Amazon signs exclusive deal for movies from indie studio

Amazon has another lineup of movies exclusively available for its Prime subscribers.

In a new distribution deal announced Thursday, the retail giant has brought movies from independent film studio A24 to its Instant Video collection. Though obviously not as well known as the major studios, A24 is behind such movies as "Spring Breakers," a film directed by Harmony Korine and starring James Franco, and "The Bling Ring," directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Emma Watson of "Harry Potter" fame.

The agreement will see all current and upcoming A24 movies appear on Amazon Instant Prime … Read more

Review: Glass Breaker Free is a familiar block-breaking exercise

Glass Breaker Free uses a familiar gameplay element -- tapping on collections of two or more blocks to remove them from a grid of blocks -- with a nice, visually-pleasing interface to create a fun and often original-feeling game. There are dozens of other versions of this game on the App Store, and each of them has roughly the same mechanics. Glass Breaker is no different, but the presentation here is better than many free iterations and the rewards feel more tangible.

What makes Glass Breaker stand apart are the different game modes and attention to detail that make the … Read more

Review: 3D Brick Breaker Revolution modernizes many brick breaking components

3D Brick Breaker Revolution is the newest iteration of a popular formula long since used and reused on video game consoles and computers, but it fails to set itself apart enough to be a wholly unique experience. That is not necessarily a bad thing if you enjoy the genre, but for those looking for a new experience, as promised by the name, a lot of what's here is very familiar.

The object of 3D Brick Breaker Revolution is to destroy the blocks onscreen with a ball that you keep in the air with a paddle. The controls are well … Read more

The 404 1,143: Where Justin spent way too much on dinner (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Fat fingers to blame for upping mobile ad clicks.

- Andreessen Horowitz invests $15 million in Web site Rap Genius.

- San Francisco's Weiner tries to ban exposed genitals.

- How New Yorkers can beat Time Warner's bullish modem rental fee.

Look who showed up at the Justin Bieber concert! (courtesy of The 404 SubReddit)… Read more

Games for football lovers on iPhone and Android

The big game is this weekend and most American's will tell you it's a lot more than just a football game.

Many people make an event out of the game with parties, barbecues, and betting pools, even if their favorite team isn't in the running. Even the commercials shown during the game are an event in themselves with advertisers spending huge amounts of money for 30-second and 1-minute spots.

While you wait for the Sunday's festivities to kick off, I've put together a collection of mobile games to get you excited for the main event. … Read more

Arcade puzzle games for iOS

Are you a puzzle gamer? My iOS devices have a mix of gaming genres, from action arcade titles and racing games, to FPS shooters and role-playing adventure games. But sometimes I also like to focus in and test my logic and problem-solving skills with puzzle games.

Some great games have come out recently that are worthy of any puzzle-gaming fan's iPhone. All of these titles are worthy of checking out, because they have plenty of challenge, are all very polished graphically, and are perfect for when you want to put your brain-teaser skills to the test.… Read more

Bodacious Bubble Breaker

We have to admit that when we first laid eyes on Bubble Breaker, we weren't impressed. It was nothing but a small rectangle full of colored circles arranged in a grid, and clicking on them in groups of two or more of the same color made them disappear. This didn't seem particularly fun or exciting at first, but once we played a few rounds and figured out exactly how the game worked, we couldn't tear ourselves away.

The object of the game is to attain a high score by popping bubbles, but this isn't obvious in … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal on film, games, and storytelling's future (Q&A)

AUSTIN, Texas--Jake Gyllenhaal is clearly a gadget junkie. A confessed Mac fan who has an iPad but regretfully doesn't yet have his hands on the iPad 2, the movie star is here in the Texas capital this week to promote his new film, "Source Code."

In the film, Gyllenhaal plays decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens, who "wakes up in the body of an unknown man [and] discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train," according to promotional materials for the film. "In an assignment unlike any … Read more

Top 10 iPhone games of 2010

With 2010 coming to a close, it's time to look back at some of the greatest games to hit the iOS over the course of the year. I have many more favorites than I've listed in this slideshow, but I guess I have to make a cutoff somewhere. In any case, many factors have contributed to the iPhone becoming one of the greatest gaming platforms yet, and I think it will continue to get even better in 2011.

There's no question that the popularity of the iPhone made game developers see an opportunity to create something special … Read more

Privacy issues: MS and GUID numbers, Apple, and Intel follow-ups

Regarding previous reports of problems with Epson 600 printers and printing from Internet Explorer, Jerome Yesavage claims that he has had similar problems with many other applications. Other users note that the problem certainly extends to AOL's web browser (which is simply avariation of Internet Explorer). Harvey Ellis fixed the problem on his Mac by disabling the World Scripts I and World Scripts II extensions.

Tom McGee had the same problem on an Epson 800.