What makes 'Caper' fly? Secrets from the superhero show's creator

There's more to being a great superhero than a crazy costume and an impressive lair. The hero needs to fight not just bad guys, but internal battles. But telling a superhero story without a big special-effects budget in less than 10 minutes per episode? That can prove a bigger struggle than grappling between good and evil.

Veteran TV writer and producer Amy Berg co-created the superhero comedy "Caper" as an online series on the Geek & Sundry Channel -- on both YouTube and Hulu -- to show that not only can superheroes be shown as more than just comic book stereotypes, but the show itself could break the rules set by big networks.

"Caper" tells the story of four disenchanted superheroes who must turn to a life of crime just to pay the bills. It's a show about heists and hijinks with superheroes who don't have the luxury of a Justice League expense account. … Read more

What did Seth Green, Simon Pegg love in 2013? Geek celebs spill all

Michael Dougherty, director of the comedy-horror film "Trick 'r Treat," has finally found the perfect stylus for drawing crazy-looking monsters. John Rogers, co-creator the TV show "Leverage," can't live without one particular app for keeping up with crime clippings. We asked some of our favorite geeky actors, producers, directors, authors, and musicians to share their favorite tech from 2013. Read on to see which gadget geeks up Grant Imahara's living room, which smartphone has earned raves from sci-fi author John Scalzi, and more. Then be sure to share your own picks of the year … Read more

Trailer for WikiLeaks movie 'The Fifth Estate' debuts online

Does the actor who played the villain in "Star Trek Into Darkness" make a convincing Julian Assange? Judge for yourself courtesy of the new trailer for "The Fifth Estate," an upcoming film about WikiLeaks and its controversial founder.

Popping up on YouTube on Tuesday, the lengthy trailer serves up a variety of scenes from the movie.

We see the anger from U.S. government officials over WikiLeaks' posting of classified documents. We watch the budding rapport between Assange and former WikiLeaks spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a relationship that eventually turned sour. And we catch a silhouette of … Read more

Little Printer chews your feeds into a bite-size newspaper

It's not pareidolia. You're actually looking at the face of the Little Printer, a tiny output device coming in 2012 that curates your online subscriptions and spits them out as a snackable newspaper.

The Little Printer occupies as much room on your shelf as an alarm clock, but the wireless server inside the molded plastic and brushed steel faceplate connects to an accompanying smartphone app with which you choose the services you want in your morning or evening report; multiple feeds are available, including your daily agenda, news headlines, personal messages, games and puzzles, and birthday reminders extracted from Facebook.

The guts of the Little Printer are simple; a roll of paper sits on a spool and a thermal printer heats up chemicals that change color when exposed to heat (the same inkless printing technology is used on sales receipts, giving you an idea of the output quality limitations)--maybe that's why every message starts and ends with a happy face.… Read more

Clocks for Robots: QR codes tell time for machines

We humans have clocks all over the place to tell time. But while we've been selfishly providing for ourselves, we've neglected the time-reading needs of robots, smartphones, and other machines.

The Clocks for Robots concept by London design consultancy BERG takes the needs of our future robot overlords to heart. The clock features a regular display that people can use and a constantly updated QR code for artificial eyes.

The QR code gives the time and location to portable devices. This could potentially tie in with real-world offers like coupons or signal to your smartphone what specials are currently active.

The QR codes could also help software recognize the time and date of photos for easier tagging and organization. … Read more