Watch this rap: How to be a scientist

Forget those old stereotypes of scientists as gray-haired men in laboratories wearing bottle-cap glasses. Rapper Coma Niddy tells the world that it doesn't matter who you are, as you too can be a scientist. He does, however, say you have to be curious and never give up.

The video was produced as part of a PBS Digital Studios project, and Comma Niddy is science educator who raps on everything from nanotechnology to dark matter. … Read more

About to be taken off life support, man wakes

A young man in a coma was unwittingly poised to give the ultimate this holiday season--his life, and with it, his organs. Instead, his mother became the recipient of the ultimate gift: his sudden recovery.

"Nobody could ever give me a better Christmas present than this--ever, ever, ever," his mother, Susan Regan, told ABC News this week.

Sam Schmid, a junior at the University of Arizona, suffered severe brain damage and broken femurs in a five-car accident in October that killed his friend and roommate.

ABC reports that Schmid was airlifted to the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, … Read more

Vegetative man not communicating after all

It was horrible to imagine. A Belgian man, uncommunicative since a car accident left him paralyzed in 1983, suddenly seemed to have a message to convey last November with the help of a speech therapist. He was not unconscious, he indicated. He was trapped.

Now, neurologist Steven Laureys, one of Rom Houben's doctors who diagnosed the patient as conscious based on bedside tests performed four years ago, is telling reporters the speech therapist got it wrong. While recent brain scans of Houben do show brain activity and even consciousness, Houben is not communicating, Laureys says.

"We did not … Read more

Brain scan finds man was not in a coma--23 years later

Rom Houben has been trapped in a series of worst nightmares, including trying for 23 years to alert those around him that he was not in a coma. A new report suggests he's not alone in his experience.

In 1983, Belgian engineering student and martial arts enthusiast Houben, then 20, was in a car accident that was thought to have left him in a vegetative state. Doctors relied on the widely-used Glasgow Coma Scale, assessing his eyes, verbal, and motor responses. What they failed to notice was that Houben was actually conscious--but completely paralyzed.

"I screamed, but there … Read more

How to spend your life in the bathroom

Everyone needs a waterproof TV, of course, but not everyone has a swimming pool to make it truly useful. That's why Envirovision has made an LCD for commoners like us, whose aquatic viewing habits are confined to the bath. But to add a bit of luxury to this household staple, it's now offering a 19-inch version as well.

Like earlier versions, the "Freeview Waterproof Bathroom Television" can be installed practially anywhere that plumbing allows, including the shower. Even more versatile are its waterproof speakers, which are either built into the set or available separately to be … Read more