … Read more

The 404 1,438: Where we get a scorching case of HTML (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- This "Back to the Future" hoverboard will blow your mind.

- 11 percent of Americans think HTML is an STD.

- Explore Jerry Seinfeld's apartment using Oculus Rift.

- Check out the first episode of Comedy Central's "Review" with Andy Daly on Thursday, March 6, at 10/9 CT.

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The 404 1,425: Where we dig up the dirt (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Joke's on LA: Comedy Central behind Dumb Starbucks faux shop.

- Steve Jobs time capsule dug up after 30 years: Here's the video.

- Your brain on audio books: distracted, forgetful, and bored.

- Check out this year's Game Developer's Conference!

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The 404 1,420: Where we ring and run (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Discussing five movies about relationships per month could cut the three-year divorce rate in half.

- Beware the one-ring phone sex scam.

- Tech is cruelly ripping teens from their natural shopping mall habitats.

- Facebook celebrates 10 years with Look Back.

- Today's show and tell features this collectible Batman figure from Side Show Toy!… Read more

Colbert: We must save 'mom-and-pop sites like Bing'

If you're not going to fight, Stephen Colbert is going to do it for you.

The legendary campaigner against all things unfair and irrational has suddenly heard that his access to free sex might be threatened.

Yes, Net neutrality might drift into the ether currently occupied by privacy, security, and reality singing shows.

This might have a catastrophic effect on human freedoms. Or merely human doms.

What if Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and their brethren carve up the Internet, thereby carving greater chunks out of our pockets?

The Web was built on equality.

Therefore, he argued: "Under Net … Read more

Woo-hoo! FX app will legally stream every episode of 'The Simpsons'

It's pretty easy to catch reruns of "The Simpsons," which in some TV markets air twice daily. But if you want to watch the show on the go, or watch a particular episode, you're out of luck unless you buy it from your favorite app store.

That will change this summer when FX Networks begins streaming all 530(!) episodes of the long-running series via its FXNOW app, which delivers content from three networks: FX, FXX, and FXM. The app is currently available for iOS and Windows 8.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FXX Networks in November … Read more

Amazon Studios to begin shooting original series in 4K

As the world moves into higher and higher digital resolution, production companies have to keep up. Amazon Studios appears to be looking to one such company to lead the charge in shooting its television series with 4K technology.

The company announced Monday that it plans to shoot all of its 2014 full-length original series, as well as any new pilots, in 4K ultra HD.

"As a premium original content creator, we're excited about 4K and the future of Ultra HD technology, particularly as we move into drama series next year," Amazon Studios director Roy Price said in … Read more

Conan fails to become No. 1 on LinkedIn, resorts to begging

The trouble with the famous is that they think everyone loves them.

They believe that wherever they are, they will be the most popular person in the room. Even if that room is a courtroom.

Former network talk show host Conan O'Brien is beginning to understand that, while he may be popular in frivolous environs, being taken seriously as a business guru is much harder.

Should you have merely been going about your own business recently, you might not know that O'Brien decided that he needed to scale the highest heights of LinkedIn.

He sniffed that Bill Gates was a failureRead more

'Iron Man: A Film by Mark Wahlberg': Superhero with a Boston accent

There's definitely a distinctive style to Mark Wahlberg's movies and acting. And this parody trailer created by Official Comedy, entitled "Iron Man: A Film by Mark Wahlberg," captures it perfectly. Check out the video below that reimagines Tony Stark as a Red Sox-obsessed auto mechanic living in Boston (of course).

Not only does the actor in the clip do a perfect impression of Wahlberg down to the inflection of his voice, but he apparently speaks in adapted dialogue from actual Wahlberg movies such as "The Fighter" and "The Departed."… Read more

Netflix hooks Russell Peters for originals twofer: stand-up and documentary

Netflix said it would be setting its original-content sights on documentaries and stand-up specials next, but it didn't mention the two would come hand-in-hand.

The subscription streaming-video service will premiere a comedy special and four-part documentary series based on Canadian comedian Russell Peters' "Notorious" world tour next month. The 70-minute stand-up special, which shares the same name as the tour itself, and docu-series "Russell Peters vs. the World" will be available on Netflix on October 14. They will be available wherever Netflix is.

The move underscores Netflix's ambitions to follow in the path of … Read more