GreenShot review

GreenShot allows you to take screenshots in a number of different formats and then save them to a folder of your choice or send them to a printer or Microsoft Outlook. While not as powerful as some screenshot tools, GreenShot is a very good, easy-to-use tool that will provide the tools needed by the vast majority of users.


Consolidated interface: Everything you need in GreenShot is located in the menu task bar. Clicking the icon after launching the app will provide a menu to snap shots of specific windows, fullscreens, or regions. It also has a memory tool to … Read more

Ticket to Ride review

Ticket to Ride is a brilliant adaptation of one of the bestselling board games of the last decade. Perfectly capturing the look and feel of Days of Wonders' first and most ambitious game, Ticket to Ride plays seamlessly on the iPad, whether you want to take on the computer AI, connect with players through Game Center, or challenge your friends in a pass-and-play match.


Fast and intuitive play: Whether you've played Ticket to Ride before or not, the app is very easy to pick up and learn. A tutorial mode shows you the basics, and the variable difficulty … Read more

Techsmith takes $30 off Camtasia Studio 8, introduces new Snagit 12

Camtasia Studio is an all-in-one professional screen capturing tool and video editor. With tons of features, a friendly UI, and easy-to-follow instructions, Camtasia is the first choice for many Windows users looking to make stunning videos. For this week only, you can get the rarely discounted, feature-rich suite at 10 percent off the regular price.

Features Capture what you're seeing and doing right on your desktop. Create videos, and add professional polish with its powerful video editor. Engage and keep your audience's attention with interactive pop-ups and quizzes. Save and share with your audience on YouTube, Facebook, or … Read more

SiteCapture for Mac review

SiteCapture for Mac lets you take screenshots of multiple Web pages, simultaneously, without even opening your browser or viewing the page. Keep track of all of your sites on a regular basis with just a couple of clicks through this handy and streamlined app.

The intuitive interface of SiteCapture gives you quick access to all of the app's features. You can choose the sites you want to capture from the Bookmarks Bar, Bookmarks Menu, Apple Reading List, or YouTube. Just select your source from the drop-down menu, and the list of sites will show up in the main box … Read more

StyleCapture review

StyleCapture is a tool for capturing all types of screen and window shots of your desktop that you can then edit, save, and send. With an intuitive interface and multiple options for getting the shot you want, this program makes taking perfect screenshots accessible for beginners and experts, alike.

When you install this program, you can choose the language you prefer from a list containing over 50 options. Once the software is in place, the interface is composed of six buttons across the top of the window that let you take different types of captures, and that provide access to … Read more

Embrace the holiday season with LiteCam HD

Anything is possible when you can create professional-looking HD presentations, lessons, manuals, and eGreetings right from your computer. LiteCam HD, possibly the most popular screen capturing software with our users and editors, can help you capture and share your desktop with friends and family.

With LiteCam, you can capture streaming videos that normally cannot be downloaded. Make instructional video tutorials right on the computer. Trim, draw, and add titles and logos to create sharp looking movies. Record important Skype video chats and calls. Save online Web conference video with audio, capturing all presentation contents and annotations. Surprise friends and family … Read more

Review: Web Capture Browser takes and saves snapshots of Web sites to iOS

Web Capture Browser allows you to take full-page screenshots of entire Web sites from your mobile device with the tap of a button, and it works seamlessly. From the basic interface and browser, which is admittedly lacking in features but is very quick, to the saving options and capture list the app provides, this is a great way to showcase mobile versions of sites for future reference or a portfolio.

When you load the app, you can navigate to a Web site right away in the browser and then tap the capture button to take a photo of that page. … Read more

PrioVR: A full-body mo-cap suit for gaming

YEI Technology's "suit" for real-time in-game motion capture to control your onscreen character blew us away when we saw it last year (video embedded below), and now there's a chance it will hit the consumer market, with a Kickstarter project under way to bring it to fruition.

Called PrioVR, it consists of a series of inertial sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, and accelerometers) strapped to the player's body to provide "360 degrees of unfettered low-latency real-time motion capture without the need for cameras, optics, line of sight, or special environments." It captures motion data directly from the body and sends it wirelessly from one or more users, and it can be used in any environment, indoors or out. … Read more

Capture Camera Clip redesign worth funding (hands-on)

Anyone who's ever needed an extra hand when shooting with an SLR (or any other camera for that matter) will understand the attraction of the Capture Camera Clip System.

The two-piece device, which got its start on Kickstarter back in 2011, clamps securely onto any belt or strap up to 3 inches wide and 0.5 inch thick, while a quick-release plate attaches to the tripod mount on your camera. At the press of a button you can slide your camera off the clip, shoot, and slide it back on when you're done.

However, like many first-gen products, … Read more

Make animated GIFs from videos with GifCam

When Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion ... was it because of the GIFs? In our media-saturated Internet landscape, the 5-second animated GIF may be the most essential entertainment currency. If a picture can paint a thousand words, the animated GIF can tell 10,000 stories in 10 frames or less. (Isn't Vine (for Android or iOS) mostly just video-based animated GIFs?)

Newbies who want to dip their toes in the GIF-creation waters no longer need fancy image-editing software like Adobe Photoshop--a freeware app called GifCam lets anyone easily produce animated GIFs from on-screen activity, i.e. streaming videos, … Read more