WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone review

WhatsApp Messenger proves to be a speedy and dependable messaging app. It stays continuously on as long as you are connected to the Internet and encrypts all your conversations.


Well-maintained: WhatsApp Messenger's popularity translates into a stable connection, excellent service maintenance, and good technical support from the developers. It's popular even among non-iOS users, so there should be no reason not to connect with buddies who are using Android or Windows devices.

Great design for iOS: This app's aesthetics blend in seamlessly with iOS. With its great design and intuitive arrangement of buttons and menus, this … Read more

iBetterCharge monitors your iOS device battery level from a Mac

Forgetting to charge your smartphone or tablet, only to realize the battery is almost dead when you're heading out the door is a bummer. If only there were some way for your Mac to alert you when your device's battery was getting low. Wait, there is.

As reported by 9to5Mac, a free OS X app called iBetterCharge will monitor your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch battery level for you.

After downloading and installing the app, you'll need to ensure that you have iTunes Wi-Fi sync enabled for the specific device(s) you want to monitor. After that, … Read more

Asus unveils charging docks for Nexus 7

Owners of the 2013 Nexus 7 can now buy a wired or wireless charging dock made by Asus, but neither one comes cheap.

Available through Amazon, the Nexus 7 FH Official Dock uses your tablet's Micro-USB connection to juice it up. You can dock and charge the tablet in portrait or landscape mode, use your Nexus while it's charging, and pipe video to your TV or monitor via the dock's HDMI connection.

The pyramid-shaped Asus PW100 Wireless Charging Stand uses Qi inductive charging to juice up your tablet. You can also charge your Nexus with the cover … Read more

EU looks to ditch roaming fees in 2015, report says

The European Union could soon put an end to roaming charges, Reuters reported on Monday, citing official documents it has obtained.

According to those documents, which come from the European Parliament's industry committee, it would be illegal for telecommunications companies to charge customers roaming fees if they're traveling in member countries. The policy, if approved, would go into effect on December 15. The nixing of roaming charges would also extend to text messaging and data fees.

Roaming charges were once the bane of the average mobile customer's life. Whenever they were outside a designated area, they'd … Read more

Wireless charging group expands from phones to laptops

The Alliance for Wireless Power wants to cut another cord: the power cable that lets people charge their laptops.

The A4WP announced Thursday that it's added a new version of its Rezance wireless charging technology that can deliver 20 to 50 watts -- enough to charge laptops. Not coincidentally, it also announced its first PC maker has joined the consortium: Dell.

The alliance will show its technology next week at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

Wireless charging promises greater convenience, but it's been slow to catch on, in part because of problems with conflicting standards that … Read more

Samsung hints at Galaxy S5 features

CNET Update reads the signs:

In this episode of Update:

- Get a clue of what Samsung has in store for the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

- Expect to hear news of Nokia's low-end Android phone later this month.

- Learn more about the redesigned PlayStation Vita that's arriving in North America this spring.

- Have an easier time chatting and playing with friends when the Xbox One update arrives in March.

- Look forward to a future of wireless charging where more devices are compatible.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch … Read more

Wireless charging takes big step forward as rival groups team up

The fragmented world of wireless charging is getting a little order, which means you will be able to place any phone down on a charging station and top off your battery -- well, eventually.

Two of the three major wireless charging groups, the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), have signed an agreement to ensure that their two standards will work together. By coming together with a common certification for the two different technologies, the groups hope to spur the inclusion of wireless technology in more devices.

"We believe that companies that have been … Read more

Apple patent reveals smart charging pad for mobile devices

Wireless charging pads can charge or sync your device. Now Apple has patented a smart pad that knows what you need based on how you place your device on it.

Granted Tuesday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, a patent named "Device orientation based docking functions," attempts to take the labor out of telling the charging pad just what you want it to do. Instead, the pad knows what to do based on how your device is oriented.

As described in the patent, you can place your device face up or face down, at a certain rotation, … Read more

Apple said to be studying solar, motion charging for iWatch

A New York Times report is providing more fodder for iWatch speculation, including the purported use of solar power.

Apple has been testing both solar and wireless charging for the rumored iWatch, according to a story in Sunday's New York Times.

The wireless charging method would involve magnetic induction, according to the report.

This could conceivably involve the use of a charging plate.

Another method to juice up the watch may be to integrate a solar-charging layer in the screen, according to the report.

Yet another involves "charging the battery through movement, a method that is already used … Read more

Fund this: Charged-Card puts a mobile charger in your wallet

It happens to everyone: Your phone's battery runs dry right when you need to make an important call, answer an important e-mail, or see the crucial last few minutes of an episode of "Sherlock." And there's no outlet or charger nearby to give you that little bit of extra juice.

Enter Charged-Card, a mobile charger that's slim enough to slip in your wallet. It's an Indiegogo project with a goal of $6,000 in funding.… Read more