Preserved woolly-mammoth autopsy shows cloning is a real possibility

The female woolly mammoth unearthed in the Lyakhovsky Islands in May 2013 could one day become the "mother" of the first woolly mammoth to walk the earth in millennia.

The discovery of the beast caused excitement when the scientists who unearthed her found that she was very well preserved -- to the point that her blood was still liquid after all these years.

Now, after a necropsy (an autopsy on an animal), the team has discovered that the mammoth's soft tissues are in excellent condition, so much so that they may be able to extract enough high-quality … Read more

The force is very much with 'Clone Wars' Season 6 trailer

Get ready, "Star Wars" fans: The first trailer from the upcoming final season of "The Clone Wars" is here, and it's a lot of fun.

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that it will be making the 13 episodes of the final season of the animated "Star Wars" show available to subscribers starting March 7. Now, it has released the trailer for the season, and "Star Wars" fans have a lot to be excited about.

Though Disney, which purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, said last year that it was shutting down production of &… Read more

Coming to Netflix, 'Star Wars' is, via unseen 'Clone Wars' shows

Netflix will get its first brush with the Force soon.

The streaming-video site will premiere 13 unaired episodes of the former Cartoon Network animated series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" on March 7 in the US and Canada. The episodes, called the sixth and final season of the series, have previously been seen only in Germany.

In an exclusive deal with Disney, which bought Star Wars shop Lucasfilm in 2012, Netflix secured the rights to the full catalog of "The Clone Wars" seasons and a movie, plus "director's cut" episodes not seen previously. … Read more

Flappy Bird maker says game over

CNET Update is much news, such wow:

In this episode of Update, learn about the odd fate of Flappy Bird, as the owner deleted the popular app because he couldn't take the attention. Regardless of the suspicious reasoning, plenty of clone apps are available to take its place, including Flappy Pig, Flappy Fish, and my favorite, FlappyDoge. Some folks are trying to profit off the Flappy Bird hype by selling their used phones on eBay with Flappy Bird installed.

In non-Flappy news, keep your eye on Samsung. It just announced a Black Edition of the Galaxy S4 and S4 MiniRead more

Birds could be turned back into dinosaurs, says biochemist

It's fairly clear that we're in for a period of rapid change.

This might lead to a stunning new world, if you believe Google. Or, in the view of some scientists, it might also lead to a re-creation of Sam Neill's finest moments.

So please imagine, if you dare, a world in which dinosaurs roam again. I am sure they will appreciate the advent of large meals in America and especially the Big Mac and large fries.

How might this all happen? Well, one British biochemist believes that she might be able to take the DNA of … Read more

Why Chinese smartphone clones may not be a good deal after all

Nobody loves a bargain like I do. So when a reader asked me what I thought about buying "knock-off" smartphones in China, I was intrigued.

After all, I've bought my share of counterfeit handbags in New York's Chinatown. But when you're talking about electronics and cell phones, to be specific, you need to be careful about what you are buying. In this edition of Ask Maggie, I offer my advice on whether to buy counterfeit smartphones and how you can find an affordable smartphone made for the US market.

I also explain to another reader … Read more

'Star Wars' auditions: Yoda-worthy advice from the pros

Think you have enough midi-chlorians to be in the new "Star Wars" film? Perhaps you're the droid director J.J. Abrams is looking for? Or maybe you just want to test out your best impression of Jack Lemmon imitating Chewbacca?

Open auditions for the new "Star Wars" film started Saturday in Bristol, England, but with long lines turning people away, Lucasfilm is now accepting video applications through Cast It Talent's Web site

The site reveals generic bios of characters that most likely will not be exactly the same in the movie (Abrams undertook a similar style of casting with his 2010 film "Super 8"). … Read more

Review: Clone Yourself Camera Free isn't easy to use, but creates awesome pictures

Clone Yourself Camera Free can clone you so it looks like you're in multiple places in the same photo. Although it's hard to master, the app rewards you with fantastic pictures once you get the hang of it. Too bad it's not more beginner-friendly, though.

Clone Yourself Camera Free lets you take two pictures of a subject with the same background and stitch them together into one picture. The app needs perfect stillness for the trick to work -- if it detects an even slightly different background from one picture to another, it will produce a far … Read more

Review: Clone Magic makes creating cloned images relatively easy

Clone Magic is a very cool app, though you may not realize at first exactly what it allows you to do -- namely to create photos with multiple images of you or another person in them. The idea is to match the background in multiple images and cut out individuals to match them across all photos. It might sound complicated, but once you get the hang of the interface, it's rather easy and the effect is quite impressive.

Clone Magic works well, but its biggest flaw is that it fails to show you up front how to do all … Read more

Dolly the Sheep cloner considers re-creating woolly mammoth

We're soon going to be able to live forever.

One resuscitation expert offered recently that death will be reversible.

So the distinctions between the past and present, between history and dreaming, may blur considerably.

It was delightful, therefore, to read Wednesday morning that a world-famous scientist is musing about re-creating a woolly mammoth.

The Guardian explains how the very same scientist who cloned Dolly the Sheep is now considering bigger fish, as it were.

Stem-cell scientist Sir Ian Wilmut (make a sheep and you become a "Sir") has begun to muse on the possibilities of taking centuries-old … Read more