Cocktail for Mac review

Cocktail for Mac offers a combination of cleaning, repairing, and optimizing tools to help you improve and maintain the performance of your Mac. It can also implement interface changes.


Comprehensive set of tools: Cocktail features five sets of tools for managing your system, disks, files, network, and interface. It can perform disk permissions repair, manual and automatic memory purging, Spotlight cache cleaning, Trash management, network optimization, and interface modifications. The tools work decently enough -- not too fast but not too slow, either.

Lightweight: This utility does not drag your Mac down, hardly causing any performance slowdowns even with … Read more

Intoxicating watches tell you when it's Happy Hour

Nothing is sadder than a cold bottle of beer that stays unopened because there's no bottle opener in sight. That's exactly the type of tragedy that Dominic Chenelia, founder of Happy Hour Timepieces, wants to prevent with his line of watches. They're equipped with subtle bottle openers and a very visible 5 o'clock indicator.

"The idea was to always have a bottle opener on you," Chenelia told Crave. "There were so many times when I would be at a tailgate, on a boat, or at the beach when no one had a bottle opener. We also wanted to design the timepieces in a way where it wasn't apparent that you were wearing a bottle opener on your wrist. The goal was to create a stylish design that could be worn every day, which also contained a bottle opener for those 5 o'clock moments." … Read more

Toss one back with Monsieur, the robotic bartender

Sometimes getting that right ratio of tequila, triple sec, and lime for a margarita can be difficult. So, why not leave it in the hands, ahem algorithms, of a robot?

Enter Monsieur -- a robotic bartender introduced at TechCrunch Disrupt on Tuesday. The creators of Monsieur are marketing the machine as an "artificially intelligent" robot that "makes great tasting cocktails that keep people happy and businesses profitable."

The idea is for businesses or party-throwers to install Monsieur at the bar and then users can order drinks using an iOS or Android app on their smartphone. Monsieur … Read more

Bartendro robot mixologist crafts cocktails with Raspberry Pi

Some tasks are better left up to computers, like playing "Jeopardy," calculating pi, and mixing cocktails. Wait ... mixing cocktails? If you don't think a computer can whip up a compelling cocktail, then you haven't met Bartendro.

A creation of the awesomely named company Party Robotics, Bartendro is a robot mixologist crafted from peristaltic pumps, Raspberry Pi, custom electronic dispenser boards, and food-grade tubing. It may simultaneously be the least-necessary and most-desirable robot in the world.

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QWERTY keyboard pumps out hydraulic cocktails

If you've ever wondered what words taste like, you're now in luck. Russian artist Morskoiboy has created a contraption that mixes cocktails based on letters.

Behold, the Typewriter Cocktail Machine. It's the illegitimate child of a Remington crossed with a bottle of Smirnoff. It features more tubes than the DareDroid 2.0 cocktail-making dress and has a rainbow of flavored syrups at its disposal.

It's hard to describe exactly how this contraption works, but I'm going to try. Each key on the keyboard is a syringe pump. Push it down and it sucks syrup from a corresponding bottle, mixing it with the top-mounted alcoholic beverage of your choice.

The resulting combination of liquids lights up an LCD-style display that shows the letter you just pushed. It all gets mixed together in a glass off to the side. The video below should answer your questions.… Read more

DareDroid 2.0 dress dispenses fashion, cocktails

If filmmaker David Cronenberg designed a dress, it would look like the DareDroid 2.0. This cocktail-making frock looks like the union of a Madonna outfit and a cyborg jellyfish injected with the DNA of a bartender.

The DareDroid didn't come from Chanel or Versace. It sprung from the minds of a design team called the Modern Nomads, a trio that consists of Marius Kintel, Anouk Wipprecht, and Jane Tingley--a hacker, fashion designer, and sculptor, respectively. Now it all starts to make sense.

The dress isn't all tubes and white fabric. There's a lot of tech tucked in. Medical tubing and bottles hold the liquid. Custom hardware makes the dispenser function.

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Built-in sensors are triggered by proximity. Remain at a respectful distance and the dress will dispense a non-alcoholic beverage. Get too close and it will shut off. LEDs alert you to just how close you are.… Read more

Martha Stewart bar app invites you up for drinks

Sometimes I play the game where you think of which famous celebrity you'd like to have a drink with. Bob Dylan would be awesome. Bill Gates probably makes a mean sloe gin fizz. For those of you who have Martha Stewart in mind, you can get one step closer to dream fulfillment with the Martha Stewart Cocktails app for the iPad.

The 99-cent app requires clicking through the age-restricted material warning when installing it. You just have to agree that you are over 17 to browse 20 recipes ranging from an Herbal Lillet Cooler to a Caiprinha, the Brazilian libation made with sugarcane liquor. In a nice pop culture collision, the White Russian recipe includes a shout out to the Dude from "The Big Lebowski."… Read more

Drinking with droids at BarBot 2010

Appreciate androids with a taste for technology tipples? BarBot 2010 may be just the event for you.

A dozen drink-making droids served up their mixology skills this week, pouring cocktails for booze-hungry hackers at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. BarBot 2010, the third event of its kind to celebrate robots and cocktail culture, is the place to get perfectly mixed drinks from well-oiled machines. Watch as these robots use automated algorithms to serve up White Russians, cosmopolitans, and shots of whiskey with a bit of futuristic flare.

The event was put on by the same folks behind the RoboGames, … Read more

Exploratorium serves up the science of cocktails (audio slideshow)
The Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum in San Francisco, opened its doors after-hours on Wednesday to give people the chance to learn a little more about the beverages they throw back during a night on the town.

The Science of Cocktails event featured bartenders from several drinking establishments in the city by the bay. Attendees were treated to experimental cocktails that take advantage of the chemical and physical characteristics of their ingredients, demonstrations of the physics that make bar tricks work, the debunking of myths about absinthe, and scientific explanations for the dreaded hangover.

Watch this audio slideshow to hear … Read more