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Color Sudoku for Mac review

Color Sudoku for Mac modifies the classical game by replacing the nine numbers with nine different colors while keeping the rules of the game unchanged. The developers have added a Japanese motif to this premium app by using music and visuals associated with the Far East. In terms of gameplay, using colors instead of numbers can be a bit jarring at first, but at the same time it makes the game accessible to small children.

Color Sudoku for Mac features a pleasant interface, which supports OS X's fullscreen mode. Unlike the traditional version that uses numbers, this game lets … Read more

Review: Color Splurge splashes photos with selective grayscale color and recolor effects

Color Splurge gives you the tools to add grayscale and color effects to any photo in your library with the swipe of your finger. This fun and accessible photo editing tool includes multiple options for coloration, and lets you take a new photo or use photos you've already taken from various sources including Facebook and your phone.

The interface of Color Splurge is generally intuitive, making it easy to find your way around quickly. There are a couple of sample projects you can experiment with before starting your own, and there's also a short tutorial video that shows … Read more

Get ready for multicolor fonts -- maybe in motion, too

For a few decades now, fonts have been monochromatic -- just the thing for putting black ink on white paper. But publishing has gone digital, and the era of the multicolored font is beginning.

The Motion Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) standards group last week began a project to standardize chromatic fonts -- those with multiple colors. Vladimir Levantovsky, a Monotype Imaging employee who serves as chairman of the group's font work, said he expects to merge technology from Mozilla, Adobe, Google, and Microsoft into a standard.

The impetus for the work was the need to support emoji, the colorful emoticons, icons, and pictures that gradually are expanding in use. But the work will expand to traditional typography, too, Levantovsky said. … Read more

3D printer pumps out items in many materials and hues

It seems like the options could be endless with a 3D printer that spewed out products in many colors and materials. And, it appears that's what 3D printer manufacture Stratasys is after with its new Objet500 Connex3.

The company unveiled its professional 3D printer on Monday, touting the machine's endless color options and various materials. The printer uses triple-jetting technology that mixes droplets of three base materials that lets users do single-run printing to create objects that can be both rigid and flexible. Additionally, the Connex3 uses the three primary colors -- cyan, magenta, and yellow -- to … Read more

Turkey skin inspires toxin-detecting biosensor

Turkeys are called "seven-faced birds" in Japanese for a reason: Their heads can actually change color -- and quite dramatically -- shifting from reds to blues to whites.

The mechanism at play is the swelling or contracting of blood vessels when excited or under duress, which in turn alters the spacing between bundles of collagen fibers that are interspersed throughout the blood vessels, which in turn alters the scattering of light waves and ultimately our perception of the color of a turkey's head.

Bioengineers at UC Berkeley are mimicking this very mechanism to build a biosensor that changes color in the presence of certain chemicals, as well as a companion app that analyzes the color changes to report on which chemicals are present. The idea is to affordably and easily use our smartphones as toxin detectors -- which could prove useful in a variety of settings.… Read more

Review: Coloring Pages for kids presents your kids with countless pages and coloring options

Coloring Pages for kids seamlessly turns your smartphone or tablet into an almost never-ending coloring book for your child. Though it requires some setup on the part of an adult, it's easy enough for most kids to figure out. If your toddler won't put your mobile gadget down, this is a great app to help them express their creativity.

Coloring Pages for kids gives your child dozens of different coloring pages to decorate. Many of them are festive, so your child can color a turkey at Thanksgiving or a pumpkin during Halloween, if they want. The app's … Read more

Get a Dell C1660w wireless color laser printer for $99.99

Quick question: I thought yesterday's $34.99 Fitbit Zip deal would be hugely popular, but it didn't seem to generate much excitement. For future reference, were you not all that interested in the product? Did the cashback "hoop" seem too large to jump through? If you're so inclined, leave a comment explaining why that deal didn't rock your world.

On to business. I've always preferred laser printers to inkjets, mostly because the latter gulp super-pricey ink cartridges that don't seem to last very long. Plus, for plain-paper document printing, laser quality (almost) … Read more

Could BeeWi Smart Color LEDs be the Hue competitor we've been waiting for?

Lighting that changes color on demand is nothing new, and if you've read our review of the Philips Hue Starter Kit, then you know that we're at least somewhat charmed by the idea. Unfortunately, the costs of these kinds bulbs have put them largely out of reach for a wide number of consumers. The Philips Hue kit will set you back $199, while slow-to-emerge competitors like iLumi and LIFX each cost over $80 per bulb -- if you can even get your hands on one.

That's why BeeWi's new Smart Color Light -- which the company … Read more

LED there be light: We pick the best bulb upgrades for your buck

Incandescents have enjoyed a good century as the light bulb of choice, but times are changing. So too are efficiency standards, which jumped to a new, even higher threshold back on January 1, officially rendering 40-and 60-watt bulbs obsolete. Despite Congressional leaders postponing the official phase-out for the time being, manufacturers are continuing to lead the charge into a new era of higher efficiency lighting -- and largely leaving incandescents by the wayside.

Don't be too quick to mourn them though. Recent advancements in LED technology have brought prices down on these highly efficient, long-lasting bulbs even faster than … Read more

Review: Add cute touches to messages with TextCutie

Leko's TextCutie adds adorable cuteness to your Android text messages. This free app lets you customize messages with backgrounds, fonts, and effects that are easy to apply, and it works with practically any social media or messaging app, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr. Regular new releases include themes for holiday greetings. TextCutie 1.6.1 runs on most Android devices (2.2 and up) and is supported by ads.

TextCutie opened with a lace-trimmed pink text field above buttons labeled "Cutify" and "Store" and a four-leaf clover we could tap to randomize … Read more