The Citroen C4 Cactus is more than just a pretty face

It would be a shame if the car's styling was the only aspect people debated though, because its engineering is even more intriguing. It's perhaps one of the most innovative, relevant designs in years, a car that suggests Citroen is at the start of another truly creative streak, such as it enjoyed throughout most of its pre-1990s history.

Car manufacturers have finally begun to realise that reducing weight is a vital part of our motoring future, but weighing in under a tonne, the Cactus makes its C-segment competition seem bloated in the extreme. Yet no fancy carbon fibre … Read more

Instant shmup classics from Cactus

For those of you who are big fans of Warning Forever, I've got an awesome treat for you. In fact, I have two truly awesome treats for you. Swedish game developer Jonatan Söderström (otherwise known as "Cactus" on Shmup Dev) has created two of the most addictive free shooters I've seen this side of Kenta Cho.… Read more