This Android SmartWatch doesn't run Android

CNET Update examines a different breed of Android:

The Android watch has been around since before Google ever existed. Android Watches USA has made traditional timepieces under the Android brand name since 1991. And it's only now that the Florida-based company is getting into wearable tech with the Android SmartWatch. But ironically, it doesn't run Google's Android operating system. It runs the timekeeper's own software.

The CEO of Android Watches USA, Wing Liang, (an iPhone owner) said that as the smartwatch craze heats up, his company is frequently fighting to protect the Android watch trademark from … Read more

Fly6 watches your back with video camera taillight

Mounting a video camera to a bicycle is nothing new. Plenty of people have recorded their two-wheeled conquests this way. A device called the Rideye even went so far as to act like a "black box" recorder for bikes in case of accidents.

The Fly6 combo taillight and HD video camera on Kickstarter figures that the greatest threats are most likely to sneak up on you from behind in the form of motorists behaving badly. The idea is to capture them on video should an incident occur.… Read more

Bikestock: A vending machine for broken-down NY cyclists

Riding a bike through the streets of New York can be a risky proposition. Cyclists have to dodge cars, pedestrians, and the occasional police horse as they make their way through the city. Even bikes with an impeccable tuneup record suffer flat tires, faulty chains, or other issues that can leave riders stranded in rain, snow -- or worse, hipster-saturated Brooklyn.

And as with cars, bike breakdowns tend to happen at the most inopportune moments, when repair shops are either closed or too far away to reasonably reach on foot.

Enter Bikestock, a 'round-the-clock bike repair solution for New York cyclists.… Read more

SkyCycle puts London bike paths in the clouds

Move over Mary Poppins, the skyway might be getting a little more crowded. British architect Norman Foster has unveiled a plan to build a highway for bicycles that will have the cycles gliding over London rooftops without competing with agitated car drivers.

Who among us hasn't fantasized about flying in the air to avoid traffic? We'd have to huff and puff in this scenario, but Foster's renderings make it seem like a breeze, and one that hopefully shave time off a maddening commute. … Read more

Pedal power helps fuel Times Square New Year's ball

When the 30,000 LED lights on the New Year's Eve ball at Times Square light up Tuesday night, onlookers will have pedal power to thank -- in part at least.

As CBS New York reports, six stationary Citi Bikes from the city's bike-sharing program have been set up to supply electricity for the lights.

April Campo of Maryland was among those spinning away on one of them over the weekend.

"I'm loving this," Campo said. "Isn't this a great idea? This is so fun." … Read more

Turn signal gloves light up your lefts and rights

The art of using turn signals seems to be getting lost in the hustle for both cars and bicyclists alike. The Zackees Turn Signal Gloves project on Kickstarter wants to make turn signals cool again.

The gloves are typical bike-style fingerless gloves, but with light-up LED directional arrows built on top of each hand. Hold your hand up, trigger the contact pads, and traffic behind you can see which way you're planning to turn. This works equally well for bicyclists, runners, skateboarders, or what's left of the roller-blading crowd.… Read more

LED bike frames glow with inner light

When I was little, my bike had a sparkly white banana seat. I thought I was the epitome of cool. I was wrong. The Phantom Frames kids' bikes on Kickstarter are cooler.

Phantom Frames are crafted from polycarbonate and light up from the inside with LEDs, so the whole frame of the bike is a glowing creation. It looks interesting in daylight, but darkness really makes it stand out. As a safety advancement, it's nifty. As an eye-catching ride, it's even better.… Read more

Morpher folding bike helmet packs down flat

Bicycle helmets can help keep your precious and vulnerable head intact in case of an accident, so why do so many people shun the safety devices? Some folks just don't want to carry a helmet around or risk locking it up with their bike. The Morpher bicycle helmet hopes to make the noggin-toppers much more portable.

Morpher is raising cash via a flexible funding campaign on Indiegogo to put its unusual helmet design into production. The basic idea is that the helmet squashes down into a flat shape to tuck away into your briefcase, backpack, or just under your arm. Pop it back into shape, strap it to your head, and go biking.… Read more

The 404 1,373: Where we we plant a flag in Hill Valley (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- These brilliant wackos are reenacting "Back to the Future" on Twitter.

- How do you prove to someone you just met that you don't have an STD? With an app, of course.

- Lock8: a smart lock to keep your bike from being stolen.

- Is Google building a hulking floating data center in SF Bay?

- San Francisco's bay barge mystery: Floating data center or Google Glass store?.

- Google reportedly speeding up Glass rollout.… Read more

Electric velocipede adds tech touches to olde-tyme bike

I'm so excited about the Concept 1865 electric velocipede I might have to lie down on my Victorian fainting couch for a moment. OK, better now...

For those who haven't watched any silent films recently, a velocipede is any one of several early bicycles with pedals attached to the front wheel. Unlike the bikes of today that sport symmetrical tires, however, they featured wheels of varying sizes (often a giant one in front) to improve the transmission ratio.

German design studio Ding3000 has reimagined that bike of yore with the Concept 1865, a velocipede that packs a 250-watt electric drive and a detachable seat with an integrated battery. … Read more