Why does your company force you to use IE?

It is nearly impossible to hear the acronym "IE" in a workplace setting without somebody appending to it the word "sucks." To be more genteel about it, older versions of Internet Explorer on corporate computers simply do not reflect the quality of modern browsers. So why does that massive corporation you work for make you use IE 8 or older in the first place?

A complicated problem Why you're forced to do at least some work in slow, standards noncompliant, security risk-prone legacy versions of Internet Explorer comes down to your employer's need to … Read more

Catalyst ready to change enterprise browsing

The enterprise browser management tool called Catalyst reached public availability yesterday. The program gives corporate IT departments the ability to force specific Web sites to open in different browsers.

As CNET reported in November, it's a useful workaround for businesses that still use Web apps that only work in legacy browsers but want their employees to spend the rest of their browsing time on more modern, more secure browsers.

Browsium noted in its blog announcing the stable version of Catalyst that it can also be used to minimize security issues, such as the recent Java and Internet Explorer zero-day … Read more

Browsium creates Catalyst to solve legacy IE problems

Browsium's business is your business' browsers, and its new Catalyst program looks to solve the problem of corporate intranets requiring older, rickety version of Internet Explorer while the rest of the Web has moved on with its life toward HTML5.

Currently available for free in public beta, Catalyst allows corporate IT departments to force certain sites to open in different browsers. It works in three browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and installs a Catalyst add-on in each. That add-on runs in conjunction with a management program that the IT department uses to set rules that tell specific sites … Read more

HP targets Cisco with trade-in program

Hewlett-Packard today launched its most aggressive assault on networking giant Cisco Systems: a trade-in promotion to rip and replace existing gear.

HP's promotion, dubbed "A Catalyst for Change" to play off the brand name for Cisco's switches, is aimed at networking gear that will be nearing the end of its useful life at the end of 2011.

Under the terms of the trade-in promotion, HP will shave 20 percent off the list price of its A-Series and E-Series switches for customers who trade in Cisco equipment. The minimum deal size is $100,000 list price.

Read … Read more

ATI gets graphics ready for Windows 7

ATI graphics drivers will now be delivered in one tidy package for both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Advanced Micro Devices said Wednesday that it has released Catalyst 9.3, a set of new graphics drivers that constitute a "unified" driver installation package, with support for both Windows Vista and Windows 7.

One of the biggest changes for Windows 7 is support for the Windows Display Driver Model 1.1, an update from WDDM 1.0 used in Vista, according to Andrew Dodd, a software product manager at ATI. "(Catalyst 9.3) is one single binary and … Read more

Business in a 2.0 box: Catalyst Office

Catalyst Office is a Web-based small business collaboration suite. It appears to have a solid e-mail, IM, calendar, and to-do application, and it's also supposed to sync with Outlook. It also handles the check-in and check-out of business documents. Unlike other online suites, like Zoho and ThinkFree, Catalyst does not offer online editing of work documents. Rather, its file management system checks out documents to users as they need them and fires up a local editor (Word, Excel, or presumably other desktop productivity apps like those in the OpenOffice suite). The system stores all work documents on its own … Read more

Sweaty rocket arm proves faster, curls more

Scientists at Vanderbilt University have adapted a miniaturized rocket motor from space to power a stronger, faster prosthetic arm here on Earth.

Actually, the power is generated by what amounts to an advanced steam engine. It contains hydrogen peroxide and a catalyst that causes it to burn at 450 fahrenheit, producing steam. NASA uses the same principle to scoot the space shuttle around in orbit.

It's "roughly the size of a pencil" and provides enough energy to operate the prosthetic for up to 18 hours. The prototype arm also weighs less because the motor eliminates the need … Read more