The 404 1,237: Where Robert Greene 'Masters' The 404 (podcast)

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Episode 1,237


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The 404 1,164: Where we've got free copies of Black Ops 2 (podcast)

The show title isn't just an SEO play, we actually have five copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to give away on the system of your choice (Wii U, Xbox 360, or PS3). Just follow us on Twitter and tell us your best 404-related box art parody name--use this one as an example, and don't forget to use the hash tag #404COD!… Read more

Amazon renting '21 Jump Street,' 'Dark Knight,' others for 99 cents

Big day for Amazon. First came news of the new Amazon Instant Video app for iPad. Now, the company is offering dirt-cheap rentals on a bunch of new-release movies.

For just 99 cents, you can rent any of the following titles:

"21 Jump Street" "Act of Valor" "American Reunion" "Big Miracle" "Friends with Kids" "Lockout" "Mirror Mirror" "Safe House" "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" "Wanderlust" "Wrath of the Titans"

Not a bad list, eh? Amazon is offering … Read more

Monitor money from Android

Trying to stick within your budget is no easy task when you're guessing at your balance. Mint.com's free personal finance service and companion mobile apps change that.

After giving Mint.com access to your bank, credit card, and investment accounts, the password-protected Mint.com app can monitor your accounts, your budget, and even your cash flow. The app presents your money matters in summary form, with the capability to drill down to the item level of a purchase. Follow the trail to the end to edit an item's transaction details or jot down notes or tags. … Read more

50 Cent sued for allegedly sampling song, then giving it away online

Sunday would not be Sunday without a moral conundrum.

Famed rapper and all-around tech businessman 50 Cent is being sued by Robert Poindexter of the R&B band The Persuaders for allegedly sampling one of his band's tracks and then not paying for the sample.

It was TMZ that first espied the legal papers.They reportedly refer to the rapper as "50 Cents."

The song in question, "Love Gonna Pack Up And Walk Out," was allegedly sampled on a 2009 track called "Redrum" and then included on a mixtape called "War … Read more

Celebrity-endorsed headphones: Some good, some bad

Monster and Dr. Dre spearheaded the trend of celebrity-endorsed headphones, starting with the eponymous Monster Beats by Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga's own signature earbuds. But an increasing number of artists are partnering with other manufacturers for their own collaborations.

Signeo announced the Soul by Ludacris headphone series at CES 2011, and 50 Cent stopped by the CNET stage this year to demo his own wireless cans, but does a celebrity shout-out mean that those devices sound better than the competition?

Check out the following list to get the real scoop on all these new headphones supported by famous musicians.… Read more

Five great iOS games on sale for $1 each

Lots of great iOS games routinely sell for 99 cents, but some of the higher-profile titles run as high as $4.99, $6.99, and even $9.99.

Today, I've rounded up five really good games that typically have high price tags, but are currently on sale for just a buck. I'm not sure how long these price cuts will last, so if an app catches your eye, grab it pronto!

All these games are available in the App Store, natch. Where possible, the links below lead to related posts so you can "read all about it" before plunking down your dollar.… Read more

iPad game deals for Memorial Day weekend

Updated May 28 with 8 new titles.

The Memorial Day weekend iPad game sale is in full swing, and here's a look at all the current deals we've come across. It's also worth noting that EA has put many of its iPhone games on sale for 99 cents (just look at the top products list and you'll find them).

We'll update the list as more deals crop up. The nonsale price is in parentheses, and we've starred games we think are particularly good buys.

A few of the titles are even on our top 30 iPad games list (below).

Memorial Day weekend iPad game deals:

Assassin's' Creed--Altair's Chronicles: Gameloft title is 99 cents ($6.99) Catan HD: $2.99 ($4.99) Coconut Dodge: A fairly new EA title is on sale for 99 cents ($4.99) City of Secrets HD: Adventure title is now 99 cents ($4.99)… Read more

EA app sale: 99-cent games for Android, iOS

Back in February, EA Mobile (along with a few other publishers) held a huge sale on iOS games. Good news: it's sale time once again, and this time Android users are getting some discount love as well.

From now until Monday, April 25, three dozen games in EA's catalog--including some recent titles that weren't available last time--are on sale for 99 cents each.

Update: It turns out the Android games are $1.99 each. EA's extremely misleading press release and promotional banners (like the one at right) made no mention of this. Dumb, dumb move, EA.… Read more

Sprint's Common Cents plan to become Virgin Mobile PayLo

Sprint will discontinue its Common Cents prepaid plan, CNET learned today, and will instead transition existing customers into the PayLo plan run by Virgin Mobile, a different Sprint prepaid brand.

Related links ? Sprint and Wal-Mart offer cheap prepaid plan ? Sprint expands Common Cents service

Sprint and Wal-Mart launched Common Cents as an in-store brand last May to compete against retail handsets like TracFone's StraightTalk brand, but the program wasn't rolled out nationally. Existing Common Cents customers will join Virgin Mobile this May, cutting off the plan's lifespan at one year.

"Current Common Cents customers need not … Read more