Desktop Weather, Planner, and Clock review

Desktop Weather, Planner, and Clock's multifaceted display incorporates all of the information you need to plan your day. At a glance, you can scan the weather forecast for the week, check your upcoming appointments, and see how your week is shaping up with this one-stop organizational system.

The interface for Desktop Weather, Planner, and Clock is straightforward and organized, although a little cluttered for the smaller display space on the iPhone as opposed to the iPad. The display shows you a monthly calendar in the upper left with the current day circled. To the right of that, there's … Read more

Word Clock review

World Clock provides a multipurpose clock that includes an alarm, timer, and stop watch, all included in a straightforward albeit plain interface. The app's key feature, a world clock, allows you to check the time in any city around the globe, making it a useful tool for travelers. The app's unappealing background, however, makes it less enjoyable than it could have been.

Word Clock installs in no time and then shows you the current time and date in a digital format, as well as an analog clock on a rather dull dark blue background which cannot be changed … Read more

World ClockTime Zones review

World ClockTime Zones provides you with access to the time in cities all over the world, and you can save your favorites to a main list. Various search features make it easy to find the cities you're looking for, and the app's intuitive interface contributes to an overall positive user experience.

The first time you open World ClockTime Zones, you'll see a list of a few preloaded cities from around the world, along with the flags of their respective countries, and the current time there. Tapping any of these cities will take you to a more detailed … Read more

Alarm Clock 4 Free review

Alarm Clock 4 Free is a highly customizable alarm program for your desktop that lets you set multiple alarms to keep track of tasks. You can add as many alarms as you want, select custom sounds for each alarm, and include a memo for each so that you know what it's for and what you need to do.

As soon as you install Alarm Clock 4 Free, you can go ahead and start adding alarms. Just click on the "Add" button and a screen will pop up listing your options for customization. You have a decent amount … Read more

Get an Android alarm clock and speaker dock for $59.99

As someone who's in the midst of migrating from iPhone to Android (namely, the Republic Wireless Moto X), I'm looking for ways to ease the transition. Among them: finding a place to dock/charge my phone at night. My current alarm-clock dock has an old-fangled Apple 30-pin connector.

Ah, but do they make bedside clocks especially for Android devices? Of course they do, and from now through tomorrow, Feb. 4, you can get the Hale Dreamer alarm clock/speaker dock for Android phones for $59.99, shipped. That's after applying coupon code XLL9I5S4 at checkout.

Born on … Read more

Reviews: DS Clock (64-bit) lets you custom-configure a clock for your desktop

DS Clock (64-bit) lets you configure a date and time readout for your desktop, with different color and font options, and more. You can choose to display the time in other time zones, as well, and your clock will automatically check in and readjust at whatever interval you set, so you can be sure it's always accurate. While most computer screens display the time anyway, this app has a few extra features that can be fun to play with.

When you open DS Clock for the first time, you'll be able to select your time zone, as well … Read more

How to wake up to your favorite Pandora station on Android

More and more people are relying on mobile phone alarm clock apps to wake them up in the morning. To wake up to your favorite music, you can load up your own songs, but that takes time and planning. Chances are, you'll also get tired of waking up to the same songs over and over again.

Instead of waking up to ringtones or your own music, you can now wake up to your favorite Pandora stations on Android. Previously only available on iOS, Android users can now join in on the fun.

To use the alarm clock, first make … Read more

Review: MenuCalendarClock for iCal for Mac creates a useful calendar button

MenuCalendarClock displays a calendar at the top-right corner of your screen with a drop down featuring all of the events on your current iCal. This allows you fast access to any of your events without having to open the iCal app, even if you are using a different application. The app is fast, responsive, and doesn't slow down the computer like some other menu tray calendar apps -- making it a fine addition to any Mac.

After installation, which is fast and can be streamlined further with load-on-startup settings, a small calendar icon appears at the top right of … Read more

Review: Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 is a little jumpy, but offers customization and style

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 looks fantastic and gives you tons of options, even if it has a bad habit of skipping every now and then. Most people will rarely notice that performance problem and will be very pleased with the numerous ways they can customize this fun app. If you're a fan of live wallpapers, this one is definitely worth a try.

Even though Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 isn't hosted on the Google Play market, installing it goes easily. It does come with all of the typical downfalls of live wallpapers, such as their tendency to hog your … Read more

Wake up to your favorite music with Pandora's new alarm clock

Waking up to the loud beeping of an alarm clock is no way to start a day, particularly if you regularly hit the snooze button and repeat the process once or twice before rolling out of bed. Pandora offers a better way. The free Pandora Radio app for iOS just received an update that introduces a new design for iOS 7 along with a long-awaited alarm clock feature.

To set the alarm, tap on the menu button in the upper-right corner when viewing the Now Playing screen. At the bottom of the menu you'll see a new line for … Read more