Review: CrystalClear Interface for Mac helps you customize the look of your Mac

CrystalClear Interface for Mac enables you to customize your desktop experience by changing the look of your windows and altering the OS X theme. This app performs its main function, offering you plenty of interface customization options, and initiating themes as expected. It's a premium program that comes with a 15-day trial version.

Although it's rather big for a program of its kind (around 130MB) CrystalClear Interface for Mac installs fairly quickly. To install it properly, though, you will have to close every running program and then restart your system. After installation, the program shows as a drop-down … Read more

Clear Channel, Warner Music cozy up in multiplatform deal

Clear Channel and Warner Music, one of the "Big Three" music labels, signed a partnership Thursday that will share the radio giant's revenue for unprecedented promotion of Warner artists on air and online, as well as efforts to make it easier for digital listeners to buy Warner's music when they hear it.

The pact, Clear Channel's first wide-ranging strategic alliance with a major label, underscores how both labels' and traditional radio are testing new ways to ensure self-preservation in the digital age.

The partnership means Warner Music will share in revenue from Clear Channel and … Read more

iHeartRadio retunes iOS, Android apps for more talk radio

With most people listening to talk radio on the go, iHeartRadio -- the digital arm of radio giant Clear Channel -- figured its mobile apps should make finding the talk easier.

Updates to the apps Monday add a directory for talk content so users can browse and select from drop-down categories; a side navigation pull-out screen; and the ability to customize and access Live and Custom Station preset favorites. The update also adds new segments from "The View" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live" coinciding with with the fall television season.

The updates get talk content more quickly … Read more

Review: ClearFM scans for available FM transmitter stations in your area

ClearFM works very well in scanning, listing, and detailing available stations for transmitting over FM frequencies, but it has a number of flaws. From a frustrating interface design to the non-mobile friendly way in which information is displayed, there are many hurdles to overcome in using this app effectively. If you do, however, you'll likely find it worth your while.

First, know that this is not a music playing app. It looks like one and the description even makes it sound like one, but ClearFM is not designed to play music or any other kind of radio station. Rather, … Read more

iHeartRadio brings talk online

Got ambitions to be the next Ryan Seacrest?

iHeartRadio, the digital arm of radio giant Clear Channel, is adding a talk-radio wing. It not only has shows from big-name personalities on Clear Channel's network of stations but also will allow aspiring talk-radio stars to record their own episodes on Spreaker and submit them to the iHeartRadio library for listeners to pick out and sandwich in between the likes of Glenn Beck and Mario Lopez.

Online radio options, dominated by Pandora, have long been a music-centric domain, perhaps because the podcast format has produced a handy facsimile of talk for … Read more

Google Keep geared for Google Glass

This week, Google quietly launched Keep, a simple, note-taking mobile app. It's not as full-featured or multiplatform as Evernote, the leader in the revived personal organizer or "external brain" category, and currently only works on Android and Google Drive. Google will likely make Keep available on Apple's iOS, as it has with its other apps, and add features, such as the ability to attach files and embed video. Nonetheless, the press and other observers are questioning the company's commitment to its apps after the recent notice that Google Reader would cease to exist.

The reality … Read more

Trouble hearing that caller? Phone captions your calls

LAS VEGAS--My stepfather doesn't have the best hearing, and phone calls can be a trial. He tends to crank the speakerphone volume to MAX.

Clarity, a division of Plantronics, is trying to help the tens of millions of people with hearing loss with its new Ensemble phone, which displays real-time captions of what the other person on the line is saying.

Developed with ClearCaptions, the Ensemble is an amplified phone with a 7-inch touch-screen tablet display for the captions.

While there are other caption phones on the market, the Ensemble is being billed as the first of its kind with a tablet interface, and is on display at CES 2013. … Read more

Webcam Video Capture's spotty performance leaves lots to be desired

As the old adage goes, seeing is believing, which is why we've seen such an abundance of screen-capture tools. But what if you want to capture video instead of a static picture? That's where Webcam Video Capture comes in. As its name suggests, it offers users a means to capture video and save it to their computer. Sadly, however, in practice, we found it clunky to use and glitchy to the point that it crashed on us, requiring reinstallation.

Webcam Video Capture's user interface is small and seemingly straightforward at first glance. Buttons labeled New Session, Record, … Read more

Pack a phone stand in your wallet with ClearShot

Just when you didn't think your purse or wallet had any more space for plastic, here's a concept that might convince you to make room. ClearShot is a card-size stand for your smartphone that seems perfect for snapshots, video, chatting, and time-lapse pics.

Designer Mike Carney, a Boeing engineer, calls it the world's most portable phone tripod, and has submitted a patent for the design. It's only 0.09 inch thick, about the size of three non-embossed credit cards.

With a pinch, it unfolds into a ready position and supports all iPhone models, as well as Windows and Android phones. It can also be used with the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and Note. … Read more

Nokia's new smartphones offer more sensitive touch screens

Ever struggled to use your smartphone's touch screen with gloves or long fingernails? A new feature in Nokia's Windows 8 smartphones should provide some relief.

Developed by touch-pad designer Synaptics, the new "Super Sensitive Touch" technology will better detect and respond to your individual touch. As such, those of you wearing gloves or sporting long fingernails will be able to tap and swipe your way through your Nokia phone touch screens without running into the usual challenges.

Nokia's new Lumia 920 and 820 will be the first recipients of Synaptics' new ClearPad Series 3 feature. … Read more