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In Vermont, Ben & Jerry's ice cream is king

WATERBURY, Vt.--You wouldn't think that half a million people a year would trek to this tiny town in the middle of the Green Mountain state, but then again, you might not know that this is mecca for ice cream fans.

This, of course, is where the original--and still operating--Ben & Jerry's production plant is located and where about 250,000 pints of the confection still come off the line every day.

Back in 1978, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield served the first scoops of their soon-to-be famous ice cream from a small shop in a gas station … Read more

The 404 565: Where we get drunk off Ben & Jerry's (podcast)

We've arrived at another Del Conte Thursday and we're all getting Buzzed to celebrate, which could mean one of three possible scenarios:

1. We use Google Buzz to see what our West Coast friends are up to at 8 a.m. on a Thursday morning.

2. We log on to AT&T's new to find the closest bodega that carries Yerba Mate, aka "weed tea."

3. We plan to get sloshed on Bonnaroo Buzz, a new coffee-flavored ice cream with English toffee pieces and whiskey caramel swirls.

Which one is it? I'm not just going to tell you; you have to listen to find out, dummy.

Speaking of food, there's plenty to complain about as we run down the 10 most irritating types of restaurant patrons, even though I've been known to pilfer a few free saltine crackers in my time. Natali also confesses that she's constantly asking waiters to help her make a decision only to go with the dish that they don't recommend, and Jeff can't seem to understand the difference between fake Mexican and authentic Puerto Rican food.

Hulu just announced plans to roll out its new subscription-based service starting as soon as May 24. For $9.95 a month, you'll gain access to premium content called Hulu Plus that could include the entire back catalog of popular shows like "Lost," "Glee," and "Saturday Night Live," to name a few.

The room agrees that we'd all happily pay $10 for the extra episodes, especially considering it costs that much for a monthly unlimited text messaging plan. The only visible downside to consider is the gross amount of time I already spend in Hulu's capable hands, so I'll take this opportunity to say a fond farewell to my co-workers, friends, and family. If you need me, I'll be in my room.

We're getting a lot of quality Calls From the Public, but we still need more callbacks! That's when you give us a ring at 1-866-404-CNET and say, "This is (your location) from (your name) and you're listening to The 404, the show where (insert random comment here)." It's quick, easy to do, and if it's good we'll definitely play it on the air!

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Fridge Locker screams, 'Hands off!'

How selfish can one truly get? How about the $19.99 Fridge Locker, the ultimate weapon against food thieves? When it comes to bunking with roomies and even siblings who are full-time freeloaders, there's no arsenal great enough to protect your private food stash.

The Fridge Locker is really a tiny cage measuring 7.5 inches by 7.5 inches by 11 inches with a metal combination lock to keep out what the retailer can't help calling "Refrig-A Raiders." Poor pun aside, I wonder if this would kill your popularity rating if you brought one to … Read more

The 404 257: Where Vegas chewed us up and spit us out

Now that we've survived the frigid beast that is Las Vegas, we can finally get back into our everyday groove. Today's show is all about recovery and recollection, as we desperately try to piece together the last week of our lives. Listen in for a full CES 2009 recap with tons of juicy details and a few Internet stories on the side.

What. Just. Happened?! The past five days are completely a blur, and we collectively remember about four hours total. Did we really see a blind guy at a club where vision is a necessity? Did we really stay in a hotel room with double HDTVs and a third TV in the bathroom? Did we really eat more than 300 crab legs between the three of us? And most importantly, did we really lose that much money on the blackjack tables?

We ponder these questions and more on today's CES wrap-up show. If you didn't have a chance to watch the live shows, I've posted them below for your enjoyment. It's definitely good to be back after such a long vacation. Now let's try to forget what just happened again.

