Capture and share your screen with HyperCam 3

Whether you're trying to create a presentation, capture video game footage, or record a Skype call, HyperCam will help you accomplish your goal. A screencast and editing multitool, HyperCam can be used to create basic screencast clips or produce professional-quality videos. Capture both video and audio content and convert them to AVI, WMV, or ASF formats quickly and easily with the all-new HyperCam 3. For a limited time, you can get this advanced screencast editor for half the regular price -- that's only $19.97.

New features in HyperCam 3:

Record Skype video and audio calls. New UI. … Read more

CAPS Warn for Mac review

CAPS Warn for Mac alerts you when you press keys such as the Caps lock or Num lock unintentionally during your typing sessions. You can enable the app to "warn" you through icons displayed on the computer screen, with the flashing of the screen, or even through an alert sound.

You can install CAPS Warn for Mac in a few clicks and then locate it under System Preferences. Once you launch the program, it quickly opens to a rather basic but clear interface. The app is easy to understand and gives clear instructions on how to enable CAPS … Read more

How to change Caps Lock key behavior in OS X

Many would say Caps Lock is one of the more useless keys on the keyboard, especially given its relatively large size and convenient location that makes it easy to inadvertently press. If the only time you use the key deliberately is to turn Caps Lock back off after hitting it inadvertently, you may wish to disable or use the key for alternative purposes.

Some programs (especially games) offer custom key assignment routines that can manage the Caps Lock key, among others, but of course application-specific changes will not address the issue globally.

If you would like to disable the Caps … Read more

Plants vs. Zombies 2 hits U.S. App Store

After years of hiatus, PopCap Games has released the long-awaited sequel to their smash hit with the appropriate title " Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time." The original Plants vs. Zombies is one of the best-known, classic titles in the world of mobile gaming and has spawned a multitude of spin-offs, including a console release, a Nintendo DS version, a Facebook version, and even its own board game. PVZ2 promises much of the same action but with a new, quirky twist on the plot, including the ability to travel to new worlds (Ancient Eqypt and a pirate … Read more

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a sequel that was well worth the wait

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time is finally available, and with new plants, themed worlds, and more of the same great gameplay, this classic tower defense game sequel does just about everything right.

The original Plants vs. Zombies was a huge hit when it came out for iOS devices in February 2010. After more than three years, PopCap has finally released the sequel as a free-to-play game, but don't let the freemium model scare you -- in-app purchases are not required to finish the game.

More of the same great gameplay The object of Plants vs. Zombies … Read more

Navy stops 'shouting,' ditches all-caps requirement

Until just recently, the Navy had a lot in common with your obnoxious uncle who just now discovered the Internet and has been celebrating ever since by posting Facebook updates in all capital letters. Naval messages have been sent in all caps since the 1850s, but a fresh directive has abolished the practice.

Early teletype machines that didn't have the ability to generate lowercase letters are to blame for the long-standing requirement of all-caps communications. The problem is that modern readers interpret the capitalized letters as shouting, a practice that is frowned on as rude.… Read more

Review: Add practical touches to your pics with PhotoCap

There are a ton of photo editing apps out there to add all kinds of crazy effects to your iPhone's pictures, but this is the first that we've come across that actually lets you add more practical touches. PhotoCap is a unique app in that it lets users add a timestamp and caption to their phone pics. It's super-easy to use and effective, and for that we recommend it.

PhotoCap doesn't waste time: It opens with the camera ready to go. The timestamp appears in the right corner of the screen, waiting for you to snap … Read more

Spruce up your Mac's keyboard with wood key caps

New York-based accessories company RawBKNY (Raw Brooklyn, New York) is working on releasing a set of key caps for Apple's keyboards that may give your system the makeover you are looking for. The key caps are carved out of a thin layer of wood and given an adhesive backing so they can be applied to the top of the keys of a MacBook or one of Apple's Bluetooth or USB keyboards.

The look that these key caps offer is quite unique, and beyond aesthetics, the durability of the wood in this accessory means it could also be a … Read more

Protect your keyboard's keys from fading into oblivion

Unlike classic keyboards where characters were small decals stuck on generic keys, many modern keyboards, such as those in Apple's laptops, have keys built for the specific characters. The keys are made of translucent plastic with a black coating so the character can be illuminated with a backlight.

This approach to keys offers great advantage in low-light situations, but it also can be a bit of a burden if the key begins to wear out. While the keys ought to last, after extensive use you may look down to see some of the characters fading away.

When key wear … Read more

EA 'retires' SimCity Social, Sims Social, and more from Facebook

The Sims Social was once heralded as Electronic Arts' "most successful Facebook game," but now it's being laid to rest along with SimCity Social and Pet Society. These three social games will be extinct from Facebook as of June 14.

The game maker made the announcement today, saying that it was a hard decision but had to be done in order to "reallocate servers and resources to more popular titles," according to the FAQ section of its Web site.

"Today we are informing players of the difficult decision to retire some of our Facebook games: The Sims Social, SimCity Social, and Pet Society," EA wrote in a blog post today. "After millions of people initially logged in to play these games, the number of players and amount of activity has fallen off."… Read more