PopCap game bundle gives all proceeds to charity

As a general rule I don't do back-to-back deals, especially from the same vendor, but this one was too good to pass up.

Yep, it's another game bundle. Another Humble Bundle game bundle. But this one's not just for Android users. Oh, no.

The Humble Weekly Sale lets you name your own price for a PopCap game bundle (PC/Mac). It's not unusual to see an individual PopCap title on sale, but a whole collection of them is rare. Even better, PopCap owner EA is donating 100 percent of its proceeds to a pair of charities: … Read more

Name your own price for a 6-game Android bundle

Regular Cheapskate readers are no stranger to game bundles. When I sees one I likes, I share.

If you're an Android user, you're sure to like this one: The Humble Mobile Bundle 4 includes six Android games for whatever price you want to pay. Well, sort of.

Pony up at least a buck and you get these four excellent games:

Catan: The app edition of the immensely popular (and immensely awesome) strategy boardgame Settlers of Catan. Riptide GP2: High-speed river races on souped-up WaveRunner-style hydro jets? Yes, please. Vector: A parkour-inspired endless runner set in a dystopian future. (… Read more

How to buy PC games on the cheap

PC gaming may be on life support, but it's definitely not dead. Indeed, plenty of the top game releases of 2013 -- BioShock: Infinite, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Saints Row IV, Tomb Raider -- were not merely for consoles.

What's more, if you're looking for good gaming on the cheap, you really have to look to the PC. Although a decent desktop (one with a reasonably powerful discrete graphics card) will probably cost you a bit more than a console, you stand to save a bundle when it comes to stocking it with games. All you have … Read more

Comcast really, really doesn't care about you (allegedly)

Comcast has often managed to be the target of abuse and, on a good day, gallows humor.

It regularly features in the Consumerist's list of worst American companies. Indeed, just three years ago, Comcast encouraged its staff to vote so that it wouldn't be named Worst Company in America.

But, now that it is proposing a merger with Time Warner Cable, things will certainly get better. The new Timecast (or Corner) will be a joy to do business with.

Your cable box will be automatically renewed every six months and installed by a happy, well-dressed employee. The box … Read more

Name your own price for a Sid Meier game bundle

I hope you have a lot of free time.

Sid Meier's simulation games are known not just for their awesomeness, but also for their ability to obliterate evenings, weekends, and relationships. (But in a good way!)

And here's your chance to get a bundle of them for pennies on the dollar. The Humble Sid Meier Bundle lets you name your own price for five games, with bonuses available if you hit certain tiers.

Here's what you get for a buck or more: Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete, Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition, Sid … Read more

Hulu to partner with pay-TV operators for content bundling?

Hulu could be coming to a cable set-top box near you. According to The Wall Street Journal, the online TV streaming service is said to be in preliminary talks with a handful of pay-TV operators about possible partnerships.

These talks are said to be about Hulu potentially bundling its Hulu Plus subscription service with pay-TV subscriptions. According to the Journal, the streaming service is purportedly in talks with Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, AT&T, and Verizon.

Apparently, Hulu hopes that any deal would let cable customers get its service via a set-top box, according to the Journal. … Read more

Name your price for six action-packed Warner Bros games, help charity

I've seen some pretty good game bundles this year. There was the Telltale Games collection back in May, the six-game Origin bundle in August, and lots of sweet indie stuff along the way.

But this one may just top them all.

For a limited time, and assuming they have enough licenses to satisfy the Internet, the Humble WB Games Bundle gives you six action-packed PC games for whatever price you want to pay.… Read more

Name your price for six sweet Android games

People who know me know I love a good game bundle, especially when it benefits charity. Everybody wins.

The Humble Bundle folks have put together one of the better collections I've seen, with a focus on Android but plenty of goodness for desktop users as well.

It's the Humble Bundle with Android 7, and it comes with six seriously good games -- not just the Android versions, but also their Windows, Mac, and Linux counterparts.

It works like this: You decide what price you want to pay for the bundle. It can be anything over $1 (the minimum … Read more

Canadian government considers end to bundled cable channels

The Canadian government is trying to change the way cable providers offer their programming, according to a Reuters report.

Canada's industry minister announced on Sunday that cable and satellite television providers soon will be required to offer individual channels to customers, rather than bundles that force customers to pay for channels they don't watch, according to reportedReuters


The move flies in the face of how many cable and satellite providers offer their programming, which forces customers into packages that can include hundreds of channels. The Canadian government's idea is to allow customers to buy only the … Read more

BitTorrent moves Bundle to private alpha

The partially gated system of torrenting built into BitTorrent Bundle has entered a semiprivate alpha, as it continues its march toward viability.

The BitTorrent Bundle is, in the words of BitTorrent's Justin Knoll, "a publishing platform designed to address the issues of distribution, reach, and virality that every independent creator is up against."

The Bundle creates a system by which a limited amount of content is available as it normally would be in a torrent, but the rest is behind a "gate." So far, to open the gate all you've had to do is … Read more