Google donates $6.8 million to San Francisco youth bus rides

It appears Google is looking to temper some of the backlash it's experienced over its high-tech commuter buses in San Francisco.

The Web giant has donated $6.8 million to the city to fund the Free Muni for Low Income Youth program for two years. This program, which launched last year, provides low- and moderate-income students free rides on San Francisco's public buses. Since it began, the program has assisted more than 31,000 students.

Google's donation is one of the largest private contributions toward direct city services that San Francisco has ever received, according to the … Read more

Google looks to be expanding its commuter ferry boat service

Just as Google's San Francisco ferry service trial ends, the company is firing up another trial on the other side of the bay -- in Alameda, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

This new service will bring Google employees from Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda to Redwood City in a week-long trial. According to the Examiner, the Water Emergency Transportation Authority executive director Nina Rannells said that the authority "has a long-term strategic plan for expanding ferry service in San Francisco Bay," and Google's service will complement public ferry services.

A Google spokesperson told CNET, "We … Read more

San Francisco approves tech shuttle bus pilot program

SAN FRANCISCO -- The city on Tuesday unanimously approved a pilot program that would require operators of the buses used to shuttle around employees of big tech firms to pay a fee for using certain transit stops around the city.

Those shuttles -- which have colloquially come to be known as "Google buses," though many of the large tech companies use them -- have been a hot-button topic in the Bay Area, becoming a symbol for the growing divide between the tech industry and some of the non-tech community that blames the sector's wealthy employees for the … Read more

Are security guards now manning Google shuttle stops?

And now the latest in the saga of "Google buses" -- the shuttles that transport tech workers from San Francisco and Oakland down to Silicon Valley and vice versa, and have become the subjects of contempt from some of the cities' non-tech community.

According to a Reuters report, at the site of at least one stop, there appear to be private security guards monitoring the drop-off and pickup of employees.

On two successive days this week, two men waited at a stop in San Francisco's Mission district for Google's shuttle to pick up employees, though the … Read more

Forget buses, Google's using ferry boats to shuttle workers

With Google buses being the focus of protests in San Francisco, it appears the tech giant is looking for other means to shuttle workers to its Silicon Valley campus: catamarans.

Google made a deal with a private firm to begin transporting its employees on high-speed ferries on a trial basis, according to CBS San Francisco. The catamaran to do the job, dubbed "The Triumphant," carries up to 149 passengers and will run four trips a day -- two in the morning and two in the evening. The service started on Monday.

Google confirmed the pilot program in a … Read more

Protesters break window of Google bus, report says

The backlash between the tech industry and the community around it continues to grow, and the buses shuttling employees to and from Silicon Valley offices to their San Francisco and Oakland homes are becoming a symbol of that divide.

Protesters upset with, among other things, the rising rents due to highly paid tech workers moving into the city have staged demonstrations targeting those buses, blocking their paths as they try to depart for the Valley. On Friday, one of the protests resulted in vandalism, with demonstrators breaking the window of one Google bus in Oakland, according to a report by … Read more

Review: Bus Simulator 3D offers solid graphics, useful controls, and plenty to unlock

Bus Simulator 3D is a surprisingly realistic simulator that gives you tons of control and quality graphics. It's not the easiest game for beginners to enjoy, but it rewards your hard work with plenty of unlockable content. If you're more into navigating terrain than racing, this driving simulator will keep you entertained for hours.

Bus Simulator 3D puts you behind the wheel of a bus, letting you navigate around the city, pick up passengers, and drop them off for points. Points not only let you earn achievements and unlock levels, but also they give you experience you can … Read more

Navy's X-47B makes first arrested landing

The U.S. Navy's X-47B is one step closer to being ready to start making test flights off of aircraft carriers after completing its first-ever arrested landing.

According to the Navy, the X-47B, also known as the Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS), successfully grabbed hold of a special arrester cable with its tailhook, quickly stopping the aircraft during the May 4 test. That marked an important milestone in the development of the UCAS program.

The jet-powered X-47B is a prototype meant to fly autonomously, unlike many drones such as the Predator, which are usually flown remotely by ground-station-based pilots. … Read more

Google Maps boosts live transit in NYC, D.C., and Salt Lake City

Working to keep an edge on the mapping front, Google announced today that it's boosting Google Maps' live transit feature. Now, users can see several subway and bus live departure times in New York and Salt Lake City and service alerts for Washington, D.C.'s Metrorail.

"We want to make sure you have access to the most comprehensive, accurate, and useful information when you're on the go -- and that includes public transportation," Soufi Esmaeilzadeh, Google Maps partnership development manager, said in a blog post today. "With these updates -- part of the millions … Read more

Park a giant tour bus in Bus Parking 3D

Though it sounds a little mundane, this app provides hours of challenging fun. Bus Parking 3D offers a ridiculously large number of levels and options, but starts off a little too difficult. It will also send plenty of spammy ads to your phone both in and outside of the app.

The game's simple menu will take you right to the action, and there are more than 60 levels to unlock. The steering, pedals, and gear shift are placed right on the screen, so it might be a little cluttered for people with smaller phones. Though there are five different … Read more