Amazing ads use surveillance tech to react to planes

At least once in your life, you must have lain down on a wall or a lawn or in a prison exercise yard, looked up, and wondered where an overhead plane was going.

Is it off to Japan? Might it be wafting to Zambia? Could it even be Larry Page, floating off somewhere for an important meeting with aliens?

British Airways understands these feelings of fascination. So it's created quite remarkable digital billboards that help you learn about the planes you see in the sky.

As a plane flies over, a child points to it and reveals its precise … Read more

Will the single kill the album?

Is an album a more substantial work of art than a single? Or is a well-crafted single all we need? There were always singles, but in the days before the Internet, fans were sometimes "forced" to buy albums to get the music they wanted, even when most of the album's tunes weren't great. The hugely entertaining "The Great Debate: Singles vs. Albums" held last Monday at the New Music Seminar in NYC covered the issue in depth.

Robert Christgau, one of the first generations of professional "rock critics," was there to defend … Read more

Yahoo continues to recast itself and debuts two new ad features

As Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer continues to work to reformulate the company as a modern mobile-forward search engine with new products and features, she's also thinking about earning revenue the good old-fashioned way -- advertising.

The company launched two new ad features on Monday. One is a new way of introducing ads called Yahoo Stream Ads, and the other is a redesigned Yahoo Billboard.

"As we continue to build products and features that inspire and entertain our users, we're committed to delivering engaging and effective advertising opportunities," Mayer wrote in a blog post Monday. "Over … Read more

The 404 1,232: Where we see through your Subreddit (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- How Facebook knew a man was gay before anyone else did .

- NYC subways deploy a touch-screen network, complete with apps and Wi-Fi.

- Man who got porn site logos tattooed on his face now somehow regrets his decision.

- Lululemon pulls popular yoga pants for revealing too much.… Read more

LG spoofs Galaxy S4 ad with Times Square billboard

LG is aiming to steal some of Samsung's Galaxy S4 thunder with a copycat billboard in Times Square.

In the heart of New York City, LG has updated its traditional billboard to tout its Optimus G phone. But the billboard is a virtual duplicate of the one for the Galaxy S4.

LG's billboard is a bit larger than Samsung's and towers above it on a Times Square building, potentially stealing the attention of busy New Yorkers.

Even LG's ad copy takes a swipe at Samsung.

The Galaxy 4S billboard tells people to "Be ready 4 … Read more

The 404 1,214: Where we stop shaking and start snooping (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Satire site The Onion apologizes for offensive Oscar tweet.

- Daniel Tosh apologizes on Twitter for rape joke during stand-up routine.

- The most terrifying button on Facebook.

- Billboard starts counting YouTube Hits on its Hot 100 lists, Harlem Shake gets first place.

- Video: Harlem residents respond to Harlem Shake.… Read more

Google Glass expected to arrive in 2013

CNET Update is listening to songs for tech reporting:

Before Mobile World Congress bombards us with new smartphone announcements, we take a look at Friday's tech headlines:

- Sources tell CNET that Google Glass will go on sale in 2013

- HTC offers $100 credit for old phones, if you purchase a new HTC One

- To beat the MWC rush, LG announces Optimus F5 and F7 mid-range smartphones

- Nevada becomes the first state to allow online gambling

- Billboard Charts now include YouTube views in song rankings

- Songza finds the music to fit your mood, activityRead more

The 404 1,213: Where Sphere says no to 'Yes to the Dress' (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Is Spotify unfair to musicians?

- Spotify reports net loss of $59 million 2011.

- Spotify will pay $500 million to artists and rights holders in 2013.

- Benford's law, also called the first-digit law.

- Godwin's Law, also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies.

- The Audiophiliac wants to see your audio system.

- Are the Monoprice 9774 speakers inspired by, or knocks-offs of, the Energy Take Classic 5.1?… Read more

YouTube viewership takes its place in Billboard charts

Billboard's charts, the gold standard for assessing the most popular music, now have a new metric.

YouTube streaming data is now being incorporated into those charts, Billboard announced yesterday. YouTube viewership will now join digital and physical singles sales, terrestrial radio airplay, and streaming as the metrics that determine Billboard's chart order.

Since there are often thousands of clips of a single music video, Billboard's YouTube data is limited to "all official videos," Vevo clips, and user-generated videos that are using "authorized audio." In other words, only legitimately used songs can be included … Read more

Woman uses digital billboard to dump lover on Valentine's

We have all witnessed cruelty.

Some of us might have even been responsible for it occasionally.

But one can only speculate what on Earth might been going on in the head of a woman called Laura. For she seems to have paid money in order to hire a digital billboard to tell her lover that she had found another.

On Valentine's Day.

As that fine, upstanding British paper the Sun reported, Jordan Wilson noticed the digital billboard at a gas station in Manchester, England and wondered just what had caused such an explosion of cold-hearted cruelty.

He posted it … Read more