New Opera blazes onto Mac

The speedy Carakan JavaScript engine has finally been added to the stable version of Opera on the Mac. Combined with Opera's extensive toolbox, an interface refresh, Growl support, and Opera Link syncing--hello, Opera Mini on the iPhone--Opera should be a top contender for best Mac browser.

Take a tour of the new Opera in this First Look video, and tell me in the comments below which browser is your favorite for the Mac.

Opera 10.52 for Mac finally debuts

It's news enough to make a Mac-using Opera fan sing: the browser has officially ditched its old JavaScript engine Futhark for the speedy new Carakan. Available for both Intel and PowerPC, the final version of Opera 10.52 for Mac comes 11 days after the second beta, although two months after the public encountered the first Mac beta of Carakan.

Besides the impressively fast JavaScript engine, which Opera claims is 10 times faster than the previous Mac version, the new browser comes with an interface overhaul and has been completely rebuilt in Cocoa. There's Growl and multitouch trackpad … Read more

Opera aims for PPC Macs with second Carakan beta

While Windows users have been enjoying a finalized version of Carakan and the significantly faster Opera 10.50 long enough for the browser to have upgraded to version 10.51, Mac users have found themselves without a stable update from Opera 10.10. The development process is still under way, but Thursday Opera announced a second public beta for the Mac. Opera 10.52 beta 2 has taken such a long time to develop that the version number has been changed from version 10.50.

Despite the month and a half since its last revision, Opera 10.52 beta 2 … Read more

Opera 10.5 brings new JavaScript engine

Goodbye Futhark, hello Carakan.

With Tuesday's release of Opera 10.5 for Windows, it's time for a new JavaScript engine. Opera's new Carakan engine is much faster than Futhark, an important consideration given the increasing demands Web applications put on the Web-based programming language.

My earlier tests on a dual-core Windows XP machine showed Google's V8 JavaScript engine still ahead of the Opera 10.5 beta, but Opera won out in several others' testing. Other rivals in JavaScript are Safari's Nitro, nee Squirrel Extreme, and Firefox's new JaegerMonkey, which combines Nitro with its earlier … Read more

New Opera beta for Mac finally drops

A few days after the Opera 10.50 beta for Windows got its second revision, the first Mac beta for version 10.50 finally has been released to the public. There has been a pre-alpha release available since late December, but it hasn't received the multiple public upgrades that the Windows one had, until now.

Opera 10.50 beta 1 contains a lot of Mac-specific changes, most notably the Carakan JavaScript engine which has been noted in the Windows version for making Opera comparable, speed-wise, to Google Chrome.

In casual testing comparing Opera 10.50 beta 1 to Google … Read more

New Opera 10.50 beta aims to surpass Chrome

The Opera Browser made some serious headway in keeping itself relevant when it introduced a new JavaScript engine for its upcoming revision. The latest edition of Opera 10.50 beta 2 for Windows contains no new major features, some minor feature improvements, and is mostly a bug-fixing release that incorporates around 100 changes since the first beta.

Also, in an effort to prevent attention from drifting away from the Mac version of Opera 10.50, the publisher has also announced a new release candidate for the beta. While that milestone is unusual, it's not unheard of for browser publishers … Read more

Opera's latest beta is blazing

Opera 10.5 beta debuts a new JavaScript engine, an interface optimized for Windows 7, and support for HTML5 video. Opera claims it's the fastest browser available, and it's definitely in the top three for speed. Whatever you think of it, though, this latest entry from Opera marks it as a resurgent competitor in the browser wars.

Opera claims new beta is fastest browser

Opera moves its latest browser build out of alpha development and into beta and claims that Opera 10.50 beta is the fastest browser currently available. It's not clear at the moment whether it's faster than Google Chrome's development builds, or merely as fast as, but there's no doubt that this new beta should draw a lot of attention for its performance.

For users who didn't take a look at the pre-alpha builds released in December 2009 and January 2010, Opera 10.50 has been fully optimized for Windows 7, sporting a new interface, full … Read more

Opera 10 nears final stages

Opera Software has completed its first release candidate of Opera 10, a browser that the company says has better performance, a Turbo mode for slow Internet connections, support for a variety of Web standards such as Web fonts, and improvements to the Opera Mail feature.

"Now, we are very close to releasing the best browser in Opera's long history," Jan Standal, Opera's vice president of desktop products, said in a statement. "We hope everyone who has helped us test our browser thus far will put the release candidate through its paces."

The new Carakan JavaScript engine, … Read more