Aereo's Supreme Court battle may change how you watch TV

A tiny startup you've probably never heard of is heading to the US Supreme Court, and it could change how the entire country watches TV.

The top court in the country on Friday agreed to hear the case pitting television broadcasters against Aereo, an online subscription service with arrays of miniature antennas that grab over-the-air programming, stream it online to paying members, and store it for them in a remote DVR.

The big media companies, riled by lost revenue, say that Aereo is guilty of infringing their copyrights. But this is more than an arcane dispute about broadcast technology. … Read more

Time Warner Cable, Cablevision light up NYC parks with Wi-Fi

Time Warner Cable and Cablevision are bulking up the Wi-Fi service at New York City parks.

New York City said on Tuesday that it had partnered with the two cable providers to deliver Wi-Fi hotspots throughout parks in the five boroughs. The agreement includes a $10 million investment fund for Wi-Fi deployment in parks and public spaces.

The cable companies join AT&T and other groups, which have also deployed Wi-Fi networks across the city.

Park goers can connect for free with their Wi-Fi-enabled devices for up to 30 minutes every 30 days, and then 99 cents a day … Read more

Samsung Game Pad hints at Note 3

CNET Update needs bigger pockets:

Stories featured in Monday's tech roundup:

- Samsung says its new Game Pad accessory can fit a device with a 6.3-inch screen. But Samsung doesn't make a phone screen that big -- yet. Could this detail be a hint about the upcoming Note 3?

- Verizon wants to change TV fee rules by only paying for the channels subscribers are watching. And its not the only television provider trying to change the industry.

- Google Reader will soon be shut down, and Feedly is reaping all the benefits.

- Pinterest refreshed its designRead more

Appellate judge compares Aereo's antennas to tax dodge

NEW YORK -- A federal appeal's court here sounded highly doubtful of Aereo's claims that by using thousands of tiny Internet-connected antennas to deliver live TV to customers, the company had successfully sidestepped copyright infractions.

Aereo is the Barry Diller-backed Internet video service that currently provides users in New York with live TV. For $12 a month, Aereo will connect subscribers, via the Web, to a tiny antenna that captures over-the-air TV signals and enables them to watch TV on their PC. Aereo managers don't pay a dime to access these shows.

They should, according to the … Read more

Cablevision to Aereo: Don't compare your case to ours

Cablevision, a cable company that might have been a natural ally to Aereo, has instead come out against the fledgling Internet TV service.

Cablevision, the country's eighth largest cable provider, filed an amicus brief with the U.S. District Court in New York on Friday and told the court that the landmark legal ruling it won in 2008 shouldn't protect Aereo from the charges of copyright violation brought against it by a group of some of the nation's biggest TV broadcasters.

Aereo is the Barry Diller-backed Web video service that uses dime-size TV antennas to capture over-the-air … Read more

Aereo case is a struggle for TV broadcasters

NEW YORK--Wave goodbye to watching the Super Bowl for free if Aereo is allowed to operate, lawyers for the nation's largest broadcasters told a federal court yesterday.

Aereo's attorneys scoffed at that notion. They said that Aereo's Internet video service will only make it easier for users to access freely available over-the-air broadcasts, which they have every right to do. The two sides generated plenty of drama in a Manhattan federal district court as two days of arguments were wrapped up. The judge now must decide whether to shut down Aereo.

The parties were in court as … Read more

Cablevision to Verizon: Get your false ads off the air

The pay-TV war between Cablevision and Verizon Communications just got a little uglier.

Cablevision came out swinging, filing a lawsuit yesterday in a New York court, alleging that Verizon was using old Federal Communications Commission data to bash its Internet service in its Fios commercials. The two have been tussling fiercely ever since Verizon introduced Fios to the New York area, in a direct assault on Cablevision's market. Despite the newer service, Cablevision has been able to hold its own against the new entrant.

The competition has been brutal. In television, radio, mail, and online spots, Verizon claims that … Read more

The 404 920: Where we're on a 7-second delay (podcast)

Wilson's out sick today so CNET Labs' Joseph Kaminski fills in with a 7-second delay, just in case.

Today we're discussing the controversial details of Steve Jobs' use of psychedelic drugs, what's being taught at Cupertino's Apple University, pre-crime becoming a reality, and this morning's speedbumps for iPhone 4S preorders.

The 404 Digest for Episode 920

Pre-crime might become a reality. Unlocked iPhone 4S coming in November. Galaxy Nexus launch delayed due to Jobs' death. Sprint to cover 120M people with 4G LTE next year (scoop). Did dropping acid make Steve Jobs more creative? Steve Jobs' virtual DNA to be fostered in Apple University. Superman fan turns to surgery to become Man of Steel. Florida school district taking attendance by scanning students' fingers. Google-designed Nikes prove Google has no taste. Fear abounds in images from Nightmares Fear Factory.

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Buzz Out Loud 1529: HTC tries to buy some street cred (Podcast)

HTC spends $300 million to acquire some Beats Electronics awesomeness, but we have to admit: we're befuddled. Also, Apple is now officially the world's most valuable company, and we're happy, because they're slightly less evil than ExxonMobil. And in the worst idea we've heard in a while, the British Prime Minister floats the idea of turning off social networks to stem the rioting in London. Dude, do you WANT more riots!?

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Viacom and Cablevision settle iPad app spat

Viacom and cable operator Cablevision Systems have reached an agreement that will keep Viacom content flowing on Cablevision's iPad application.

The decision marks the end to a lawsuit filed by Viacom in June over Cablevision's Optimum tablet app, which Viacom said was not authorized to stream its content just days after its release.

"Viacom and Cablevision have agreed to resolve their pending litigation, and the Viacom programming will continue to appear on Cablevision's Optimum Apps for iPad and other IP devices," the two companies said in a joint statement.

"In reaching the settlement agreement, … Read more