Prince drops $22M copyright suit against Facebook fans

The pop artist Prince is known for getting sue-crazy when it comes to copyright infringement of his work, but when he filed a $22 million lawsuit against some of his die-hard fans, it seemed he might have gone too far. Apparently, the artist has now dropped the suit, according to TMZ.

Prince originally filed the lawsuit in the Northern District of California on January 16 against 22 fans. He alleged that they linked to bootleg recordings of his concerts on Facebook and Google's Blogger platform and that each of them owed him $1 million for posting copyrighted material without … Read more

Johns Hopkins reverses decision forcing prof to pull NSA post

Johns Hopkins University was alerted earlier Monday that one of its professors wrote a blog post allegedly linking to classified National Security Agency documents. Swiftly, the university asked this professor to take down his post. However, hours later, when the school realized he was just linking to news articles -- he was allowed to reinstate the blog post.

The whole debacle began after major news stories spread across the Web last Thursday detailing claims that the NSA has been setting up a clandestine program to break digital encryptions for everything from users' smartphones to everyday e-mails to medical records.

Matthew … Read more

Google takes aim at adult-theme Blogger pages, threatens takedown

Adult-themed Blogger sites might soon be in for some trouble with the platform's owner, Google.

Blogger Violet Blue on Thursday tweeted a notice Google sent out to bloggers warning them that as of June 30, the search giant will be updating the Blogger Content Policy to "strictly prohibit the monetization of Adult content on Blogger."

According to Google, there are some Blogger pages that are adult-themed in nature and have ads promoting adult Web sites. After the policy change takes effect, the company will take down any blogs that are still promoting those sites.

"If your … Read more

Evan Williams: A mogul in Internet publishing

NEW YORK -- Twitter and Medium co-founder Evan Williams loved reading magazines growing up in rural Nebraska in the pre-Internet days. It was a way to experience the world outside of Clarks, Nebraska, population 369.

"I wanted to get out of there and see the bigger world. [Clarks] is not a bad place to be, but I yearned to see the rest of the world," Williams said in conversation with Wired senior writer Steven Levy at the Wired Business Conference here.

Since leaving Nebraska for the West Coast, the 41-year-old serial entrepreneur has become one the Internet's … Read more

Google+ Comments friends Blogger

The latest move by Google to connect its pre-existing services to its social network automatically ties relevant comments on Google+ to blogs hosted on Blogger, the company announced on Thursday.

The feature is not on by default. But once activated in the Blogger Dashboard, Google+ comments made about a blog post hosted by Blogger will appear alongside comments made directly on the blog without any extra effort from the blog owner.

"This way you can engage with more of your readers, all in one place," wrote Google engineer Yonatan Zunger in the blog post announcing the feature.

Blog … Read more

Google+ mentions make their way to Blogger

Google's Blogger platform now comes with a way for writers to link to a friend or company's Google+ page.

When typing out a post in Blogger, users can now input a "+" before a person's or brand's name. Upon choosing the right profile, a link will be displayed in the published post, allowing readers to go to the subject's Google+ page or profile. Hovering the mouse over the link displays a card showing a profile picture and a little more information on the person or brand.

Google+ has been the subject of several updates … Read more

Blogger updates apps for Android and iOS, adds iPad support

Google updated its blogger app today with a new look and a handful of new features, all designed to make posting on the go a bit easier.

The updates, as shared in a blog post on the topic:

Landscape support for composing posts  Sharing to Google+  Ability to view a scheduled post time  International support in 30+ languages  iPad support

The updates are live in the Google Play store and the App Store.

Samsung to bloggers: Promote our products at IFA or walk home

Memo to bloggers: If Samsung offers to fly you to an event, make sure you have your own return-trip ticket.

According to a detailed story in The Next Web, some time back Samsung reportedly reached out to some mobile-tech bloggers in India and offered to fly them to the IFA 2012 conference now under way in Berlin. One of the bloggers -- Clinton Jeff of New Delhi -- said he made clear that he would only attend the conference as a reporter, and that he would not be doing any promotional work for the company. Samsung reportedly had no issues … Read more

WordPress for Android

Known as one of the most powerful free blogging platforms on the Web, WordPress doesn't disappoint when it comes to its Android mobile app. It offers many of the tools that are available through the full Web interface, and it makes it easy to zip around your account, change settings, follow other blogs, and create new posts.

When you first download WordPress on your Android device, it gives you the choice to add your existing blog or your own self-hosted WordPress blog. If you don't have either set up yet, you can easily start a new … Read more

Tumblr on the go

With Tumblr for Android, using the megapopular blogging platform cum social network while on the go is a snap. The app lets you create and publish posts, read through posts by other bloggers you follow, and manage your account settings, all without much of a learning curve.

Just like when you sign on to Tumblr on the Web, the Android app opens you up directly to your Dashboard, where you see your main feed, with all the blogs you follow. Since the list self-updates, you can, in theory, scroll endlessly. The interface on the Dashboard looks and feels very much … Read more