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The Audiophiliac's favorite music Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs

Every now and then, I like to report on the best new discs that have come my way. Let's get started!

Amy Winehouse: "At the BBC" (CD/DVD) Fourteen stunning performances from 2004 to 2009 showcase aspects of her talent that the studio recordings gloss over. The DVD, "The Day She Came to Dingle," is a documentary featuring Winehouse at the height of her powers in December 2006 in a tiny church in Ireland. She's backed up with just guitar and bass, so her voice, in all its glory, is upfront and clear. Awesome!… Read more

Top 10 music Blu-ray discs

I've received so many great-sounding Blu-rays over the past couple of months, I had to put together a Top 10 list.

A lot of them didn't make the cut; just because a Blu-ray has a high-resolution soundtrack doesn't automatically mean it sounds great; the variables of the original recordings and mixing can make or break the sound. For example, Tom Petty's "Mojo" Blu-ray doesn't sound much better than the CD version of the same music, but it does have an uninspired 5.1 surround mix. All of the following discs are distinctly better … Read more

Why just listen to music when you can watch concert music videos?

Audiophiles are, by definition, listeners, but we can also be watchers. I have a collection of around 100 concert DVDs and Blu-rays. And while a good number of them are in 5.1 channel surround, most also have 2.0 stereo mixes. I play both types over my two-channel home theater system. The best of these discs will test the limits of your system's stamina, pop one on, turn it up to "11," and you're there.

Tell us about your favorite concert/music discs in the Comments section.

"It Might Get Loud" is definitely … Read more

25 best concert Blu-ray discs

We've put together a few roundups of top Blu-ray discs, but for some reason, trying to do a list of the best concert Blu-ray discs was more challenging. Part of the problem is that music--and musical tastes--are such personal things that it's hard to declare something the "best" or "top" when it's more than likely that a lot of people will think the pick is bad because they simply don't like the artist or band.

That's totally understandable, so I apologize in advance if some of these picks don't appeal … Read more