Star Apps: James C. Burns

In his new film "Coldwater," James C. Burns plays abusive Colonel Frank Reichert, who unabashedly orders troubled teenagers around in a sadistic juvenile correctional facility. Best known as the voice of stern Army officer Sergeant Frank Woods in the Call of Duty video games, the actor and former pro athlete is surprisingly funny and personable. I chatted with Burns about "Coldwater" (which opens August 15), how his dislike for children pushed him into acting, being typecast, managing his two Twitter accounts, and his favorite apps.

How did you enter acting? There was a Wheaties commercial shooting … Read more

Nero MediaHome review

Nero MediaHome is a neatly organized media manager that quickly retrieves and plays many forms of audio and video. The friendly design and reliable support make using this application easy and enjoyable. Many interesting features are available with this software, but the price of some add-ons may not be worth it.


Great interface: Nero MediaHome has a very neat and orderly layout that is quite intuitive. Regardless of your skill level, you will easily find what you're looking for because of the organization tabs and clean interface. Customizable themes are also available for free, which gives you the … Read more

Sony CD Architect review

Sony CD Architect enhances your audio tracks to meet Red Book specifications. This professional quality app hosts a bevy of features that you can use to fine-tune your audio and add fresh new effects. In fact, there are so many features and options that it can be overwhelming.


Comprehensive: Sony CD Architect unleashes a plethora of features, including ripple editing, allowing you to edit multiple events simultaneously, and autosave crash recovery, which saves a backup of your file every five minutes.

Easy to customize: The Playlist, Tracklist, Trimmer, Mixer, and Media Pool windows are all fully customizable. You can … Read more

Create a Ken Burns-style photo project on your iPhone with PhotoMotion

PhotoMotion, from the makers of PhotoToaster, lets you put together a slideshow of images with the popular zooming and panning technique known as the Ken Burns effect, but doesn't offer much else.

There have been a number of apps that duplicated this dramatic style of slow panning over images, but they have often been too complicated or the interface so unintuitive that people simply wouldn't bother. But PhotoToaster, made by the same developers, is one of my favorite photo editors, so I was excited to see how they would handle an entirely different process for creating photo projects. … Read more

Burning Man's 2014 theme: Caravansary

Burning Man has announced its 2014 theme: "Caravansary," and that The Man is returning to its roots on the desert floor.

The counterculture arts festival's theme changes each year, with past events focusing on things like Fertility, The Seven Ages of Man, the Green Man, and many others. Many artists choose to build their projects around the themes, while others ignore it altogether.

In a blog post, organizers of the annual counterculture arts festival wrote that:

This year we will create a caravansary that occupies the crossroads of a dreamland: a bazaar of the bizarre wherein treasures … Read more

Review: BurnAware Free lets you burn just about any type of disc with ease

BurnAware Free completely handles any burned disc, whether you need music, a movie, or something much more complicated. It does it with a straightforward interface and even lets you start from scratch with its deletion feature. This program is far superior to any burner that only handles just one or two types of discs.

BurnAware Free burns discs of plenty of different varieties, including DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays, and even boot discs. No matter which style of disc you're trying to make, you can find it with ease, thanks to the program's clean graphic interface. While it doesn't … Read more

Facebook's Sandberg, IBM's Rometty make Fortune power list

Several tech executives made Fortune's annual list of the most powerful women in business, with IBM's Ginny Rometty topping the rankings for the second straight year.

Rometty took over as IBM's CEO in January of 2012 after running Big Blue's sales operations. A longtime IBMer, Rometty made Fortune's list even before becoming CEO. The publication noted Thursday that Rometty is devoting resources to commercializing Watson, IBM's Jeopardy-playing supercomputer, as well as pushing into developing markets such as Africa.

Another familiar face on the list is Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg at No. 5. … Read more

Why fear of a tech elite-fueled Burning Man burnout is sooo wrong

Did you know that after 28 years, Burning Man has officially jumped the shark? Or at least cut the tether with its counterculture roots and become the new Davos, where tech bigwigs swarm the annual desert gathering wearing fancy outfits and bearing fat wallets.

The "arrival" of tech's elite and their money led grumpy chroniclers to complain how the latest Burning Man festival was little more than another venue for Silicon Valley's ruling class to share power lunches. And that, harrumph, harrumph, we are told, is bad. "Is Burning Man the new golf?" tweetedRead more

Mysterious puzzle game embedded in official Burning Man map

There are a lot of people who probably think that Burning Man is a game, but this year, it's actually true.

When the gates open this Sunday to the annual countercultural arts festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, each of the up to 68,000 people who enter will be initiated into a participatory game designed to make their experience at Burning Man just a little bit richer.

For the past 12 years, Bay Area artist Lisa Hoffman has designed the official map handed to all attendees when they arrive at what's known as Black Rock City. … Read more

Mars? No, Burning Man: Curosity Rover art car will prowl the playa

If you happen to be wandering around a certain martian-like landscape next week and see the Curiosity Rover drive by, don't worry about your air supply.

Though you might be in a mindset to think you're on Mars, you're really at Burning Man, the annual countercultural arts festival held each summer in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. But your eyes aren't deceiving you: That is the Curiosity Rover. Well, at least an art car built by a group including members of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory meant to pay homage to the rover that landed on … Read more