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Live video from CES Day 1: Where no one cares about MacWorld

Live video from CES Day 2: Where we all wish we were at the OTHER conference

Live video from CES Day 3: Where we've jumped the virgin shark

Live video from CES Day 4: Where we celebrate good juju bad juju

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The 404 220: Where we finally endorse a candidate

Up until this point, The 404 has tried to remain nonpartisan (untrue), never officially endorsing a candidate, but that rule is chucked out the window on today's show. It's a big announcement that's literally no surprise to anyone, but we make it anyway. Lots of election talk today, mostly about free corporate-sponsored junk food you can get for voting. We also talk about GPS chastity belts, marital affair enablers, and the best position to take while docking your iPod Touch. Wilson, you dirty birdy, you.

I had every intention of forcing you to listen to today's show for our official political endorsement, but screw it, I'm going to do it right here and now. The pundits at The 404 have unanimously decided that Professor Charles Xavier is the best hope we have for our nation's successful future. His not-for-profit work with our world's gifted youngsters prove his social skills, his political prowess, and ultimately his potential to be an extraordinary leader in these desperate times. It's time for a change, and we completely believe that Charles Xavier's innate telepathic powers can grab us by the coattails and pull us our of our eight-year rut. Too long has Erik "Magneto" Lensherr been allowed to employ his Brotherhood of Mutants at the political expense of our fair country. We need a juggernaut in the oval office, and Professor X is our man.

The 404 is delighted to support Professor Xavier and also very pleased to see him choose Peter Nikolaievitch Rasputin as his Vice President. Peter, or "Colossus" as we've come to know him through the years, has proven his executive talent, toughness, and ability to knock through several layers of brick time and time again. The Prof X/Colossus team is an unstoppable one and we're excited to see what they can do in 2009. If you care about the welfare of this nation, please cast your vote for Charles Xavier and Colossus today.

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The 404 191: Where we're finally on time

Jeff almost doesn't make it into the show today due to this 24 flu bug, but I think his daily dose of Vitamin Backayutang was enough to pull him out of the trenches. After a false start, Wilson gives us a a lengthy review of yesterday's Google Android debut, and I'll let you in on a secret: he's disappointed. I don't think any of us will be trading in our iPhones for this little guy, especially not for something that looks like the T-Mobile Sidekick 1.0.

This is the show where we're finally on time. In case you didn't grasp that subtle sarcasm, we actually start the show a half an hour late only to be interrupted halfway through the show by Jeff messing up the we start again! This time around, it's better than ever; we've got Wilson' initial review of the T-Mobile G1 with the Google Android OS, Prank VoIP calls, Dark Knight DVD details, and a tasty new Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor. Also, we uncover another huge helping of East Cost/West Coast beef! YUM!

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A machine that's worth its weight in fat

We should have seen this one coming after learning of Matsushita's plans to make slimmed-down massage chairs. Now another Japanese company has developed what appears to be the ultimate fat-analysis machine.

Tokyo-based Tanita--whose slogan is "the body fat experts"--has gone well beyond its bevy of smart scales to produce "a precise electronic, abdominal fat meter that can measure the amount of fat deep inside of you, even around your organs," according to Popgadget. The AB-101 does seem more civilized than being assaulted by those inhumane calipers, but it still looks like a cross between … Read more

Media system lets you eat what you want

With so many iPod accessories geared toward fitness activities, we appreciate that someone is catering to our lifestyle as well--in the kitchen. The DCD 778 "Docking Entertainment System" from Philips is a compact multimedia system designed to mount under a cabinet alongside the microwave and other appliances.

Kitchen systems are nothing new, but this one packs in a lot more than the usual combo. iLounge says this all-in-one package has a TV with an 8.5-inch wide LCD and can play DVDs, CDs and AM/FM radio and, of course, iPod tunes with two 2-inch speakers. And even … Read more

Is Stephen Colbert getting his own ice cream flavor?

I know. I know. It's too cold for ice cream. (My weather widget currently reads 12 degrees.) And this is a gadget blog. But I really couldn't resist this one. Apparently, the rumors might be somewhat true (truthy?) that famed ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry's is releasing a Stephen Colbert-inspired flavor. Why is this at all relevant? Recall that Mr. Colbert is one of the Internet's foremost renegades, eager to transform Wii Boxing into a political statement, hack Wikipedia for his own benefit, and master the art of YouTube self-promotion.

So that's why I … Read more