BlueStacks App Player review

BlueStacks App Player displays apps inside a window and emulates Android's touchscreen motions with your mouse. It takes longer than tapping and swiping, but it works better than we expected, especially since it's still a beta release.


Apps in Windows: It does give you the ability to run Android apps on your desktop or laptop PC.

One for all: Using the same apps for both Android and Windows has potential advantages, including cross-platform familiarity, easy data transfer, and access to thousands of Android games, tools, and apps in Windows.


Beta: Like any beta release, BlueStacks has … Read more

Could Google be next with a game console?

CNET Update hearts it:

In this episode of Update:

- Preorder a GamePop by Sunday to get it for free, or else get the GamePop Mini free with a subscription.

- Prepare for a Nexus Q comeback if Google relaunches it as an Android-gaming console.

- Leave your evening plans in the hands of Max, the new Netflix suggestion feature.

- Catch a glimpse of Android 4.3 leaked screenshots.

- Ditch the extra cable box this summer with Time Warner Cable's live TV app on Xbox.

- Bid farewell to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which isn't getting an upgradeRead more

BlueStacks' new Android console is (almost) free forever

BlueStacks really wants to see Android spread across all the disparate screens in the universe, and it's willing to hand out a free gaming console based on Google's mobile OS to help achieve that vision.

Today the company behind the BlueStacks app player, which brings Android apps to other platforms like Windows, and the $129 Android-based GamePop mobile gaming console and service announced the GamePop Mini, a free version of the console available to subscribers who pay a $6.99 monthly fee. … Read more

Review: BlueStacks for Mac lets OS X users run Android devices on their desktop

Google's Android platform has grown exceptionally well over the years, with tons of new apps added to the Google Play store every day. BlueStacks for Mac offers a solution for users who want to download and enjoy their favorite Android apps on their Mac, too.

BlueStacks for Mac comes as free software that is supported by ads. Download takes a bit longer as the app is 112MB in size. The installation, however, is quick and easy. After the installation process completes, users can start searching for their favorite apps using the search bar or browse though more than 750,… Read more

Workaround lets you upload Instagram photos from your desktop computer

Though Instagram recently added likes and comments to its Web interface, a complete Web experience, filled with photo uploads, streams, and and profile-viewing is still on my wish list.

Many have adopted their phone as their primary camera, but there's a niche group of users -- like bloggers and photographers -- who work around Instragram's limited app environment to upload full-res photos from their dSLR cameras.

Possibilities include uploading photos through the iPad Camera Connection Kit, or even e-mailing a photo from a desktop computer and uploading it to Instagram through that route. Savvy Android users might even … Read more

A day in the life of your future, according to CES 2012

LAS VEGAS--What would the world look like a few years from now if all the emerging technologies we saw at CES this year became as ubiquitous as Android phones, iPads, and DVRs?

Well, let's pretend it's a January morning three years from now. You might wake up to a hot breakfast freshly extruded by your new MakerBot 3D food printer--hopefully you remembered to refill the flavor cartridge the previous night or you could get a mouthful of a bland protein construction.

Next you'll probably turn to your Yoga. Not the ancient practice of physical, mental, and spiritual balance, but the tablet/laptop computer hybrid that became more popular than the iPad last year.

If you're into the meta thing, you could use your Yoga to play a yoga video, but you'd probably rather use a larger screen--a much larger screen like the 96-inch OLED taking up most of your wall. … Read more

Android apps can now run on your PC via BlueStacks

Those of you who want to check out an Android app without an Android device can now run that app on your PC thanks to a program from the folks at BlueStacks (download).

The software, dubbed the BlueStacks App Player, has just hit the alpha stage, meaning a test version of it is now available for anyone to download. The basic player lets you run several preloaded apps, install up to 26 others, and sync apps from an Android phone to your PC.

I installed the App Player on a PC running Windows 7. The installation failed the first time … Read more

BlueStacks marries Android to Windows

If you're struggling to decide between Android or Windows, BlueStacks has a solution for you: choose both. The unique piece of software ties a matrimonial knot between a full version of Android and your Windows machine, allowing you to jump at will between the two operating systems. The marriage is so smooth, in fact, you can create Android app shortcuts on your Windows desktop.

In a conversation today at CNET's San Francisco offices, BlueStacks Senior Vice President Apu Kumar said that BlueStacks is a response to what his company perceives as two complementary needs: the consumers' desire to … Read more