LinkedIn Pulse is finally here, but can the two services work together?

LinkedIn Pulse (iOS|Android) lets you browse the news from your favorite Web sites using a new interface and connects with LinkedIn in an attempt to bring news and industry professionals together. LinkedIn acquired Pulse in April 2013, and this is the first launch of the new app.

In bringing the two services together, you get a couple extra features on both, but it's important to note this isn't a unified experience -- just that each of the services get some features from the other. In the LinkedIn Pulse app, you can pull in stories from industry influencers, … Read more

Maynard Webb on fixing eBay and your career (Q&A)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Maynard Webb is a fixer.

When Webb was asked to take control of eBay's failing IT operations in 1999, the company was in full-scale crisis. The then-young, fast-growing site had become the poster child for dot-com instability as it suffered through a series of outages. CNN crews, as Webb remembers, were parked outside eBay's offices, waiting for the next headline-grabbing crash.

Nearly 14 years later, eBay is a mature company (at least by dot-com standards) and Webb is considered one of the elder statesmen of Silicon Valley. He left eBay several years ago and is now … Read more

Facebook reigns as the best place to work

Maybe it's the ability to influence a billion people or maybe it's the deluxe campus and free food, but Facebook employees have come out in full force and voted their company the best place to work this year.

Company review site Glassdoor annually compiles the 50 best places to work based on comments from employees in dozens of companies. This year, nearly half a million reviews were submitted that rated employers on career opportunities, salary and benefits, work and life balance, senior management, and culture and values. And, Facebook won out.

"The company's leadership truly believes … Read more

IT hiring remains strong, says survey

It seems the job hunt is in your favor if you qualify for a job in IT. Though the job market is still recovering from the recession, more than half of IT employers said they plan to hire for positions throughout the remainder of the year, according to CareerBuilder's IT midyear job forecast, which is due out tomorrow.

The survey says 55 percent of IT employers said they were planning to hire full-time, permanent staff from July 1 through December 31, according to CareerBuilder. While this is a 1 percent decrease from last year, CareerBuilder said the market is … Read more

Best Web sites for older job seekers

The pundits can't decide whether the real unemployment problem is older people taking jobs from younger people or younger people taking jobs from older people.

Unemployed and underemployed folks in their 40s, 50s, or older just want a job that will keep the bill-collectors at bay, and maybe even provide a little fulfillment.

The recent slow decline in the U.S. unemployment rate may be misleading.'s Peter Ferrara writes that the labor force participation rate has dropped from 65.7 percent in 2009 to 63.5 percent at the end of 2011. Ferrara claims the true … Read more

Link up with business associates

LinkedIn for iPad doesn't have all the features you'd find on the business-oriented networking Web site, but a nice layout and new integration with your calendar make it a worthy download.

Formerly just on smaller devices like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Palm Pre, the new LinkedIn app for iPad has some interesting functionality built in that lets you map out your busy workday.

Upon launch, you can browse three categories: All Updates, You, and your Inbox. Touch You and you can see who has viewed your profile, people you may know (through your connections) and all your current … Read more

And the best job in America is software engineer

I am about to make quite a few of you feel slightly smug inside.

For all of you who happen to be reading this -- and who happen to be software engineers -- you have the best jobs in America.

This would not be my own verdict. For the idea of being a software engineer would turn my heart to molasses.

However, a company called CareerCast, which turns out to be yet another of the fine sites where one can find a lovable job, has no doubts that software engineer is where it's at.

I am grateful to the … Read more

More features coming to Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has become a key aspect of the Amazon shopping experience. But soon enough, it may be found elsewhere.

Amazon recently posted job openings on its Web site for employees to handle the so-called "Prime Expansion." One listing for a software development engineer seeks someone to handle the task of making Prime "easily expanded" to "a growing list of Amazon locales and beyond."

"Our core team mission is to enable the right Prime programs in new places (on and off Amazon) by designing flexible software architectures that will allow for a rapid … Read more

Why you shouldn't wear white when looking for a job online

There is something faintly absurd about dressing for a job interview.

You wear your best clothes--sometimes borrowed from someone you met in a bar--in order to present an entirely false picture of yourself. No, you don't usually wear Armani. No, you don't usually wear shirts with collars. Especially clean ones.

However, now that we all project ourselves through machines, we have to rethink our image. Yes, our online image.

Yesterday, there was some evidence that there might be a few more jobs in America.

One way in which employers find people quickly and cheaply is by dint of … Read more

Reckless Racing 2 power-slides into the iTunes App Store

The sequel to one of our favorite iOS racing games is out today, and new game modes, customization options, and car upgrades make Reckless Racing 2 the best in its genre at the iTunes App Store.

When the original Reckless Racing came out, it was a revelation of what a savvy developer could do on an iOS device. With great-looking graphics, ultra-realistic physics, and a retro edge, Reckless Racing demonstrated a new breed of racing game on iOS.… Read more