Running-jumping treasure-hunting game

Temple Run is a treasure-hunting game with shades of a few other popular games thrown in. It installs quickly and launches with a short tutorial that teaches the game mechanics in about 60 seconds. Temple Run is a free download, but you'll want to buy some extra coins to buy upgrades and new capabilities.

Essentially, in Temple Run you need to run through a maze of paths, jumping or sliding over and under obstacles, collecting coins or gems as you go, using different swipes of the screen and by tilting the iDevice. There are power-ups and special abilities (like … Read more

The idol is yours IF you can get away

Temple Run is a survival/escape game from the makers of Harbor Master in which you play as a character who's a lot like Indiana Jones from the popular action movies. The simple storyline is that you've stolen a cursed golden idol, and now you need to run for your life from demon guardians through all kinds of obstacles. A little different from the other games in this genre, Temple Run gives you a 3D perspective as you run, jump, turn, and slide down pathways while grabbing coins. You'll definitely want to grab as many coins as … Read more

Run on the ceiling!

Gravity Guy is a fun game that takes some ideas from the running-game genre and adds some unique features that keep it interesting. The main game mechanic is Gravity Guy's ability to reverse gravity, letting him run upside down on platforms and then switch back when he needs to run on the ground again. The first few levels are pretty easy, but as you get further in the game it will require precise gravity switches as you speed through complex courses. To add even more tension to the action, a security guard chases you the entire time (he has … Read more

Extreme jogging!

Grim Joggers is an interesting take on the running game genre made famous by the innovative and artistic game Canabalt. As in all games in the running genre, your goal is to survive as long as possible in a dangerous, fast-moving landscape. While you'll mostly be trying to beat your previous high scores, Grim Joggers also supports Game Center so you can match up your best distance with other players around the world.

What sets Grim Joggers apart is that instead of just one character to control, you're controlling an entire team of joggers you'll need to … Read more

Run for your life!

Chop Chop Runner is a side-scrolling nonstop-running game featuring Iro-san, the ninja hero of platformer Chop Chop Ninja.

Chop Chop Runner shares the premise of other nonstop-running games, but with a twist. You constantly move from left to right across randomly generated terrain (faster and faster as the game progresses) and you tap once to jump (the longer you hold, the higher you jump). But what makes Chop Chop Runner different is that once you're airborne, you can tap again to attack enemies and obstacles, ranging from squads of samurai to giant cobras, flaming skulls, and exploding barrels and … Read more