Star Apps: Frameline 38

Gay adoption, helicopter moms, and a pioneering gay athlete are just three of the stories at this year's Frameline 38: San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, taking place June 19-29. Actor Alec Mapa ("Switched at Birth," "Desperate Housewives," and "Ugly Betty") talked to me about what he wants gays and allies to take away from his new documentary, "Baby Daddy." I also spoke with songwriter-actress Lisa Loeb, singer of "Stay (I Missed You)," about co-starring in the hilarious coming-of-age comedy, "Helicopter Mom." And four-time Olympic medalist Greg LouganisRead more

Ticket to Ride review

Ticket to Ride is a brilliant adaptation of one of the bestselling board games of the last decade. Perfectly capturing the look and feel of Days of Wonders' first and most ambitious game, Ticket to Ride plays seamlessly on the iPad, whether you want to take on the computer AI, connect with players through Game Center, or challenge your friends in a pass-and-play match.


Fast and intuitive play: Whether you've played Ticket to Ride before or not, the app is very easy to pick up and learn. A tutorial mode shows you the basics, and the variable difficulty … Read more

Mastermind Board Game review

Mastermind Board Game for Android is more challenging than its basic premise suggests. You have eight tries to deduce the order of four colored dots out of six choices to complete the puzzle. Color and position matches are indicated but not correlated, so you must use your noodle to figure out the correct order. Mastermind Board Game is free but ad-supported with a paid upgrade option.


It's hard: Too many Android games require more from your finger than your brain, but Mastermind Board Game needs more RAM and processing power from you than your Android gizmo.

Play anywhere: … Read more

Southwest (finally) rolling out mobile boarding passes

AUSTIN, Texas--Hallelujah!

Southwest Airlines is starting to roll out mobile boarding passes, and for anyone who flies as much as I have over the last few years, this is very welcome news.

I've been here at South by Southwest for the last week, and this afternoon, checking in for my flight home on Tuesday, I was surprised -- and very, very delighted -- to be offered a mobile boarding pass.

I'd not heard of this before, so I did a quick Google check and it turns out that (at least some) passengers in Dallas have had this option … Read more

Carl Icahn accuses eBay board of conflicts of interest

Carl Icahn is again on the warpath, and this time the target of his attack is eBay.

In an open letter sent to eBay stockholders on Monday, Icahn, who said he recently bought a larger stake in the company, accused board members of "blatant" conflicts of interest. He lashed out at board members for competing with eBay, putting their own financial gain ahead of their responsibilities to investors, funding the company's competitors, and demanding that eBay stop hiring the most talented employees.

One board member Icahn singled out was Marc Andreessen, an independent director on eBay's … Read more

Read the news alongside your friends' social statuses

Paper, from the people at Facebook, lets you browse statuses and other news categories using a new, more visual interface than what you're used to with the official Facebook app. Mysteriously, the app is iPhone-only at the time of this writing, but it seems like it would be a great fit for iPad.

Taking a page from Flipboard, Facebook Paper delivers a tiled interface that shows your standard Facebook news feed, but also gives you curated news content organized by category. That combination makes Facebook Paper a distinct and more robust product that's meant to complement, rather than … Read more

Faster airline boarding? It could be in the bag

The Wright Brothers took a huge step toward solving the problem of man's pesky earthbound nature in 1903. But since then, no one has come up with a fail-safe solution to another persnickety problem related to flight: getting people to board the plane and take their seats quickly and efficiently.

Research carried out at Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y., aims to change that.

Engineering undergraduate Alexander Kelly and School of Business Professor John Milne ran thousands of simulated airline boardings through a computer model to work out the best way to speed the boarding process. They eventually arrived at a method for planes with three seats on either side of the aisle: each row would be filled by one passenger carrying no bags, one with only one bag, and one carrying two bags, thus distributing luggage more evenly throughout the aircraft. … Read more

Cutting board + iPad holder: What could possibly go wrong?

LAS VEGAS -- CTA Digital already conquered the realm of the bathroom with a toilet paper holder that doubles as a tablet stand and the iPotty, an iPad toilet-training arrangement for kids. Now the company has set its quirky sights on the kitchen with a line of cutting-edge tablet holders.

For people with precise knife control skills, there's the $34.99 Bamboo Cutting Board with Stand for iPad and Knife Storage. It elevates your iPad just a bit above the cutting surface and includes knife slots along the side. Just be careful when you're slicing away not to peel a bit off your screen. For people who may be a little more klutzy, there's a $24.99 bamboo cutting board with a screen shield that should also keep your precious tablet protected from flying vegetable peels and meat juices.… Read more

Review: Futsal Board Free is a great if somewhat steeply curved app

Futsal Board Free adds to the long list of great play-calling apps for the iOS platform and manages to stand out as one of the more complete and feature rich. The app includes a range of options from full court to half, chapter settings, and a record function -- making it a very useful tool for players and coaches, alike. There's a steep learning curve here, but the payoff is worth it.

When you load Futsal Board Free for the first time, the app places every marker on the screen including all of the player markers and the ball. … Read more

Bing sweetens image search with Pinterest boards

Here's a trick question: Who or what is better at collecting and curating photos -- people or computers?

For Microsoft's Bing, the answer is both.

The search engine announced Wednesday that it has partnered with Pinterest to bring photo pin boards to its image search function.

So, now, when users query "Norwegian Forest Cat," not only will they get the usual photo page of cute fuzzy kitties, they'll also get Pinterest collectors' boards on the right side of the screen. Who knew Norwegian Forest Cats generated such a following?

Here's a little more from … Read more