Cheese made from human toe jam, belly-button bacteria

What makes a truly fine blue cheese so spectacular can be partly due to particular kinds of bacteria that are encouraged to grow on it. Now, imagine if those bacteria came from someplace unusual... like food author Michael Pollan's belly button. Yep, you get human-flavored cheese. Hungry yet?

Scientist Christina Agapakis and scent specialist Sissel Tolaas came together for a project that combines art and synthetic biology. They collected bacteria samples from donors and used them to create unique cheeses for each person.… Read more

Save San Francisco from mutant cheese and celebrate the DNA double helix

Mutant Muensters are on the loose! Who do you turn to for help when killer cheese aims to destroy San Francisco? That is the question Genentech poses on the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix by Dr. Francis Crick and James D. Watson.

In Ralph's Killer Muenster (available for iPad) the game charges you, the user, to track down the runaway mutant cheese that escaped containment. The twist is the devious muenster is quickly spreading and mutating into different strains. Solve puzzles using genetic methods and scientific processes (Read: match symbols and shapes) to track … Read more

A new grip on a box grater

Preshredded cheese may seem like a benefit, but in reality nothing compares with cheese that has been freshly (or at least recently) grated.

Those convenient bags found hanging in the grocery aisles? They contain fillers designed to keep the cheese from caking. Edible? Yes. Delicious? Not so much. We can do better. And that includes how we grate the cheese.

The Quirky GRP-1-CW1 Grip Grater Cheese Grater updates the old-timey kitchen classic and affords it some additional utility. Instead of four separate sides that each has its own different grate size, this deconstructed new model uses one folding base unit … Read more

Got any cheese?

Pull back, aim for the cheese, then hit the cat. That's pretty much all you have to remember to play this unique, addictive, and whimsical platform game.

In Bouncy Mouse, you are the colorful, cheese-loving protagonist. Your special power? An elastic, prehensile tail. With it, you can sling yourself to and from the small knobs strategically placed throughout each level, and earn points by picking up as many pieces of cheese as you can along the way. Also, thanks to your round, rubbery exterior, you can bounce your way to hard-to-reach pieces of cheese and even bounce yourself out … Read more

Spy Mouse already a hit in the iTunes App Store

One of the earliest game publishers to enjoy huge success on iOS devices was Firemint, maker of Real Racing 2 and Flight Control. Though it is not a company that puts out several games a year, you know that when Firemint does release something, it's probably going to be good. Last week, Firemint released its latest game, Spy Mouse, and with a mix of line-drawing fun and excellent production values, it has already reached No. 1 in the iTunes App Store.

Spy Mouse (99 cents - see note at bottom) is a line-drawing stealth game that challenges you to … Read more

Great grating--automatically

As a finishing touch to the creation of a meal, topping the plate with freshly grated cheese is an action that produces delicious results. Yet that doesn't mean it is the most graceful of maneuvers--or one that is always remembered. After all, it is easy to overlook something that could be considered an extra. But when it comes to pizza, pasta, or vegetables, a shower of cheese can make the difference between a good meal and a great one.

The Powered Cheese Grater keeps freshly grated cheese only a press of the button away. The lidded grater can be … Read more

Cheese mill is not the same old grind

Cheese lovers not only love cheese, but love discovering cheese. It's not like it's hard to do: seemingly endless varieties of cheese exist, constantly tempting us with something new to try. From the runny to the strong (both in texture and in odor), cheese is an experience waiting to happen, with each new variety bringing something new to the table. It is no surprise then that cheese blends are always a popular thing to explore.

Filled with your choice of cheese, the Microplane Cheese Mill stands at the ready inside the refrigerator. The dishwasher-safe gadget promises convenience and … Read more

Crave 28: Where's my steampunk boombox? (podcast)

This week, we get all Crave-y over a new boombox from TDK with a sweet design that belies the company's low-tech roots. Also, a fake coffee bot makes us yearn for the days when "The Jetsons" becomes a reality; some creepy crawlers get made over into flashy, USB-powered robots that are just ripe for holiday stockings; and we check out a tutorial on how to install your own "Star Trek"-worthy pneumatic doors. Plus, an utterly expensive--yet awesome--steampunk flash drive catches our eyes, as does a rather emasculating motorcycle ripped straight out of "Tron"--but for entirely different reasons. Finally, a shout-out to a local eatery in this week's "This is Why You're Fat" segment.

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Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell on the future of software (Q&A)

Whether you know him by name, you almost certainly have firsthand experience with some of Nolan Bushnell's work. He's known by many as the father of video games, since he created Pong and co-founded Atari. And he may have played a role in one of your birthdays because he started the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant chain.

Without question, Bushnell left an indelible mark on the 1970s and 1980s.

But in later years he wasn't finished as an entrepreneur, though his more recent accomplishments haven't risen to the level of his earlier career. In 2005, he launched … Read more

The 404 659: Where we check out the bubbles on that one (podcast)

Facebook is about to get a whole lot creepier. A small group of users are beta-testing a new "subscribe" button located under users' profile pictures that could make Facebook stalking as simple as a single click.

The button is a lot like "following" someone on Twitter and here's how it works: If you click the "subscribe" button, all of that user's activities, from new pictures to status updates to videos and links, will show up in your notifications. Few details have been released so far, but we're interested in knowing if the service will show you who's stalking your profile or if you can subscribe to non-friends, which would take the creep factor up to a solid 10.

Moving on to another creepy story, a school zone in West Vancouver is testing a rather extreme measure to force drivers to slow down in their vehicles.

The experiment places a 3D hologram of a young girl chasing a ball in the middle of the street that drivers will see about 100 feet away, giving them plenty of time to slow down...or have a heart attack and veer off the road. We can see the utility in a 3D cop on the side of the road or a flashing light to alert drivers entering school zones, but this is a little nuts.

To Jeff's delight and Wilson's girlfriend's dislike, Angry Birds is now available on the Android operating system. Granted, it's a "Lite" version in beta and many users (including Jeff) are experiencing random restarts and freezes, but it should tie over your addiction until the official version finally drops. For all the iPhone players out there, don't forget that the Angry Birds Expansion Pack is also available.

Finally, we have a handful of voicemail messages that we haven't gotten to play all week, and today's batch inquires about the infamous "Cheese Stands Alone" episode, voicemail phone numbers, and a rare appearance from everyone's favorite Verbose Asian Guy! Set it on repeat, guys--it ain't happening again! :)

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