Tempo Smart Calendar for Google Calendar, Exchange, and iCloud review

Tempo Smart Calendar for Google Calendar, Exchange, and iCloud lets you keep all of your important emails and dates in one place. Stay on top of everything you have to do when you link all of your accounts to this calendar program.


Nice navigation: This app features a smooth and intuitive interface that lets you swipe back and forth through days, and view the details of an event by tapping it on any screen. You can also view events in a list view organized by date, by week with blocks of time outlined, or by month with a split-screen … Read more

Neat Calendar review

The free edition of CodeSector's Neat Calendar is a versatile primary lock screen widget for Android that integrates with Google Calendar. The widget shows the time, date, and upcoming events from your Google Calendar as well as customizable calendars displaying birthdays, holidays, and more. Tapping the icon opens Google Calendar, too.


Harder to miss events: With Neat Calendar's custom calendars associated with your lock screen, you're more likely to notice upcoming events like birthdays and deadlines.

Easy to add events: Neat Calendar offers several ways to add and manage events, including directly from the widget, from … Read more

Photo Calendar Studio 2014 review

Photo Calendar Studio 2014 is an all-in-one tool for creating, personalizing, and printing attractive calendars using your own photos or images from a huge library of clip art for all occasions. Templates make it easy to format your creations, which you can customize in endless ways. Photo Calendar Studio resizes and fits your photos for you, so it's easy to turn holiday or vacation snapshots into great gifts for family and friends. When you're ready to print your calendar, you can use your own printer or take it to your local quick-print shop on a thumb drive or … Read more

Calendar-7 review

Calendar-7 is an app designed to help you keep track of important dates, tasks, and appointments through a standard calendar interface. The app appears in the lower right-hand corner of your screen with a split interface featuring a month below and an image above, just like a wall calendar.


Multiple display options: You can customize the display of this app to show one, two, or 12 months at a time. You can also turn off the image displayed with each month, and the calendar shows both the current time and the year displayed in addition to the days of … Read more

Work Shift Calendar review

Work Shift Calendar enables you to keep track of multiple work shifts without any hassle, giving you the possibility of creating your custom shifts as well as viewing useful statistics. However, it lacks handy features like cross-device syncing, financial tools, and above all, a home screen widget.


Effective: Unlike other work shift assistants that bamboozle you with superfluous options or awkward menus, Work Shift Calendar features an easy-to-use, albeit plain, interface that requires only a few taps for adding or editing a shift, or creating a long-term work pattern.

Reliable: From its comprehensive statistics to its backup option, this … Read more

How to list daily events in iOS 7.1 Calendar app

When Apple released iOS 7 late last year, the overhauled user interface included tweaks and changes throughout the entire operating system.

One such change was the removal of the ability to view your daily agenda from the month view in the Calendar app. As it was in iOS 7's month view, you simply saw a dot on each day where something was scheduled. To view the agenda, you had to tap on the day, opening another screen. This lead to a lot of tapping and navigating just to view your agenda for multiple days within a given month.

iOS 7.1Read more

Awesome Calendar Lite review

Awesome Calendar Lite is an attractive calendar app for iOS devices. The calendar app market is crowded with many quality options, and while Awesome Calendar Lite didn't totally knock our socks off, it is worth a look if you haven't settled on a calendar yet.

Awesome Calendar Lite has an interface that's fairly easy to navigate, though we found that on our iPhone 5 many things were smaller than we'd have liked; if you have thick fingers, you might find yourself touching the wrong thing quite often. Awesome Calendar Lite is no slouch when it comes … Read more

Show multiple days in OS X Calendar's week view

If you use Apple's Calendar program in OS X, then you might commonly use the various day, week, month, and year views when organizing your schedules; however, by default the day view will show you only one day, and the week view will only show you a full seven-day view.

Even though the options for seven-day view and single-day view may be perfectly fine, there is a hidden feature in Calendar which will let you view between two and six days.

To do this, simply click the Day, Month, or Year button, and then press Option-Command followed by a … Read more

Display your agenda on Android lock screens with Neat Calendar

Lock screen widgets on Android can be time-savers, giving you quick access to information and apps. Some of the default lock screen widgets that are available include clocks, message lists, music players, and calendars.

The Neat Calendar Widget is a lock screen widget that displays your Google Calendar's agenda. Neat Calendar is more configurable than the default Google Calendar widget and arguably more attractive.

After installing Neat Calendar on your Android 4.2+ device, go to your lock screen and add it from the list of available lock screen widgets. The config screen will appear first, allowing you to … Read more

Fantastical 2 is the calendar app you wish Apple would have made

Fantastical 2 is one of those apps you look at in the App Store and think looks nice, but you can't justify spending money on something that only duplicates what the default iOS calendar app does.

The truth is, it does duplicate Apple's calendar app, but the real value comes in the form of the features it adds to your calendar. And there's no shortage of features in Fantastical 2.

Painless setupOnce you've installed Fantastical 2 you'll need to grant the app access to some of your personal information. Instead of requiring you to log … Read more