Yanked iOS app Clueful is back as free Web software

A privacy-enhancing iOS app called Clueful that was yanked from the App Store for an unknown reason this summer has been re-released as a Web app.

The app is available for free online and has data on more than 100,000 apps and allows users to add comments about apps and how developers handle data.

Apple screens apps for bad behavior before they hit the App Store, but Clueful tells users what the apps they have downloaded on their iOS devices are doing with their data, such as whether the apps track location, read address books, access calendars, drain the … Read more

Bitdefender's iOS privacy app yanked from the App Store

Bitdefender's iOS app that let users see what information installed applications had access to, has been removed from the App Store after being approved nearly two months ago.

In a statement, Bitdefender said Apple alerted the company to the removal of the Clueful app -- which was first released in late May -- "after initial approval and sale." A Bitdefender spokesperson elaborated on that, saying it was actually removed on June 29.

The software made use of a proprietary database, which told users whether a particular application gathered analytics or accessed things like unique identification numbers and … Read more

Clueful scans your iOS apps for privacy behavior

A new iOS app aims to make app privacy more transparent and easier to stay on top of, especially when it comes to information-tracking you might not have even realized what was going on behind the scenes.

Security firm Bitdefender today rolled out Clueful (iTunes), an app that lets you see what information other applications installed on your phone might have access to.

Once installed, the $3.99 app scans your device to see what's installed and puts it in an ordered list that can be filtered based on the various kinds of behavior. This includes things like:

Apps … Read more