Get MacBooster 2 for 35 percent off

To celebrate the release of MacBooster 2, IObit is offering users discounted pricing on its popular Mac cleanup tool. Get 35 percent off MacBooster 2 for a limited time and pay just $25.97.

It's hard to keep track of all the unnecessary, device-slowing files left behind after app removals. Enter MacBooster, a toolkit to help you clean up these pesky leftovers. MacBooster 2 is able to remove up to 13 different types of junk files: Application Junk Files, System Cache Files, Log Files, Shortcuts, Language Files, Photo Caches, Software Updates, and more.


Deep clean to … Read more

Yet Another Cleaner review

Yet Another Cleaner scans your PC and purges it of annoying or dangerous malware, adware, cookies, and browser plug-ins. It also checks and optimizes the Registry for faster startups and smoother overall operation, and frees storage space by removing seldom-used applications.


Easy to use: After a quick installation, Yet Another Cleaner assesses the health of your PC and then lets you fix detected issues with a single click. The straightforward menu enables you to do quick or deep cleans, evaluate the safety of your Web browser plug-ins, and optimize the Registry, as well as remove applications that take up … Read more

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 11 review

Ashampoo's all-new WinOptimizer 11 packs more tools for cleaning, optimizing, and protecting your Windows PC than its freeware competitors, including WinOptimizer Free. And it has a sophisticated yet easy-to-manage layout with support options that the free system utilities can't match. In addition to regularly scheduled system maintenance and tweaks, WinOptimizer 11 has a One-Click Optimizer, extras like anti-spy protection, and a host of modules. Recent upgrades include Live Tuner 2.0, Game Booster, and User Rights Management.


Does it all: WinOptimizer 11 has an impressive array of tools and features -- more than other software of its … Read more

Toolwiz Cleaner review

Toolwiz Cleaner reclaims memory and storage space on your Android device by purging junk files and closing apps that don't need to be running. It enhances your privacy by deleting log files, saved searches, and app caches. It not only uninstalls but backs up your apps. This free app runs in Android 2.3 and up; Toolwiz Cleaner Version 2.0.3200 ran crisply and smoothly in our Android 4.3 smartphone.


Closes apps: Far too many Android apps seem to think you're missing something if they're not running all the time, and you are: You'… Read more

CCleaner review

CCleaner is a free Registry and junk-clearing utility for keeping your system clean and optimized.


Basic UI: CCleaner's four main features -- Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options -- are clearly marked on a vertical tab menu. Initiating a scan and clean is straightforward.

Powerful: CCleaner includes most of the essentials for PC maintenance. It provides tools for clearing your temporary files, cleaning the Registry, and removing unused cookies from your browser. CCleaner also supports 64-bit systems, as well as updated support for popular applications.

Freeware: Upselling and bundling are minimal; CCleaner only offers the option to install Google … Read more

Soft4Boost Disk Cleaner review

Soft4Boost Disk Cleaner scans your computer for problem files, produces a report detailing the findings, and repairs the problems for you. This app will keep your computer running smoothly and quickly by removing the types of files that cause clutter and slow it down.

During installation of this app, you can select your preferred language from a list that includes English, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, and more. Once the program is in place, you can further customize it by choosing the skin that suits your style from the View menu. Options include iPhone, Android, GMP, iTunes, and Metal, among … Read more

Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner review

Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner scans your computer to find all installed toolbars, and then removes the ones you don't want to keep. If you're like most users, there are likely many that you don't use and that just take up space on your hard drive. So to keep your computer running smoothly, you can use this app to find and remove any extras.

During Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner's installation, you can choose the language you want to use from a list of quite a few options including Dutch, Danish, Spanish, French, Italian, English, and more. Once the program … Read more

Neato BotVac: A better bot from Neato?

Neato is expanding its robot vacuum offerings with a new "BotVac" series due in mid-April 2014. The initial launch will include four models: BotVac 70e, BotVac 75, BotVac 80, and BotVac 85 with prices ranging from $479.99 to $599.99. So, how do BotVacs differ from the $379.99 XV Essential, $429.99 XV-21, and $449.99 XV Signature Pro we've tested from Neato's existing product line-up?

One obvious difference is the color scheme. All of the XV line of bots have different finishes -- from the black and dark gray XV Signature Pro to … Read more

Trigger great performance with the Dyson DC59

Handy, thoughtful design points like trigger-powered suction and easy-to-change attachments make the Dyson DC59 Animal a strong contender in the field of lightweight vacuums. On the other hand, the $499 price tag may scare off all but the most serious vacuum buyers.

The DC59, an update to the DC44 is an excellent cordless vacuum and, if you're looking for a luxury unit it's hard to argue against it. That it turns from stick vac to handheld unit easily is a particular highlight. It's not the only stick vacuum that impressed us, though. If you love the in-hand … Read more

The Gtech AirRam: not enough vacuum for the price

Don't let the Gtech AirRam's sleek looks and data gathering feature fool you, this rechargeable stick vacuum isn't worth $349. Its price isn't so shocking when you consider the fact that the Dyson DC59 Animal retails for $499. The DC59, however, is a champion performer and with its detachable handheld unit and assortment of attachments offers lots of flexiblity.

The AirRam, on the other hand, offers no attachments, and had a mediocre showing in our lab, coming in last among other stick vacs on our pet hair and fine debris tests. Its Data Bridge feature, which … Read more