10 apps to make taxes less taxing

We all dread tax time: hunting for receipts and statements, figuring out which forms we need, decrypting IRS instructions, and carving out time to go through it all. In tax preparation as in health matters, prevention is the best medicine, so we've compiled 10 apps to give you a jump-start on filing, helping you track finances year-round and get maximum refunds for minimum effort.


TaxCaster (iOS, Android)

Get a head start on tax planning with TaxCaster, an Intuit app that helps you adjust your paycheck withholdings, so you either get your money back throughout the year or one … Read more

Kundli for Windows review

Kundli for Windows provides a detailed description of your horoscope and other astrological items with its functional application. The straightforward design makes Kundli uncomplicated but may be hard to understand if you aren't well versed in astrology.


Detailed results: Kundli for Windows quickly generates a large report on your astrological status and horoscope. We found the information about chakras, general predictions, and other significant details to be entertaining. Our final report contained 36 pages of information.


Outdated interface: Kundli has the standard gray window that was popular in the past, and the only image located within the … Read more

Financial Calculators review

Financial Calculators puts at your fingertips all the major calculators you need both at home and at the office. It's accessible and straightforward, proving to be a valuable app to have on your device, especially if you work with numbers.


Comprehensive: Financial Calculators includes calculators for loans, compound interest, credit card payoff, ROI, APR, IRR NPV, and bonds, all of which prove reliable and easy to use. And the great thing is that most of these work offline, as well.

Powerful bond calculator: Apart from standard bond computation, it supports Yield to Maturity, Yield to Call, Duration, as … Read more

Softball/Baseball Team Statistics Calculator for Mac review

Softball/Baseball Team Statistics Calculator for Mac makes the process of tracking your baseball or softball team easier by monitoring your players on a per-game basis. It can quickly generate player statistics from multiple seasons and in a multitude of categories.


Feature-rich: Softball/Baseball Team Statistics Calculator for Mac offers an extensive set of features. It can be used to track data related to individual players as well as batting stats for the whole team. It can also calculate division standings and even produce a box score for a particular game, showing you run totals for each team after … Read more

Calculator with Notepad review

Calculator with Notepad keeps a record of your calculations on a separate screen, so you can go back and check or share them. This handy app features an attractive, intuitive, and streamlined interface that gives convenient access to all of the app's features. This app doesn't try to do too much, and what it does, it does well.

Opening Calculator with Notepad takes you directly to the calculator screen. The calculator isn't fancy, containing only numbers, basic arithmetic function keys, a backspace, and a clear button. The buttons are nicely spaced, though, making it unlikely that you'… Read more

Review: Steel Weight Calculator gives instant feedback on the weight & cost of steel

Steel Weight Calculator allows you to quickly calculate the weight of any amount of steel based on its dimensions and use on your iPhone. The result is a very useful calculator that can provide quick numbers when you are on the job site, preparing an order or getting an estimate for an order. Whether you are a procurement manager who needs numbers quickly or are calculating the value of steel as a commodity for a stock transaction, this is a great application to have on your phone.

As soon as you open Steel Weight Calculator you will find a number … Read more

Review: TouchPad Calculator makes long calculations easy, but lacks advanced operations

TouchPad Calculator carves through multiple math problems at once, giving you a better way to handle a given set of numbers. It lets you edit any part of a complicated problem thanks to its useful list view. While it may not have as many advanced features as handheld calculators made for mathletes, it should be more than enough for most people.

Instead of giving you the traditional narrow screen of a regular calculator, this application maps out every operation you give it on a handy list. That makes it easy to change a single element of a longer problem without … Read more

Review: It all adds up with FormulaCalculator for Mac

FormulaCalculator for Mac offers users numerous advanced calculator features, including tools for finance, geometry, and unit conversions. It's not the most intuitive program we've ever used, but it's not a bad choice if you're looking for features beyond the offerings of Apple's native Calculator app.

FormulaCalculator's interface is fairly straightforward, with a number pad on the right and algebraic and trigonometric functions on the left. A drop-down menu lets users select the finance, geometry, or unit conversion libraries; once one of these is selected, an additional drawer slides out to the right displaying additional … Read more

Review: Dual Calculator makes converting to hexadecimal and back fun

Dual Calculator is a trim, nifty-looking application that lets you see decimals and hexadecimals at the same time on your Android gadget. It converts them into the opposite format so you don't have to waste time doing it, yourself. Since it looks good and won't weigh your gadget down, there's little reason not to use this effective app.

Dual Calculator checks in at less than 1MB, so downloading it takes almost no time at all. It doesn't bog down slower processors, either. Once installed, this app lets you input a number in either decimal or hexadecimal … Read more

Use Google Search as a tip calculator

Last week Google announced it had incorporated a very powerful and long overdue feature to its search platform: a tip calculator. That's right, you can now use a Google search either through the Web site or via Google Now to calculate the proper tip amount.

Using the tip calculator couldn't be easier. Simply launch Google Now, the Google Search app on iOS, or your preferred browser and point it to

Next you'll need to type in "what is the tip for ___ dollars". After submitting the search, you'll find a calculator that … Read more