Samsung's Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor explained

With Samsung expected to unveil its new Galaxy S5 next week, Sammobile has published a self-described explanatory report saying it's "confirmed" that the new device will come with a fingerprint sensor to unlock the smartphone.

According to Sammobile, people familiar with the upcoming device said the fingerprint sensor works with a vertical swipe of the pad of the finger while keeping the finger flat and swiping at medium speed.

Contrary to earlier rumors that said Samsung will use the Galaxy S5's entire screen as one giant fingerprint sensor, Sammobile said the sensor will instead be built … Read more

Keep alien invaders at bay in Ziggurat

Ziggurat is an 8-bit-inspired survival game for iOS, set during an alien apocalypse. It's the project of Action Button Entertainment founder and director Tim Rogers, a Bay Area transplant recently nominated the Most Interesting Man at PAX Prime, and a regular contributor to geek-centric content farm Kotaku.

The story: Aliens have just wiped out humanity, and you are the last man standing. Literally standing: You're atop a ziggurat, above the clouds, armed with one BFG-like firearm, making a last stand. You shoot by tapping, charge by holding the lower portion of the screen, and fire when releasing. The … Read more

Facebook feeds now playing video ads

CNET Update is Crushing it:

In this episode of CNET Update:

- Watch for new video advertisements popping up in your Facebook feed. The first ad rolling out this week is a trailer for the movie 'Divergent.'

- Donate to non-profits on Facebook with a new button. (And give Facebook your credit card info in the process.)

- Check out Samsung's new Android game controller, the GamePad. If you can't wait, then get something similar now from Moga.

- Play the most downloaded iTunes app of 2013, Candy Crush Saga. And see which other media made Apple's top downloads list. … Read more

Unsnooze game for iPhone: Get points for waking up

If you don't follow "Game of Thrones," you might not know that winter is coming. But it is! And that means cold, dark mornings when your cozy bed might seem a lot more appealing than the world outside.

To help overly dedicated winter sleepers, Philips has released Unsnooze - The Game, an iPhone app that aims to rouse snooze-button addicts with a bit of early-morning competition.

To play, sleepyheads invite friends or strangers to set their alarm clocks to wake up together. Then everyone competes to hit the alarm button first. Whoever wakes up first wins and rises on the Unsnooze chart (before, let's be honest here, possibly going back to sleep). The basic idea is simple: you snooze, you lose. … Read more

Replace the Windows 8.1 Start screen with the Apps screen

Still not fond of the Start screen in Windows 8.1? You can tweak the new Start button so that it takes you to the Apps screen instead.

The Windows 8.1 Start screen displays tiles for all the built-in apps and for any apps that you've pinned. But you may not want to clutter it up with every single app you install. The Apps screen does show you every installed app but in a more compact view. And you can change the sorting of the Apps screen to display your apps by name, date installed, most used, or … Read more

Square lets you send money using e-mail

CNET Update pays you back:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn how easy it is to send money over e-mail for free with Square Cash.

- See if a free smoothie can convince you to try Isis Mobile Wallet, a new service competing with Google Wallet.

- Get tips on the new features of Windows 8.1, including how the Start button works.


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How to enable on, off switch labels in iOS 7

With the redesign of iOS 7, the color mode to differentiate when a switch is set to on or off has changed. The color of a switch that's off is white, and the color for a switch that's on is green.

Previous versions of iOS also had an On or Off indicator in view when a switch was moved to one side or another. Alas, those labels are gone in iOS 7, but you can add a different type of label should you prefer it. For some, be it due to disabilities or other personal preference, the color-only … Read more

GTA Online hit with launch problems

CNET Update is waiting for other players:

In this episode of Update:

- Prepare for a few glitches as Rockstar works to fix issues with GTA Online. While waiting to log on, read up on Gamespot's tips on getting started in your new life of crime.

- Pay $9 a month to access the Scribd digital book subscription service, which competes with the Oyster app.

- Be mindful that posts and status updates on Facebook will be searchable.

- Spot the new Spotify "Follow" buttons popping up with other social media shortcuts.

- Check out a new crop of cameras from GoPro. … Read more

California gives teens an 'eraser button' to hide online skeletons

Teenagers in California worried that their online posts might jeopardize their future opportunities have gained a measure of recourse in the form of an online "eraser button."

Legislation signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown will require Web sites, apps, and online services geared toward minors to offer, by 2015, the option of removing information posted by minors should they request it. The motivation behind the law to prevent young adults from being haunted by youthful indiscretions.

"Children and teens often self-reveal before they self-reflect and may post sensitive personal information about themselves -- and about others -- … Read more

Where to find the '.com' button in Safari on iOS 7

After updating to iOS 7 and launching Safari for the first time, you may notice the .com button is gone. This is the button you could tap and hold to bring up other domain extensions, without having to type them out as in previous versions of iOS.

iOS 7 combines the search and address field in Safari into one "smart search" field, allowing you to enter either a search query or a URL using the same keyboard layout. You'll no longer see common URL characters on the keyboard, along with the disappearance of the extension shortcut key.… Read more