Survey names LinkedIn chief top-rated CEO, Zuckerberg falls to No. 9

Leading a professional networking site must mean you know your p's and q's and have some social grace. So, it makes sense that LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is beloved by his employees.

In fact, Weiner is so well-liked that he has been crowned the highest-rated CEO for 2014.

The honors come via hundreds of thousands of employee surveys across all industries submitted to company-review site Glassdoor. Every year, the site tallies up the votes and publishes the rankings of the 50 highest-rated CEOs in the US for companies with at least 1,000 employees (see full list below). … Read more

Kodak CEO post goes to Orbitz chairman Jeff Clarke

Jeff Clarke, the chairman of the board at travel site Orbitz and a former executive at Hewlett-Packard, will be Eastman Kodak's new CEO.

The company announced the news Wednesday, saying that Clarke would help Kodak in its reinvention following its Chapter 11 bankruptcy emergence in September. The company plans to focus on commercial imaging services, and Clarke himself has said that he will focus Kodak's efforts in that space.

Kodak, once a dominant force in the photography industry, has fallen to its knees at the hands of more-capable competitors in imaging services. The company went through a bankruptcy … Read more

BlackBerry CEO: We're readying another flagship to win over new customers

BARCELONA, Spain -- John Chen was at a recent charity event when an announcer unexpectedly called out his name and introduced him as the man who was taking over BlackBerry.

Almost immediately, several attendees pulled their BlackBerry Bolds and began holding them up. At that point, he realized he couldn't keep sitting, and stood up and said a few words of encouragement and to keep the faith.

"There are some moments that are really great," Chen told CNET in an interview. "This is why there's quite a bit of good chance for us to turn … Read more

Who is WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum?

WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum isn't what you'd call a bragger, but he has plenty to boast about.

In just five years, Koum and WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton have created one of the world's largest messaging apps -- an app that Facebook just agreed to buy for $16 billion, plus an additional $3 billion in stock options that will vest over the next several years.

With the acquisition, Koum, 38, will join Facebook's board of directors, but WhatsApp will remain autonomous and independent from the social network, much like Instagram. Koum wrote in a blog postRead more

A closer look at the Microsoft insiders who didn't get the job

Now that it's official that Satya Nadella is Microsoft's next CEO, it's time to ponder what happens with some of the other leading company insiders who didn't get the nod.

As part of the search process, the Microsoft CEO search committee considered not only more than a few outsiders, but also a number of internal candidates as possible replacements for now ex-CEO Steve Ballmer. From conversations I've had with various contacts, I think the committee gave at least passing consideration to most of the members of Microsoft's senior leadership team.

That means all the … Read more

Eight things CEO Nadella needs to do to jump-start Microsoft

For Microsoft, new CEO Satya Nadella represents the first opportunity for a fresh start in nearly a decade and a half.

It's hard to knock a company that last quarter generated $24.5 billion in revenue, but Nadella takes the reins at a time when there are increasing questions about Microsoft's direction and future source of growth.

Let's face it: Microsoft has been in a rut. The reception to Windows 8 has been lukewarm at best and has failed to reinvigorate PC sales at a time when consumers are keener to spend their limited dollars on phones … Read more

Developers: Nadella speaks our language

The white smoke has risen from Redmond, and with the ascension of new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Tuesday, so rise the hopes of the developer community that it depends on.

Nadella brings to the commander's chair a reputation for building community and fostering good third-party relations. While he didn't address developers directly in his first public comments as CEO, he did indicate that Microsoft was prepared to change.

As my CNET colleague Charles Cooper noted from those comments, Nadella envisions a "people-centric IT" that focuses on products and services where "the end-user gets the … Read more

Microsoft looks forward with new CEO

CNET Update is afraid to Look Back:

In this episode of Update:

- Get to know Microsoft's new CEO, Satya Nadella. His biggest challenge could be figuring out mobile.

- Look back on your old status updates and photos with Facebook's Look Back video feature.

- Learn why the government wants future cars to "talk" to each other.

- Imagine what could be in store for the Chromecast, now that Google opened it up to all developers.

CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a … Read more

Microsoft CEO Nadella's top challenge: Figuring out mobile

Microsoft stands at a crossroads when it comes to mobile.

It's now up to new CEO Satya Nadella to shepherd the company in the right direction.

In taking the reins of the technology titan, Nadella faces a lot of questions about Microsoft. Chief among them will be how the technology titan will navigate the broader shift toward mobile, and just what role its Windows Phone and Windows operating systems play in that world.

It's not a new question, but arguably the most important one tied to the ultimate fate of the company. Microsoft, which has its roots in … Read more

As Microsoft CEO rumors swirl, consider the Bill Gates factor

As Microsoft allegedly edges closer to naming its new CEO, rumors about a new, more involved role for company founder Bill Gates are gaining steam, too.

According to three different reports from the past few days (Recode, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal), Gates may end up resigning as chairman to take on a more active product development role at the company.

As I've blogged before, I do not have any first-hand board-level leaks about the CEO appointment process. I don't know if Microsoft's current cloud and enterprise chief Satya Nadella really will end up taking on the … Read more