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Cadillac ELR: More than a souped-up Volt? (CNET On Cars, Episode 37)


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In this episode:

Cadillac ELR explored and explained Keeping your dog safe in the car Top 5 apps for the driver

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Even the MythBusters can't herd cats

"He's like, 'amateur.'"

That's MythBuster Adam Savage, speaking the straight-up truth as he translated a cat's interpretation of his attempts to herd eight uncooperative felines into a pen.

Can you herd cats? Well, as the phrase goes, doing so is among life's harder tasks. So Savage and his "MythBusters" co-host Jamie Hyneman attempted to find out whether it's possible. And their conclusion? Herding cats is like, well, herding cats.

The task? Get eight kitties into a big "cat corral." Difficult? You bet. Despite their best efforts, the two simply … Read more

Artist reimagines Spock, Sherlock, Time Lords, and Avengers as cats

Catvengers? Lokitty? Purrlock? Artist Jenny Parks reimagines beloved geek characters such as Avengers and Sherlock Holmes as cats.

"What I like to tell most people when they ask me the question of my inspiration is 'I just like cats,'" Parks told Crave. "I started drawing cat versions of people when I was 11 or 12, for the simple reason that I liked drawing animals much more than I liked drawing people. Years later, after I graduated from art school, I decided to have some fun and re-draw cat versions of all of the Doctors, which I first did when I was in high school, and was also years before the new series of 'Doctor Who' started in 2005."… Read more

Cat Tardis: Paws-itively perfect for your Doctor Mew

Humans aren't the only ones who can fly the Tardis. Remember Tom Baker's robot dog companion K-9? Well, now your cat can have fun napping in everyone's favorite blue police box from "Doctor Who" with this Tardis cat condo made by MonksHomefurnishings on Etsy.

The cat Tardis is custom-made from plywood and carpet, and is built to order. It stands 47 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. There are three levels for the cat to sleep and play on. … Read more

The 404 1,414: Where a podcast is just a story we tell ourselves (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Google reportedly acquires AI company DeepMind for $400M.

- Here's how you can vastly increase the number of shows and movies viewable to you on Netflix.

- And who says eSports competitions aren't heated?

- The velociraptor cage from "Jurassic Park" is for sale on eBay.… Read more

The .GIFYs recognize incredible time-wasting GIFs

While there's no award just yet for outstanding achievement in the field of procrastination, The .GIFYs may just be the closest thing.

Sponsored by advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, The .GIFYs call themselves "the first ever awards honoring the animated GIF as a medium, social commentary and art form" with nominations in categories including sports, news and politics, WTF, and of course the venerable "cats" genre.… Read more

KitTea cat cafe welcomes feline friends

Ever sit in a cafe and wish you were surrounded by cats staring at you while you sipped your tea? Or perhaps you wish the Kittens in Teacups blog could come to life right before your eyes? Those feline fantasies can become reality with a new cat cafe called KitTea coming to San Francisco this year.

Founded by cat enthusiasts Courtney Hatt and David Braginsky, KitTea promises to be part "gourmet tea house" and part "cat and human oasis" that will "create a Zen retreat where people and cats can hang out to the benefit of both -- through the vehicle of a teahouse." … Read more

E-whiskers put sensitive catlike sensors on robots

Cats, rats, other mammals, and even some insects are well-known for using their hairlike tactile sensors -- whiskers -- to sense obstacles in their path and changes in the air. Now researchers at the University of California at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have created "electronic whiskers" that could help robots navigate with similar sensitivity.

Their research, detailed in a paper titled "Highly sensitive electronic whiskers based on patterned carbon nanotube and silver nanoparticle composite films," appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and explains how these e-whiskers can be made and used to map airflow in real time.

The e-whiskers respond to the slightest changes in pressure -- in fact, "in tests, these whiskers were 10 times more sensitive to pressure than all previously reported capacitive or resistive pressure sensors," lead researcher Ali Javey said in a statement.Read more

Review: Cat Sounds is a fun novelty app that will drive your pets wild

Cat Sounds isn't much more than a novelty app, but it's done well enough to impress most fans of cat noises. It's impressively easy to use and the noises are authentic enough to confuse pets as well as humans. It's the cat's meow for any Android owner who wants a useful but not overwhelming feline soundboard.

This app gives you 45 different cat noises that you can use at any time. Each one has its own special button that can be accessed instantly. There are all sorts of different emotions, including angry, relaxed, romantic, and … Read more

Man pulls real, cute kitten out of computer

When you wake up on a Sunday morning to messages from readers that say: "You have to see this," there are a few potential reactions.

One: "Oh, someone's trying to get to write about their new, very slightly useless gizmo."

Two: "Spam."

Three: "This video could actually be worth seeing."

Grumpily clicking on "play" on this video posted to Digg, but originally to LiveLeak (and who knows where before that), I still feared the worst. It was entitled: "How to Pull a Live Cat Out of a Laptop."… Read more