'Anchorman' news team recounts year in Yahoo searches

Yahoo on Monday evening released its Year in Review report for the top searches of 2013, and to celebrate, the company turned to San Diego's finest faux newsman: Ron Burgundy.

In the video, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner reprise their roles from 2005's "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy," as well as its upcoming sequel "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues." Ferrell and crew recount the most popular Yahoo searches of the year, and it leads to an explanation of the royal baby's super powers, a new Justin Bieber nickname, and a … Read more

Review: Bomb Me offers cool combat modes but awful controls

Bomb Me has some of the makings of an innovative combat game; but it's marred by wonky controls, which block out the game's decent graphics and make it really tough to play, at times. However, if you're patient enough to fight through them, you'll be rewarded with a decent physics game.

Bomb Me lets you take on your friends and the computer in one-on-one combat, but you use physics to plan your attacks. You have to pick the perfect angle to chuck your bombs and attacks in order to win. The game has really interesting graphics … Read more

Review: Grumpy Cat Photo Bomb drops the famous grumpy cat into your images

Grumpy Cat Photo Bomb is a fairly straightforward app, allowing you to add a picture of grumpy cat and a caption to your photos before sharing them to social networks. While there are a few options for customization, the core of the app is the grumpy cat drop-ins, so you'll know in advance whether this is an app you want to have on your phone, based solely on your interest in the subject matter.

When you load Grumpy Cat Photo Bomb, you can choose or take a photo right away and it will automatically drop in one of three … Read more gives a blast from the dot bomb past

If you type into your browser today, you get redirected to a site for the retailer Pet Smart. But, 15 years ago, you would've been visiting one of the most popular Web sites to hit the Internet. is a case example of the classic dot bomb story. In its two short years, it went from tiny startup in August 1998 to a publicly traded company in February 2000 to collapsed in November 2000.

In its heyday, -- and its talking sock puppet mascot -- were ubiquitous; the spokesdog was in a multimillion-dollar Super Bowl commercial, … Read more

NATO car device vows to stop suicide bombers

Suicide bombings are a huge threat to peaceful societies, yet they happen often. Just last week, two suicide bombers killed nine soldiers in Egypt.

To prevent similar harrowing incidents, NATO-funded researchers have developed an electromagnetic beam device that's capable of forcing suspected suicide bombers' cars to stop, and can supposedly work against remotely detonated bombs. It is currently undergoing testing at a secret location in Norway. … Read more

Review: Catch Bombs is a game of reflexes

Catch Bombs is a very straightforward game and it works quite well because of that, but it is missing many of the bells and whistles we've come to expect in modern games. The object of the game is basic -- bombs will drop from the top of the screen at varying speeds. Tap them as they appear and you continue. If you miss one, you die and must start over. The game is seemingly endless, so it's a pure high-score driving game.

When you open the game you can either start it up to begin play or check … Read more

Advances in prosthetics aside, Boston amputees face challenges

The victims of the Boston Marathon bombing may have to live with the physical and emotional scars from the April 15 attack for the rest of their lives. For some of the injured, that includes learning how to live without one or more limbs.

More than 180 people were injured in the attack last week, with at least 13 people losing a limb or part of one. Right now, doctors are focused on recovery and making sure the victims are medically stable. But once the wounds heal, many of the patients will begin the process of being fit with a prosthetic device.

"This is not just about learning how to walk," Steve Fletcher, CPO, director of clinical resources at the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics, told "It's a significant emotional, psychological, and physical recovery."

Read more

Reddit regrets role in 'online witch hunt' for misidentified suspect

Reddit General Manager Erik Martin used the company's blog to publicly apologize for the site's role in fueling an "online witch hunt" for Sunil Tripathi, a missing Brown University student falsely identified as a possible suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

"The Reddit staff and the millions of people on Reddit around the world deeply regret that this happened," Martin said. "We have apologized privately to the family of missing college student Sunil Tripathi, as have various users and moderators. We want to take this opportunity to apologize publicly for the pain they … Read more

Facial-recognition tech played no role in ID'ing bomb suspects

While surveillance video provided key images of the men suspected of planting bombs at the Boston Marathon, police use of facial-recognition software proved unhelpful in revealing their identities.

Despite several images of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev from the scene of the deadly bombings and the existence of images of the brothers in official government databases, facial-recognition software was unable to put names to their faces, Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis told the Washington Post in an interview published Saturday. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has a Massachusetts driver's license, while Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the elder brother who died Friday after a shootout with … Read more

Purported TV-caption slipup pegs Zooey Deschanel as alleged Boston bomber

In a week of more news than seemingly could be printed, the media garlanded itself in praise.

The outside world, however, was troubled by some of the media's rather impulsive excesses -- which were not entirely confined to the New York Post.

Amid the pressure to give the insatiable public what it wanted -- more insatiability -- mistakes were made.

Perhaps the most bizarre may have been perpetrated by someone (or some auto-correct machine) at a Fox affiliate, at least if a picture posted to Twitter is to be believed.

Closed captioning isn't an always easy business. Those … Read more