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Review: CalRemind 2 for iPad puts all your events and reminders in one interface

One of the most used tools on the iPad is the calendar. Combining all of your calendars from your iOS account as well as any others you have connected to it, including Facebook, this tool is an important part of many workdays. But with the reminders set to a different screen and the interface between them not always immediately accessible, it's difficult to see all tasks at once. That's where CalRemind 2 for iPad comes in.

CalRemind 2 opens with a very basic interface--a blank calendar--and easily populates with your Apple Calendar and Reminder entries. With the tap … Read more

Desktop calendar

HyperCalendar from Foryousoft is a full-featured Personal Information Manager (PIM) that combines a desktop calendar and scheduling program with multimedia reminders, an analog clock display, sound recorder, and an encrypted diary in rich-text format. You can change the look, position, and other aspects of the display. Password protection secures the program from prying eyes, a feature that shouldn't be underestimated.

The first thing you notice about HyperCalendar is its semitransparent TopCalendar display, which features the month's calendar, the analog clock, and navigation buttons. You can drag the calendar anywhere on the desktop, resize it, and alter its transparency … Read more

Basic calendar

Desktop Calendar Reminder promises to help you keep track of the days and important events. However, this basic calendar doesn't really live up to its promise or, for that matter, its name.

This program isn't much to look at. It presents itself as a simple light-blue calendar that pops up on the middle of your desktop in a small rectangle. There is space for writing a note about the day at the bottom. There are also tabs for the day's notes and for a general area to write non-date-specific notes. We were a little confused, since part … Read more