Artificial tails make chickens walk like dinosaurs

Scientists have a problem. They want to study how dinosaurs walked, but there are no dinosaurs left to observe. So they turned to some of their modern cousins, chickens. But chickens don't have quite the same anatomy. So, what's a scientist to do? Make fake dino-tails for chickens to wear, a concept that appeals not just to scientists, but also to people who like to dress up their pets in funny costumes.

A group of scientists from the University of Chile and the University of Illinois at Chicago published a paper on chicken-walking observations in the online PLOS ONE journal. The study, titled "Walking Like Dinosaurs: Chickens with Artificial Tails Provide Clues about Non-Avian Theropod Locomotion," details how test chickens were outfitted with fake tails and their movements observed to learn more about the way dinosaurs went for a stroll.… Read more

Review: Where's My Chicken? FREE will keep kids entertained

Where's My Chicken? FREE is a cute game that is easy to play -- perhaps too easy. It's almost impossible to not get the top score on each level of this game you play, and there's little variation in them, as well. While that repetitive fun may be fine for kids, it's not enough to make this game a real winner for adults.

In this game, your goal is to collect eggs from a coop full of chickens while keeping your coop safe from roving foxes. You can load the coop with a practically limitless number … Read more

Review: MacGourmet for Mac is the ultimate solution for storing and organizing recipes

MacGourmet for Mac is designed to provide a central storage and organizational system for your recipes within OS X. It works seamlessly in this regard, providing dozens of useful tools that are reminiscent of iTunes in many ways, making it easy to organize recipe files, create new ones, share them with friends, or print recipes to index cards or other media from your desktop.

After installation, you will be prompted to select the layout and interface for MacGourmet when it opens. You can change any of these options later from the preferences menu but this will affect how the app … Read more

How is a chicken like a Mercedes-Benz?

What does an average chicken have in common with the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550? Both have sophisticated suspension systems. In its latest advertisement, the German automaker jiggles and bounces around a few chickens to demonstrate the general idea behind its Magic Body Control adaptive suspension.

What's being illustrated here is a behavior known as the vestibulo-ocular reflex, which allows animals to isolate the movement of their eyes from the movement of their bodies, stabilizing their vision.

In the case of the chicken, the reflex also isolates the movement of its entire head, allowing the birds to keep their skulls remarkably … Read more

Review: Chicken Factory Free is a fun and challenging reflex game

Chicken Factory Free offers very straightforward gameplay that can be addictive in its ease of use, but ultimately lacks the depth needed to be a long term iOS game. The idea is that yellow and orange chicks will roll down the conveyor belt and must be sorted into one of two boxes. As the game progresses, the conveyor belt speeds up and you have to move faster. If you miss three of them or they fall off the conveyor belt, you lose -- though there are ways to pick up new lives along the way.

The game's premise is … Read more

Review: Chicken Alarm is a cute though feature-lacking alarm clock app for iOS

Chicken Alarm does nothing that your iPhone's built-in alarm doesn't already do; but it is cute, effective, and fun to use, so it can be an effective replacement for those that enjoy using it. There are not necessarily any issues with the app, but because it lacks additional tools and features, there are limited situations in which it will be a viable replacement.

After installing Chicken Alarm, you must set your alarm. Do so by tapping on the large yellow chicken animation onscreen and choosing when it should go off, whether snooze is enabled, and how frequently it … Read more

NASA battles solar storm with rubber chicken

Calm down, already. NASA swears that the Earth absolutely, definitely will not be annihilated by a massive flaming belch from the sun this year.

But just in case you're still a little worried, you'll no doubt be reassured to know the august space agency is holding nothing back in its efforts to study the sun's activity in 2012. In fact, it's even gone so far as to enlist the help of a very, very serious group of high school students, equipped with that most serious of scientific instruments: the rubber chicken.

Yes, students of Bishop Union High in Bishop, Calif. -- along with their mentor, Science@NASA's Tony Phillips, and a group of fifth-grade assistants -- recently launched a rubber chicken into the stratosphere during the most intense solar radiation storm since 2003.

Don't post a nasty, budget-related comment just yet, though. This wasn't any old astrorubberchicken; this was Camilla -- the mascot of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory -- and she was wearing a specially knitted spacesuit complete with high-tech sensors for measuring radiation. She was also accompanied by a specially modified lunchbox equipped with four cameras, two GPS trackers, a cryogenic thermometer, two-dozen sunflower seeds, and seven insects.… Read more

Recipes on your Android

Epicurious for Android lets you bring your handheld device into the kitchen and to the grocery store to serve as a cooking companion, and it's one of the best in the category. The home screen gives you quick links to specific categories of recipes (e.g. recipes for kids, party snacks, cocktails), but by entering a keyword into the search box at the bottom of the interface you can browse more targeted online recipes.

If you want even more control over your search, you can skip the search box and hit the search button at the bottom of the … Read more

Two turned chickens and no microphone

When it comes to chicken, ordering extra is rarely a bad idea. Able to be eaten hot or cold, any leftovers can be used in a variety of applications. From salad and sandwiches to soups and snacks, cold chicken has a use in every kitchen. When preparing chicken at home, there is an endless number of ways to get the job done. Sometimes that means digging into the back of the cupboard for a specialty appliance. Then, more than ever, it just makes sense to make two.

The Deni Vertical Rotisserie ($129.99) is capable of cooking two chickens at … Read more

Chicken came before egg, evidence suggests

British scientists claim to have solved one of the great mysteries of life, the universe, and everything in it: The chicken came before the egg, they say, and they're not mincing words.

"It had long been suspected that the egg came first, but now we have the scientific proof that shows that in fact the chicken came first," Sheffield University's Colin Freeman, according to a report in the Metro.

Researchers from Scotland and England used a supercomputer called HECToR to look in such detail at a chicken eggshell that they were able to determine the vital … Read more