Review: BatChmod for Mac lets you change file and folder permissions, easily

BatChmod for Mac lets you change file permissions more quickly without using the Terminal, by checking or unchecking boxes corresponding to different levels of permissions. It's a practical app but its interface offers room for improvement.

Despite its rather dull interface, BatChmod for Mac lets you import files with ease. To get started you need to click the "File" button that brings up a Finder window for selecting the file whose permissions you want to modify. Once the file is selected, drop-down boxes automatically display the owner and group, and you can check or uncheck boxes for … Read more

Razer Ouroboros mouse channels Dark Knight Rises' The Bat

It's the gaming mouse you deserve, but not the one you need right now. Because it's the middle of the morning and you probably have business to attend to. But when it's fragging time, you could do worse than the Razer Ouroboros, a frightening new peripheral that channels The Bat, Batman's ludicrous flying tank.

It might look like a wee version of Bruce Wayne's latest runabout, but it's packing serious firepower of its own. Just like a superhero's supervehicle, the Ouroboros can extend its body and arch its back to fit your hand, … Read more

iPad apps for kids: Bats! like a furry museum field trip

What is a "book" on an iPad? It's a question that bears some consideration, because the very nature of a tablet redefines the book experience.

According to Apple, iBooks 2 is the answer. However, plenty of booklike apps on the iPad also redefine the territory; the newly released Bats!: Furry Fliers of the Night doesn't live in iBooks, but this app feels as next-gen as Apple's iBooks offerings, or more so.… Read more

The 404 950: Where we hang it on our dongle (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 Podcast Episode

Wolfram Alpha Travel Assistant app answers the question, " Where's that plane going?" Who knew Rotten Tomatoes is owned by Warner Brothers? Canada unveils new plastic $100 bills with high-tech security features: changing colors, hidden text, and backward numbers. Tomorrow the world will join Singapore to celebrate the 10th annual World Toilet Day, as decreed by the World Toilet Organization (WTO), the World Toilet Summit, and the World Toilet College.… Read more

The 404 879: Where we remember, remember (podcast)

Today we're exploring the trend of digital vigilantes (aka digilantes) taking to the Internet for crowdsourced criminal identification and cyberjustice. The most recent example is the hacker collective known as Anonymous' YouTube video threatening to take down Facebook on November 5, otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Day.

We'll also fill you in on the London police toying with facial recognition technology on Facebook to identify looters caught on camera, yesterday's 5,000 percent spike in blunt weapons sales on, and a woman who used an airplane to wag a giant finger at Wall Street.

The 404 Digest for Episode 879

Anonymous: Facebook's going down November 5. Will London's police officials turn to Facebook's facial recognition technology to fight crime? Sales of aluminum bats are up more than 5,000 percent on The USB toothbrush: Philips' device is the "iPod of toothbrushes." Angry Birds makes it onto the cover of Mad Magazine. Airplane banner circles Wall Street: "Thanks For The Downgrade. You Should All Be Fired"

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The Dark Knight rises in Lego form

A skilled Lego hobbyist has pieced together a detailed monument to The Dark Knight in time for Comic-Con in San Diego.

Flickr member "Orion Pax" (Alex Schranz) gave CNET and Crave permission to share his Batcave creation. Schranz reports that he "terminated" between 8,000 and 9,000 parts to build the cave.

In other words, the bricks in question are committed to this one-of-a-kind build. Lego Batman's lair stands on a 40-studs square base, 68 standard bricks high. If you don't know the size of a standard Lego brick, what in Gotham did you spend your childhood doing?

Schranz installed a neon lamp behind the scene for its moody lighting, and he took these photos with a Canon EOS 1000D. The entire project took about one week to finish.

"I always felt like doing something with all the collected Batman (Lego pieces)," Schranz said. "I'm working on a new piece now, and it should be done in a week or so."

For a more thorough tour of the Caped Crusader's plastic home, check out our gallery. … Read more

Ig Nobels honor research on cursing, bat sex, socks

The next time you get injured, go ahead and swear.

Researchers who found that cursing actually relieves pain were among the winners of Ig Nobel prizes today. Also honored were projects on whale snot and certain things fruit bats do while copulating.

Sponsored by the science humor magazine "Annals of Improbable Research," the annual awards were presented tonight in a ceremony at Harvard University to projects that "cannot and should not be reproduced."

The Ig Nobel peace prize was awarded to research from Keele University in the U.K. that confirmed that swearing can lessen pain. … Read more

Teen iPad destruction--'what was the point of that?'

A video of teenagers using a brand new iPad for batting practice is white-hot on YouTube.

The video, which as of early Monday morning had more than 257,400 views, is sort of a send up of the traditional "stress tests" that reviewers sometimes do on gadgets. The teens bought the brand-new device at a Best Buy store and went out to the parking lot to film their demolition. First, they dropped the device on the cement. Then, out came the aluminum baseball bat.

"Batter up, bro," says one teen. "Give it a swing." … Read more

MLB's Android, BlackBerry apps step up to the plate

After getting a taste of the big leagues during the playoffs last year, MLB At Bat is officially entering its rookie season on Android and BlackBerry phones.

MLB released the app Wednesday to their respective app stores, Android Marketplace and BlackBerry App World. At Bat was previously only available for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. At Bat for Android and At Bat for BlackBerry includes live streaming audio--both home and away feed choice--scoreboards, box scores, and pitch-by-pitch or play-by-play updates, along with updated video highlight reels. The biggest difference between the version of At Bat available for Android and BlackBerry and the one for the iPhone is that there's no option for live streaming video. iPhone and iPod Touch users get one free live streaming video per week.

The iPhone and iPod Touch At Bat app also got a pre-season tune-up. MLB released an updated version Tuesday, to coincide with the first day of spring training. The price for all three versions of the application is $14.99. That's $5 more than last year, when At Bat for iPhone cost $9.99.

The price hike is due to more content and features being available for the 2010 season; it was released before the regular season begins and includes all news and scores from spring training. New features for the iPhone version of At Bat include a whole season of MLB.TV access for subscribers (last year that feature wasn't rolled out in the mobile app until July), the choice between home and away broadcasts, a video highlight library that's searchable by player or team, push notifications, and favorite team shortcuts. The iPhone version also has the option to do background audio streaming this season. Since the iPhone doesn't run multiple apps simultaneously, if you want to continue listening to a game in the background while checking e-mail or browsing the Web, the audio will automatically be switched to stream through Safari.

During the World Series last year, MLB counted 1.2 million downloads of its At Bat app. And this year the league says it's off to a fast start. After debuting the At Bat 2010 on the App Store Tuesday, MLB says it was the No. 1 paid sports app and No. 3 top paid app overall after just 24 hours.

More screenshots after the jump:… Read more