Concept cars, Apple CarPlay, and a BMW: 12 must-see videos from the Geneva auto show

Geneva isn't just the home of expensive watches, chocolate, and international diplomacy, it also brings us one of the premier car shows on the automatize industry's calendar. And just as we've done for the last several years, CNET was there to bring you hottest rides at the show.

CNET's full coverage of the Geneva Auto Show

As you might expect, the Geneva event put a big focus on European firms, but Hyundai, Nissan, and born-in-America names like Jeep show up, as well. And when we're not looking at vehicles of all types -- from concept … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

Our coverage of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, kicks off this weekend, and to get you pumped up for the biggest and baddest mobile showcase of the year, we're offering up a preview of what's in store in a new Inside Scoop. While we expect some interesting unveilings from Nokia, Sony, LG and other major mobile players, one of the hottest news items so far is the rumored announcement of the Galaxy S5 from Samsung. In this week's Top 5, we're rounding up some of the features we're dying to see in the new … Read more

CNET on Cars: The how and why of new BMW 4 Series (CNET On Cars, Episode 35)


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In this episode:

The BMW 4 Series explained Why small cars can be more dangerous -- but less so than you think. Using today's high tech automatic transmissions. Top 5 ways technology is reducing driving

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BMW adds two doors to its new coupe

With its latest product strategy, BMW seems poised to please, yesterday announcing the 4 Series Gran Coupe. It's just like the all-new 4 Series coupe, but it gets two rear doors.

The 4 Series is a recent addition to the BMW lineup, a model designed to take over the spot formerly used by the 3 Series coupe. However, the new 4 Series, longer and wider than the 3 Series, is its own model. For the newest model year, the 3 Series can only be had as a sedan, wagon, or the oddly shaped Gran Turismo.

The 4 Series … Read more

Stunning BMW coupe strikes performance, economy balance

With tires screeching, the 2014 BMW 428i danced through a set of turns and put a big smile on my face. Yes, I thought, this is exactly what I expect from BMW, what many others learned to love about the German automaker, and how BMW became synonymous with performance.

The all-new 4 Series exhibited exquisite balance at the turn apexes and, pushed closer to the limits, the rear walked out in a nicely controlled slide, just enough to help rotate the car through the corners. This is the kind of driving I live for.

If you haven't been following … Read more

10 must-see videos of the week

Get your weekly fix of the best on CNET in video, right here.

In the latest Apple Byte, host Brian Tong covers the week's juiciest news and rumors, including whether or not Iris scanning tech could play key role in Apple's future product lines. Plus: we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mac! That's right, the PC that started a revolution and really put Apple on the map was first introduced 30 years ago on January 24, 1984. Were some of you even born yet?

And to get you prepped for the big game next week, our … Read more

BMW M4: The closest look you'll get

Take a look at BMW's newest M car, the M4. It's got a twin-turbo 3.0-litre straight-six, and over 430bhp. It's going to be pretty special, this one.

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By Alex Goy

Top 11 videos from the Detroit auto show

The Detroit auto show, officially known as the North American International Auto Show, is the first car show of the year. Held each January in the home of US car culture, it brings shiny new models, new car technology, and loads of automotive eye candy. CNET's Car Tech team was hard at week in Detroit over the last three days to cover the show and we're happy to show you the video highlights below.

1. 2015 Ford F-150 An all-aluminum body frame, a fuel-efficient engine, and some new body styling cues are highlights of the 2015 Ford F-150. … Read more

Sport rules the Detroit auto show

With the global economy on a rubber band for the past couple of decades, automakers circled the wagons, taking a conservative approach to their model lineups. But at the 2014 Detroit auto show, it looks like we can have fun things once again.

Toyota, that hallmark of sensible cars, showed off an exciting new concept called the FT-1. Although not meant as a production prototype, it shows that Toyota is letting its designers have fun, and hopefully presages new models with a more emotional appeal.

Likewise, Toyota's luxury brand Lexus gave its new RC coupe its North American debut, … Read more

The BMW i3 could be your first EV

BMW is known for making very lovely, aspirational cars. The BMW roundel on your key ring is a sign that you've worked hard, done well for yourself, and are leading a complete, happy life.

Happy people of the world can rejoice now, too, as there's a new aspect to the roundel. It's the letter "i," and in BMW-speak it means "eco." There are currently two I cars in the offing, the superfuturistic i8 and the available-to-buy-now i3.

The i3 is a small thing, ideal for bimbling around the city, parking in awkward spaces, … Read more