Use Launch Center Pro and Foursquare to speed up your check-ins

Launch Center Pro, the popular iOS automation app, takes advantage of third-party apps that have URL schemes. These schemes are nothing more than ways for apps to talk to one another in iOS, sharing information between one another.

Previously, Foursquare was listed as a supported app for Launch Center Pro, but it was removed after a recent update removed the URL scheme setup Launch Center Pro had been using.

By looking at the Foursquare developer documentation you can see that URL schemes are still part of the app, but they need to be more specific than in the past. Instead … Read more

Facebook, Cisco partner to power Wi-Fi check-in at stores

Facebook just "friended" Cisco Systems.

The two companies are partnering up to provide restaurants, hotels, retailers, and other public locations with an integrated Wi-Fi check-in experience that ties into the Facebook network. Such a service would allow retailers to get more data on its customers, allowing for better targeted advice, advertising, or discounts.

The initiative is called "Cisco Connected Mobile Experience with Facebook Wi-Fi," a long-winded name for a bundle of services and router equipment that's being tested by several businesses, including two restaurants in the Bonefish Grill chain.

The partnership is the latest in … Read more

Foursquare lets businesses boost their profiles in search

Forget McDonald's and Macy's, small businesses can now pay Foursquare to make their ads appear higher in search results.

Foursquare announced Tuesday that it was rolling out self-serve ads for small businesses, with the goal of letting users discover new locales they normally wouldn't know about. The way it works is businesses pay a little extra for the self-serve ads and then their profiles are ranked higher in user search results.

"The idea behind these new ads is simple -- connect people looking for somewhere to go with businesses that want to drive traffic to their … Read more

How to stop your friends from checking you in on Foursquare

Foursquare on Tuesday released an update to both its Android and iOS apps, giving users the ability to check their friends into a venue, without their friends having to do a thing. According to Foursquare, the ability to check in friends is the most requested feature to date. Well, those who sent in the requests can now be happy, but for those who would rather have control over their digital whereabouts -- you'll need to disable the feature.

The first time a friend attempts to check you into a venue, you'll receive an alert asking you to approve … Read more

Never get a bad seat on a Southwest flight again

One of the most anxiety-inducing moments you'll hear a Southwest customer talk about is the process of checking in as close to 24 hours before a flight, hoping to see a boarding priority number prefaced with an A. The lower the number, the sooner you get to board the plane and pick a seat of your choosing.

A new service, originally covered by Lifehacker, will automatically check you in at exactly the right time, ensuring that you are on the elusive A-list. The name of the service: Southwest A-List, of course.

Here's how it works:

After booking your … Read more

Delete Foursquare check-ins using the Android, iOS app

After a rough night out on the town, looking at your Foursquare history is a good way to figure out where you were (assuming you were coherent enough to use your phone). Sometimes you may not like what you see and want to delete any trace of where you were as fast as possible.

Or you could have innocently checked into the wrong venue and need to delete the error from your history.

Well, you can delete any check-ins directly from your Android or iOS device. I'm not sure when the feature was added to either app, but previously … Read more

Get Automatic Lifelogging with Saga for Android

Meet Saga, the "Automatic Lifelogging" app. This is the app you've never known you needed. Remember what you were doing last Thursday? Saga remembers. OK, I guess that sounds a bit creepy. But really, here's what the app does...

Instead of forcing you to write a journal each day to talk about everything you did, in perhaps an overlong narrative, Saga keeps everything in a neat list for you. Checked in at the grocery store on Foursquare last Monday? Saga recorded it. Tweeted about an upcoming movie you want to see? Yep, Saga got that, too. … Read more

Foursquare speeds up check-in process in iPhone app

Foursquare recently updated its apps with new credit card specials and a revamped Explore view, but the update also included a faster check-in process for iPhone users. The latter feature wasn't included in the change log, but it was discovered by Apple Insider shortly after the update went live. Today, Foursquare officially announced the feature on its blog.

If you updated last week to version 5.5 from the App Store, you already have the speedy check-in feature. Here's how it works:

When you view the list of venues to check in at, you simply long-press on the … Read more

Control which Foursquare check-in alerts your iPhone receives

You can now control which Foursquare check-ins will trigger an alert on your iPhone. Previously, you were able only to turn alerts on or off for a particular Foursquare friend, and that's still the case for Android and BB10 users. With the latest update to the Foursquare app, version 5.4.3, you'll be able to assign a contact to one of three different notifications categories: Off, Nearby, Always.

When set to Off you'll never receive an alert for that contact. Nearby will work similarly to the way check-in notifications have in the past, and Always will … Read more

Foursquare reveals the 'best of' based on 3 billion check-ins

Want to know where to get the best Tex-Mex in Austin? Or how about the locals' favorite bookstore in San Francisco? Well, Foursquare will let you know what it thinks.

The check-in social network rolled out its "best of" guide today based on more than 3 billion member check-ins and tens of millions of user tips, likes, and dislikes. The guide shows the top places users checked into in 2012 in 30 cities across the U.S., such as New York, Atlanta, and Honolulu.

"There are plenty of lists of great places out there -- some are … Read more