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Forget Flappy Bird. We're all hooked on 2048

CNET Update is much loving Doge2048:

In this episode of Update:

- Learn why 2048 is the new Flappy Bird, and say goodbye to productivity when you discover the parody game Doge2048. But if you want a game with more substance, check out "Papers, please," which won top honors at the Independent Games Festival.

- Know your Gmail is always encrypted, now that Google requires HTTPS.

- Gawk at the price of Samsung's 110-inch 4K television.

- Head to CNET on Tuesday to follow the live unveiling of the new HTC One smartphone.

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2048 is the new Flappy Bird in so many ways

Have you been feeling just a little bit too productive since Flappy Bird got pulled from the Google Play and Apple App stores?

Never fear, there's a new simple but addictive gaming sensation to fill that massive time-wasting vacuum until Flappy Bird's anticipated return.

2048, the creation of a 19-year-old Italian programmer named Gabriele Cirulli, showed up free and fully open-sourced on Github earlier this month. The game is Web-based, although a mobile site is also available, and plenty of unofficial ports for Android and other platforms have begun to pop up.

2048 could be loosely described as … Read more

Flappy Bird is coming back to the App Store

Good news. Or bad news, if you enjoyed quiet moments of solitude without your eyes fixed on pixelated pipes. The creator of the addictive mobile game Flappy Bird confirmed on Twitter on Wednesday that the game will eventually return to the App Store.

@painfullpacman Yes. But not soon.

— Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) March 19, 2014

After the game's rapid media rise, seemingly out of nowhere, last month, Dong Nguyen, the game's 28-year-old developer, abruptly pulled the title from the iOS App and Google Play stores. The Vietnam-based developer apparently took the game down because he'd been hounded by … Read more

This Twitch Plays Pokemon-themed Flappy Bird clone might make the Internet implode

If you've ever wondered what it would be like for the Internet to fold in on itself, resulting in a massive fringe culture supernova bursting with the luminosity of a million memes feasting on one another, then look no more. Bird Jesus, a Twitch Plays Pokemon-themed Flappy Bird clone for iOS and Android, is the answer to our prayers, a mash-up of two of the weirdest, most unexplainable and organically popular Web phenomenons to ever grace the sites of mainstream news outlets.

To people who only casual monitor the happenings on the Web -- let alone the deeper, darker, … Read more

Next Angry Birds game a turn-based RPG

If you wanted more bird-flinging, it looks like you might be in for a wait: Developer Rovio has revealed that the next title in the Angry Birds series is a turn-based RPG.

Our heroes are, of course, the birds, with each bird being a different character class; the red bird, for example, is the knight (obviously; see the teaser trailer below), and the yellow bird is the wizard. You'll lead them into battle across a fantasy-themed Piggy Island, defeating the pigs, apparently, on their home turf -- presumably the story will reveal the whys and wherefores.

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Bid on a solid-gold Flappy Bird while you still can

Certain people are having trouble dealing with the demise of Flappy Bird, the short-lived, highly addictive game that died a sudden death when creator Dong Nguyen pulled it from circulation. But the saga isn't over. Nguyen says he's considering a Flappy Bird revival. If you're eagerly awaiting the game's return, you might also be interested in something weird happening in Vietnam that has to do with Flappy Bird, solid gold, and an online auction.

Vietnamese goldsmithing company N3D created a gold Flappy Bird in the shape of the rotund flying protagonist from the game. The 3-ounce figure is a 3D replica crafted from 14-karat gold with two black stones for the eyes. It's actually pretty cute in smoothed-out 3D form. Could we get this in a plush toy version?… Read more

Dong Nguyen on the return of Flappy Bird: 'I'm considering it'

The creator of Flappy Bird is doing quite well since he decided to pull the smartphone game from the iOS App and Google Play Stores last month. Dong Nguyen, the 28-year-old Hanoi, Vietnam-based game designer, is still making tens of thousands of dollars off the addictive mobile hit that pushed smartphone users to a game-playing fever pitch, as well as his other titles, Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling, that earned success by association.

The clones are countless; a new one was sprouting up on the App Store an average of every 24 minutes in the immediate wake of Flappy … Read more

This is what happens when a bird smashes a plane's windshield

You're flying along at 170mph in Florida's happy skies.

Suddenly you have a gatecrasher. Or, rather, a windshield crasher.

In remarkable footage taken from the cockpit by Rob Weber, everything seemed to be going fine, before it wasn't.

As NBC 2 reports, Weber described his reaction when a bird crashed through his windshield as he flew toward Page Field in Fort Myers, Fla.: panic

One hears stories of bird inadvertently striking planes, whether it is engines or windshield.

But the footage suggests that you just don't see it coming. Weber told NBC 2: "You're … Read more

Jolla embarks on Sailfish 1.0 with an Android launcher -- and an Angry Birds cover

Jolla, the Finnish phone company founded by Nokia refugees, is ready to roll out the full, "commercially ready" 1.0 version of its Sailfish software. The attractive OS can run Android apps and you'll soon be able to try it out on your Android phone by downloading a launcher that mimics the Sailfish interface.

Sailfish started life as MeeGo, once the future of Nokia software, but sidelined in favour of Windows Phone when Nokia aligned with Microsoft. It's similar enough to Android that you can install Android app stores, and the company hopes it'll be … Read more

Snack on social media with Birds Eye Mashtags

There might not be an emoticon for hunger, but thanks to Birds Eye Foods' new Mashtags potato snacks, kids and adults can eat social-media symbols like hashtags, smiley faces, @ signs, asterisks, and hearts.

Noshing on letters and numbers is nothing new. We've been eating alphabet soup and cereal for years. But updating kids' food with tech-savvy symbols seems inevitable.

"Social media is all about conversation and we're confident Mashtags will resonate across various groups of people," Birds Eye brand manager Pete Johnson said in a statement. "We're constantly looking for ways to innovate and inspire consumers and hope that Mashtags will get people talking around the table and help to make mealtimes more enjoyable."

Mashtags will be available in the United Kingdom in March from Birds Eye UK. … Read more